Saturday, December 31, 2016

My word for 2017......

The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, and resolution; bravery.

I made a list....a rather long list, of words....words that I thought could possibly be
 my "word" for the new year.
A few days ago I even had a word that I had decided on.  Yup, that was going to be my word for the year for sure....I had even entertained some things I could write about that pertained to this word.  
Then, day before yesterday I decided I would write this post and get ready to share my "word" with all of you.....
for the life of me, I couldn't remember the "word",  no really, couldn't, can not remember what the word was that I had so carefully chosen to be my "word" for the next year.  It started with a P.  
That's all I remember.  
I know Doris is smiling, maybe even chuckling a bit as she reads this.  She shared with me that she wanted to choose a word but was afraid she wouldn't remember what it was.  I told her to write it on a nice little card and carry it with her....what a grand idea, obviously I hadn't made it to that step yet.  
So...I go back to my list and ponder.  What word do I choose now?  All the while of course wracking my blank brain, trying to remember that P word that I had embraced to be mine for 2017.
Nothing, zero, blank as a black board after the custodian leaves the room.
So, I say to myself.....good Lord Sharon, just pick a new it that hard?  Put your Big Girl panties on and pull one off of that list.....or out of the air.  Come on.....have a little.....yup.....
It's all so clear to me now that this was truly meant to be my "word" for 2017.
I think I have my work cut out for me but I am up for the challenge.  I am ready to be courageous and face each new day of this new year with COURAGE....
the courage to do something new.....or just something that makes me anxious.  The courage to stand up for myself and for others.  The courage to do what is right, not because it's popular or because everyone else is doing it, but because it's right.  The courage to say it's okay if someone chooses not to be my friend and the courage to not try and make everyone happy.  The courage to get out of bed every day and be thankful that it is a new day, a new day to have courage to face all the future holds for me.....good or bad, happy or sad.  The courage to leave the past behind and step in to this new year and each new day and thank God for this Good Life and may He forgive me 
if I don't love it enough.

Did you choose a "word" for the New Year?
I hope I've inspired you to do just that....and if not, I am hopeful that you will follow along with me on my quest to find COURAGE in each new day of 2017.

I wish you Enough....

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Another Year......

almost in the books, with me, as I'm sure many of you, asking myself "where did the days go"?
It really does seem like it was just a few weeks ago that we were ringing in this year of 2016 and now here we are with 2017 staring us straight in the face!  
"The older you get the faster it goes"..... I remember my elders speaking this line many a time, and oh how right they were.

So now we'll be hearing of all the New Year resolutions everyone will be making....and then of course most likely breaking by about mid January.  Lose weight, exercise more, give up sugar, and all know the long list we see each year at this time.  
I don't do a resolution, I use to, but like most I'd already sent it down the drain barely before I got started with it.  My dear friend Tilda, or as some of you might know as Patricia Byers, suggested a few year back of adopting a word.....any word that might have meaning to you, and then build on that word through out the year.  I have been doing just that since....I love that idea, and somehow when you take your "word" and use it, you do make a difference.  Maybe in your life, or maybe of another.  
I haven't decided upon my word yet, but when I do, I will for sure share it with you.
I have however been reflecting back on this past year, and I ask myself, did I do good....I don't mean, did I have a good year but really, did I DO good.  Did I do good to others, or for others?  Good without asking or expecting anything in return.  Good to those even though they weren't so good to me.  Good with no expectation of being glorified or recognized.  I'm not sure, but I think I did.

This brings my thoughts to my Emma's words a couple of weeks ago when I asked her for something else to add to her Christmas list....her answer was, "all I need is your love, Gma"..... and then to the actions of my Adam and Hailey....they have no children, both work hard and have what they need and mostly what they want.  They know of a struggling Grandma who has her young grand daughter with her....Adam goes to the Grandma's place of work and asks her if they might get the little one some "extra" gifts to open on Christmas.  Of course the Grandma's pride makes her decline but Adam insists, he gets a list, Hailey takes the list and checks it off.  Needfuls, such as shoes, sweatshirts and leggings.  Adam delivers the gifts on Christmas Eve and tells the little one that he is delivering for Santa and she can't open until morning.  

Now I sit and think of these things and I know in my heart that somewhere along the way....
most likely not in this year of 2016, but in a year long ago when Adam was small.....and maybe at some time along the years with Em.....
I did good.  

Now....I will have to ponder some today on a word for 2017.  
Wondering what Tilda's word is.....and maybe if any of you will adopt a word for the New Year?

Enjoy these last few days of this old year....
and look forward to all the new days ahead of us to do good!

From the Lane....

Sunday, December 18, 2016

And the Hip.....

continues to heal.  Slow is the progress as far as I'm concerned....the Doc and the PT say I could be the poster child for hip replacement....if this is good, I don't even want to think about the poor!
It doesn't help that I have a lot of frustration mixed in with the healing process.  I know in the last note I said that I was actually liking having the time to just sit and enjoy my holiday decor, well...
lets just say I've looked at it enough...I'm ready to move on.  
I'm all about doing my own laundry, sweeping my own floors, driving myself and as much as I despise going to the grocery....I would just love to hit those aisle about now!  Not to mention just one shop or store where I could actually buy a gift that I could pick up, touch, smell and put in my cart or basket.  I'm going to try a load of laundry in the morning, I'll get it done alright, it's bending over and getting it out of the front loader and into the dryer....maybe I should video that process....
I may see if I can position the vacuum in front of the walker and attempt that job as well.  
Driving.....don't worry, I'm pretty sure even I am not quite ready to try that so that will rule out the shopping part too....unless of course I can talk Big Pops into taking me.  And that is another big doubt on my list....if we had a crate big enough for him to comfortably put me in when he leaves for work in the morning, that's most likely where I'd be.  He says he doesn't trust what I might try to do??  I don't understand his thinking.  Seems a bit over protective to me.
I have been blessed by some of my family and wonderful friends though and I know the sanity that remains with me is because of them and all they've done....and of course Pops.  He is my rock for sure.  You know that my niece BJ came and stayed a few days the first week home and she was God sent for sure....niece Kate was on board for any of my needs as well.  She would text me daily to see what she could do and if I needed anything.  Of course Em popped her head in daily to see how things were going and brought along a tasty bag of peanut butter snicker doodle thingy's that were really good!  Hailey was my errand runner and grocery getter as well.  
The boys, they checked on me to be sure all was well and had I asked anything of them they'd have been here to do whatever, but.....they're boys, all I need to say!  Chad did bring me that very tasty Chili though....and a beer!!
All of these are family and kind of goes without saying.....but the friends.  
When I think of what all of the friends, some of course just like family, have helped with, my heart just swells.  I hesitate to list the names as so many have been here to lend a hand that I'm afraid I would leave someone out but I must mention at least a few.....
Patty and Bill, two full meals brought in, Patty spent a full day with me at home when Wayne had to be back at work and Bill toted me to the Doc.  
Terri and Keith, a lasagna large enough to feed an army and the most wonderful lemon pound bundt cake to go with it.  Terri also spent some time here with me when I needed a care giver.
Now Keith....bless his heart, came and got the Girls, loaded them up and off they went to the Groomers...then back a couple hours later to pick them up from the Groomers and drop them back at home.  Not many that would even think of offering that service!
Maxine, my DIL's Mother made several calls to lift my spirits, before and after surgery and then showed up with a full meal and spent a couple hours with me just visiting....
My Stitchers....that wonderful group of Gals...I had told them we wouldn't be able to have our Christmas get together, so....they got it all together and brought it to me.  Talk about a much needed day with a group of such good friends.  Courtney, a sweet young friend of mind, also a Stitcher had a sick little one and still she brought the most wonderful comfort food casserole up for us.....
Mama, phone calls, notes, text and emails....just like a Mama!
I could go on for quite a bit to tell of many calls, cards, emails, meals and just the support.....

I can't begin to put it to paper how blessed I feel to have such wonderful, caring, selfless people 
in my life.  Some people do things for others for the recognition, to have their picture plastered somewhere touting their good deeds or so they can tell everyone all the have done.
That surely wasn't the case here, all of those listed and the many more that aren't.....their deeds came straight from the heart.  
I realize how busy everyone is....days are filled with work, kids, grandkids, volunteering and much more, not to mention that it's the Season so even more busy.  Still so many took time out from their days and evenings to lend a hand in one way or another.....
I am humbled by the outpouring of love and concern.  I can only hope that if a chance comes that I can be of help to someone that I will be as giving as all of my Angels have....

I do believe there are Angels among us.....

Thank you God for this Good Life and Forgive Me if I don't Love it Enough....


Monday, December 12, 2016

It's Christmastime.....

here on the Lane! don't be shaking your heads and getting a lecture ready....I didn't do this decorating after my hip replacement!  Most of it was done with the old hip and a bit of it was completed by my sweet niece BillieJo when she came to stay with me a few days when I first got home.  

I kept if fairly simple this year, and not much outside at all....and it's all okay.  In fact, I'm rather liking it!  Best thing about it right now is actually having the time to sit down, relax and enjoy looking at it all.  I usually never been afforded that...or should say I've just never taken the time...and I'm kind of liking that part of it too!

I did take the photos I'll share with you, as well as put them in to the album.  There is no semblance of order to them as you will see, nor is there much as far as captions go....but they're all together in one album for you to view and all you have to do is ask if you want to know what something fact I encourage your questions and comments.  They'll give me something to do while I am sitting back, relaxing and taking all the holiday cheer in!!

If you would like to step in and see 
Christmastime on the Lane ~ 2016
you can to to 
and click on the album justly titled.

I hope you'll enjoy the tour and I'll look forward to reading your questions and comments :)

Take good care.....
From the Lane,

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hip, Hip......

and not so much Hooray.  Really....I thought this new hip thing would be celebratory.
Not so much....yet.  
Many of you are aware of the total left hip replacement I went in for last week.  Others, it will be news to you.  I've known for over 2 years that I was going to need a new hip.  I put if off for as long as I could.  They told me that I couldn't hurt it any worse than it already was and to let them know when I thought it was time.  
I decided the new part was needed over the summer.....after the umpteenth time of having to crawl from the back woods garden to the house because I was unable to right myself up from all fours to my feet.  There were other instances like that as well, I was very careful not to try any stunts out by the mailbox though....can you imagine me crawling up the driveway from the full view of passers by, with two YellowDogs racing around me and licking my face?  I know, it conjures up quite the site doesn't it.  
After lots of appointments and many tests to be sure of what would be done, the "new part day" finally arrived....last week Thursday, so as you read this, I am a week past surgery.  After two nights in the hospital I was released to my "caretaker" Wayne....yes, Big Pops in charge, or at least I let him think he was.  He was pretty much on his own until late on Monday when my niece BillieJo arrived to step in to the caretaker position.  It's amazing how much differently men look at the job of caretaking as opposed to women.  I should know this....I grew up with brothers, no sisters....sons, no daughters.  Guess I never though about as I think about it, it makes me smile.  
"They" think if you have food and the TV remote it will be pretty much all good.  
Chad was here for our homecoming with his homemade chili and a special brewed should've seen the look on his face when I told him I couldn't have the beer, it was priceless.  Adam offered many times to go get me something to ear, "what sounds good to you Mom" answer was most often, "nothing really".....again a priceless look.  Pops was continually bringing food items in to "share" with would make me feel better.  Trevor's offerings were to "stop over and get the new TV set up", he brings "hot doritoes" to share.  See why thinking about it makes me smile.....
Now the Girls....there is a couple of full course meals waiting on the counter.....Cammy & Patty.  Kate and Mary stop by daily to visit and see what there is to do.  Emma pops in and offers her help if needed.....of course Billie is here to stay up until just a bit ago.  She cooked and kept things tidy, did the laundry and cared for the YellowDogs.  She did some decorating for me and made sure I took my meds on schedule.  The Girls put lotion on my legs and feet after my showers....Kate and I did some internet shopping, Emma got the nail polish out.  
It's true what they write,
"Men are from Mars ~ Women are from Venus"
One thing that puts them all together in my book....their hearts.  Their thoughts and ideas are different as night and day....but not their hearts.  The hearts are all big, and caring and full of love and concern.
So who cares where they're's the heart that matters.
These hearts have filled my heart to blessed I am to have so many wonderful people in my life.
Boy, Girl....Man, Woman...YellowDog, Gray Kitty
Filling my heart and life with so much love and I am thanking God for all of you.....for every gesture, big, small...spicy,, cold.  All gestures of kindness, friendship and love.

"Thank you God for this Good Life, and forgive me if I don't Love It  Enough"

Now, up and onward to healing.... will keep you posted as to how it's going and I hope to share some pictures of the Lane house decked out, rather simply for the upcoming holidays.  Thinking I will have a story or two to make you smile as well..... 

From the Lane,

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 22, 1933.....

a joyous day eighty three years ago.  The day a beautiful baby boy came into this world....the seventh sibling in a brood that would eventually be 16.  All supported by one income which left them absent of many material things but that absence was filled with love.  The love that became evident as this baby grew into a young man.  Joining the US Air Force at the age of 17 and faithfully sending his extra military pay home to help with family needs.  
Love that was evident when he met a young woman with two small children....she stole his heart.  So did the children.  The love was mutual.  An instant family was born and several years later he was blessed with a biological son.  
Never, not once, did he ever give more love to the last child than he did to the two he "got with the package".  Those words were my Mom's.....  A package we were, and one he accepted willingly, never begrudging the choice.  
He raised the children equally...teaching them to be kind, not to judge.....good manners and how to treat others.  Teaching gratefulness, equality, fairness and most importantly love.
The most kind and loving, most understanding and upstanding, most fair and loyal.....
the most wonderful man I would ever know.  
The man I called "Dad".
He is missed ever so much, most especially on this day every year but his absence is felt almost daily.
He left us with so many wonderful memories that we are so thankful to have.....
He was a Giver in every sense of the word.....never a Taker.  He instilled so many good qualities in us by example.  My wish today is that he looks down on me and smiles with some pride in what he sees.

With love Dad.....
Happy Heavenly 83rd.....
Dance one of your famous quick steps with Angels.....

Your Daughter....

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Punch Needle Workshops.....

two separate offerings for you to join us to learn to punch needle!

We will be making this sweet winter project...."StarGazer"

If you are interested in joining us for one of the workshops please email me at 
and I will send along all of the details for each Workshop.
Would love to have you join us....
Workshops will be filled on a first come basis but I will consider adding more dates
if the interest calls for them.  

Hope you're all getting a chance to enjoy this beautiful fall day that we've been gifted with here in Michigan....and to those who aren't in this beautiful state I hope your day is as glorious!

Will look forward to hearing from you.....

From the Lane,

Monday, October 3, 2016

Dreary October Monday.....

here on the Lane.
The Girls are taking advantage of it.....
I haven't had the chance so much.....

Wanted to let you know that I'll be working at The Primitive Willow on Wednesday, 11am-5pm 
and will have Open Stitching in the special area Kim has set up for us.  
Bring along a project you're working on or let me set you up with something to get started on.
The coffee will be on and you also get to browse the shop and all the wonderful goods to boot!
Kim has a sale going right now on all of the reproduction cabinets....10-30% off!  Great time to get that cupboard you've been wanting!  
Please rsvp if you plan to come stitch with us as the space is somewhat limited.....betting we can always make room for one more though.

I am in the process of putting together a schedule of classes for those of you who have been wanting to join in the fun and I promise it will be posted and sent along to you very soon.
I had to wait until I knew what was happening with Big Pop's and his back and then my hip....
we're falling apart here on the Lane!  
Will work in as many as possible before years end and look forward to a new year filled with lots to offer.  
The new rustic wool Moire Threads are soon to be on their way to the Wool Corner at the Willow....
excited to get them in to offer to you and to work up a project with as well.  
Please let me know if there are other things you might like to see at the Willow along these lines....or along the Primitive Country Decor line as well....I will pass the latter bit of info on the Kim and I know she'll do her best to get you just what you want!

"Christmas at the Willow" 
is scheduled for November 4 & 5 and I know you're going to love all the great things you'll discover under the tree!!  Or should I say trees!!

Hope to see you on Wednesday....
to stitch, to shop, to browse or just to have a cup of Joe and say "hey"!

From the Lane,

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Big City Adventure, Part Two.....

ah yes....the saga continues
Another trip to the Big City to see the Spine Surgeon....but this time, I'm driving and Big Pop is riding Shotgun and thinking, in his mind anyway, that he is the navigator.  
I have news for him, he is no way the navigator in the Big City.  He may be able to navigate the deep woods of the North but when it come to the Big City....that's where we draw the line.  

We start out going down the East Beltline....that's the stretch of highway that when you want to make a left turn to go East that you need to continue South, make a u turn to go North to go East.  
I know right....I just go with it, Big Pops, not so really, really annoys him.  
So we're heading south and I know where I'm going, really I do....we need to make a right turn on East Fulton to get to where we're going, I know this....really I do.  As we approach the intersection where we need to turn right, West, on East Fulton, Pops starts to exclaim that I'm going West on Fulton not East.  I try to tell him it's East Fulton but we need to go West...he continues to insist that it's West Fulton and we need to go East.  Now keep in mind that I know which way I need to go but what do I do.....I go through the intersection because Pops is navigating and thinks he knows where he is going.  
He doesn', I go through the light and then I need to make a u turn and head north to make yet another u turn to head south so I can turn West on East I wanted to do in the first place.  As this point he decides it would serve him best to keep his navigational ideas to himself.  
He managed that quite well until we arrived at our destination and we needed to park....
yes, another parking ramp.  This time he says we need to go here.....HERE, so I enter....the bar won't go up, so I press a "call button" at which time I realize that we are trying to enter the Physicians parking area and of course we aren't allowed, so.....I have to back up, yes....back up out of the entrance to the area where we aren't allowed and continue on to the visitors parking area.  
We're parked, we struggle trying to decide which entrance we should take....I decide to follow "The Navigator".  We end up inside the building and have no idea where to go from here.  We go up two floors and I finally decide that I'll go into an office area and ask.  
I do, say I need 1900....the receptionist says "you're in 1900, which suite do you need?", suite?  we're not from the Big City, we didn't know we needed to know which suite.  She was very kind and helped us find our way by asking us which Dr we were there to see.  After a bit of searching and the help of a kind security guard we found our way, seen the surgeon, and were on our way shortly.  
It is now that we realize that our car is parked directly outside the entrance to the area where the surgeons office is....the door I wanted to enter at...the door "The Navigator" said wasn't the one.  
I know, right.  
We get into the car, I tell "The Navigator" that his directional services are no longer needed so just "shut up and ride".  I manage to find my way out of the ramp and along to drive to access the street I need to head home.  I am stopped at the street waiting to proceed and looking left for traffic when "The Navigator" loudly proclaims "JEEP".  I look to the left at this point and see a Jeep Cherokee ready to pass.....I look at "The Navigator" and calming ask him, "as opposed to what, a Buick".  
He decides to shut up and ride.  
We actually manage to make it, without incident back to the expressway and headed north towards home.....all without him shouting out, "FORD", "JAG" or any other vehicle make for that matter.
I know, right.  
At this point it wasn't noon wasn't in order according to the time of day or I truthfully may have stopped along the way for one.  
"The Navigator" has an MRI scheduled for this week.  Fortunate for all it's in Big Rapids...not a Big City, and one he is more familiar with.  It's a good bet he will be the driver and the navigator as well.  I have a feeling there will be more Big City Adventures for us in the near future.  I choose to take a break from this one.  I can send him out on his own.  Something I don't dare to do on a Big City one....Lord only knows what would become of it all if he were on his the Big City....
Big Pops, the Yooper.....let's just say, it wouldn't be pretty.  
Stay tuned for the ongoing saga of the Up North Rednecks on their Big City Adventure.
Cheap entertainment at it's best.  
Oh....and please say a little prayer for us.  

Until next time....
From the Lane,
and The Navigator

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Perfect September Day.....

here on the Lane.
Blue, blue skies, sunshine and oh so comfortable temps, and the forecast promises a repeat for the next few days.  Funny how weather can make the mood so much better....or worse sometimes isn't it?
Silly for something that we have no control over but it's a human nature thing....
this time of year it brings a smile to my face when I can grab my hoodie, a hot cup of coffee and head to the Farmer's Porch in the chill of the morning.
Ahhh yes.....Fall

A sneak peek at my latest design in punch needle....
a bit behind on punching it but plan to work on it more this weekend.  I may change up the lettering to say "Give Thanks"....hmmm
It's a lumpy pumpkin of sorts and punched with Valdani #8  I used a variegated on the body of the pumpkin and am very happy with how it turned out....need to decide border and background and get to punching.  Pattern offering soon on this as well as three other new designs, two everyday and one Christmas.  Watch for them here and on my Etsy site atyellowdoglane and also on PatternMart.

Heading off to The Primitive Willow right now to help Kim place some furniture pieces....decided there needed to be a bit of fine tuning on placement and I'm all about that kind of fun!
Be sure to mark the opening dates of 
September 14,15,16 & 17
and plan to attend.....I think you'll like what they have to offer!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend.....
Be safe....
Have fun.....
Be happy....

From the Lane,

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Big City Adventure.....

and I do hesitate to call it an "adventure", believe me!

I'll start from the beginning by telling you that Big Poppy aka Wayne injured his back at work.  He's home.....all day long.  Every day.  
Today he has a Doc appointment in Grand Rapids, not a huge city for those of you who aren't familiar, but you need to know that Big Pop is from the U.P.  They don't have cities there.  He insists that he can drive.  He's a good driver....he isn't a patient one.  He also doesn't know the city, therefore I am the  navigator.  
We make it to our first stop without much fanfare, if we don't catagorize the minor flares of impatience at fellow drivers and his mini swears.  We pick up a script and he has an X-ray and then we're on to the next stop.  Things go well and by this time he's feeling pretty sassy.  This was a quick stop for me to make a return to Macy' we're off for the real challenge.  
Keep in mind that it is just the beginning of rush the city....people starting to head home....others heading in for a later shift.  Pretty much bumper to bumper traffic on a divided highway...lots of traffic lights...drivers weaving in and out in a rush to go nowhere.  Oh, and I might mention that the vehicle in front of us was emblazoned with "STUDENT DRIVER" across the back, uh huh, what luck.  We had a short stretch here, thankfully for me, the fellow drivers and most importantly the student driver.  Big was a quick learner on the tailgating, he had it down pat before we hit the expressway and he had also upgraded his swears beyond the mini point.  I just continue to direct.  I wish I knew the correct answer for why you have to continue north past a street you want to turn on, make a u turn to head back south to turn onto the street that you wanted to turn on but were forced to cross.  I was asked this question numerous times, I finally started answering, "just do it" and it wasn't a Nike like referral.  
The expressway was busy but quite uneventful, just a short jaunt to our exit and then a turn on to the Medical Mile right downtown....during rush hour...we're not sure where we need to be...Big Pop is thinking he's Dale Jr at this point and we speed by the medical building we need to be at.  We end up parking two lots down from where we need to be...first free space we come to...thus we climb stairs to get to the street level, out of the ramp to the sidewalk.  We then walk three blocks....uphill....80+ degrees.  He walks slow anyway, his back is you have to set stakes to see that he's moving.  We make it to the building, inside where it's pleasantly cool, see the Doc and as we leave an attendant asks us if we had valet parked....right, do we look like we valet parked?
The trip down the hill wasn't much faster than the one up but we're back to the ramp...we can't get into the door to the steps...we try's rush hour, all these cars, all these people and the rednecks from the North can't get into the parking ramp door, so....we walk a bit further down the hill and we enter where the cars enter, around the bar that goes up to let the cars in and on to the Blazer.  We attempt to exit....we can't...we don't have our ticket validated and there is no cashier on duty.  Of course I'm unable to offer up a good answer to his question as to why they wouldn't have a cashier on duty...but there wasn't one, the bar wouldn't go up, we couldn't get out of the ramp that we couldn't get in to a few minutes before.  Lucky for us, and others I'm sure...a nice man on a little cart takes pity on us and has us follow him in a maze like way through the ramp to another exit where he gets us out.
Big is happy for a few seconds...then we hit the rush hour traffic trying to get out of the wasn't pretty.  I do know my way around most areas so I continue to direct through the side streets so that we might avoid the 3 mile traffic back up on the exway....can you imagine if we had gotten in to that...I shudder at the thought.  We make our way back to the original divided highway we headed down on...Dale Jr style of course....Big is feeling sassy again...I need a nerve pill.  I settle for a bite to eat and seconds on the great tomato herb light ale craft beer that was among the offerings.  
We head off towards home...I'm relaxed ready for an uneventful rest of the ride home, and then we hit the corner where we need to go south in order to turn north onto the divided highway towards home.  Big Poppy decides he doesn't want to do that, I say....he says I told him he could turn left.  He makes the illegal left turn without incident.  It was my fault of course.  I didn't talk to him the rest of the way home.  
Did I mention that I love this big guy?  Yes, he had his camo hat on...not the Carhartt sweatshirt, it was too hot, Carhartt t-shirt.  He did look sassy though!

Stay tuned....he has another appointment next week.  I might be behind the wheel.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend....
Big Poppy and his Girls will be staying on the Lane....
no traffic, no stress....but still the cold beer!

From the Lane,

Monday, August 22, 2016

Busy times.....

here on the Lane!
Stitching, Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Weekends, Birthdays,Punching, Haircuts, Sketching.....
well, you get the idea....and I didn't mention the upcoming Wedding!

My niece Kate is getting married in baby brothers daughter.  Having so much fun with all the events leading up to the wedding.  Yesterday was the shower I hosted for her at a wonderful venue just down the way from here....The Edgar Farm.  An 1800's farmstead that has been converted by the original owners heiress....but really left mostly untouched and only enhanced with some updates to the kitchen and bath.  Beautiful brick home with huge porch....
and an equally lovely interior....
Lots of preparation but so enjoyable!

And then there was the Bachelorette Weekend....three days in Traverse City....with Mom of the Bride Mary, who let's just say is much younger than me....and six ladies ages 22-26.....and me!
Yes, I survived it all.....the bike trolley around the town...the Nauti Cat cruise around the Bay and so much more.  Yup, I guess I've still got it...well maybe not so much but I survived and I had a blast!

My birthday was mixed in there somewhere along the line, and my sweet Stitchers made it a day to remember....

All of this and more in the past couple of weeks!  Some of the "more" is the upcoming opening of 
"The Primitive Willow" here in our little town.  I've been helping shopkeepers Kim and Shane by "mentoring" and pitching in with as much physical labor that this old body allows!  It has been so much fun and exciting as well.  Just a few more weeks and they'll be swinging open the doors for their Grand Opening ~ September 14-17
I will share more info and pics on all of that with you as the day nears...mark the date and plan to stop in and see all the wonderful goods they'll be offering!  You will be delighted!

Several new punch needle and wool appliqué designs are in the works as well and will be unveiled soon with patterns and some finished goods as well.  

That's my newsy update for now....
Take some time to enjoy these dog days of summer....
The wonderful season of Autumn is just around the corner.....
filled with good news and surprises!

Until next time....
From the Lane,

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A good Wednesday morn.....

and a peek down the woods path.....

My day yesterday was consumed by over 14 hours working at the polls.  
As I sit here this morning with my coffee, this view and all the beauty I'm surrounded with I thank God for the wonderful life I have.  I guess I need to get out into the "real" world now and again to make me realize and appreciate how blessed I am.  

The weather people are promising us another hot, hot day here in Michigan.  Plans here are to work on a few more designs as I wait for the new Valdani thread colors to arrive so the others designs can be punched.  A good day to be in where it's a bit cooler.
Open Stitch here tomorrow night, 5-9pm....come join us!

One more bit of news....I opened up an Etsy shop this week, go take a peek
AtYellowDogLane is the name.  I'm sure I can link it but I haven't gotten that far yet....soon!

Enjoy this beautiful Wednesday.....take a minute or two and look around you and take note at all you have to be grateful for!

From the Lane,

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


seems to be giving us Michigander's all that we want with heat.  
I, for one, am not complaining the snow will be flying well soon enough!
The flowers are loving the heat it seems.....

Coneflowers, marigold....basil and orange mint

Tansy and Rosemary, and....

Two little mischief makers under my feet while I try to water, deadhead and gather a bouquet!
They keep my life here on the Lane busy and interesting to say the least.

Busy this afternoon with some sketching of some new designs....wool appliqué and punch needle.
My take on Heart in Hand, a lumpy pumpkin and a sweet Angel among them.  
A studio full of busy, happy Stitchers today inspired me to get busy on these and what better place to be on a hot afternoon than in the air conditioned comfort of the Cellar Studio~
Will share the new designs soon.....
If you've a hankering to come stitch with us we have open stitch the first Wednesday of each month, 10am-2pm, and first Thursday evening, 5-9pm.  
Just shoot me an email or ring me up to let me know you'll be here, we'd love to have you join in the fun.  Bring along a project you're working on or we'll help you choose one here to get started on.  

Now....back to the drawing board,
and remember....
take time to stop and smell the flowers!

From the Lane,

Monday, July 18, 2016


here I am again, coming in to write a note to you and thinking I need to apologize for my absence.
I couldn't believe it when I looked at the date of my last post and seen it had been a month since I visited with you all.....
Not to make excuses most of you know I was busy readying things for the 
SummerTime on the Lane gathering that was this past Saturday and in the midst of that process the July 4th holiday fell and we made just a bit of time to steal away to the North Country.  
Anyway....I'm sorry for such a long absence, but as!

I struggled the latter part of last week at keeping my thoughts to the job at hand.  Found my mind wandering here and there and wondering....wondering why sad things happen to good people.
I received news early Tuesday morning that friends of mine tragically lost their son in a car accident.
He was alone in his car, the other driver was injured but not seriously.  
He was twenty eight....28 years young.
I have known his parents forever, graduated and friends with his Dad through out school.  His Mom was a few years behind us but also a friend.
They were all hair clients of mine, Mom Lorie, Dad Rick, brother Danny, sister Amy, Grandma Theda, Grandma Judi (my step sister)....and Kyle.
Kyle the sweetest kid with the white blond head of curls and the biggest blue sparkling eyes....
and always the biggest smile you could want.  
I was unable to wrap my mind around it all...and even more so after leaving the funeral home and seeing the grief in the faces of all his family and friends.  
My heart aches for all.
Twenty eight years....and his Dad said to me,
 "we can't ask why, we can only be thankful for the years we had him".
Next time you hug your babes, squeeze them a bit tighter and thank God that you can.

We did have a wonderful day here on the Lane Saturday for our SummerTime gathering.
Such a wonderful group of ladies...and ah yes, a few great men!  It was so good to see everyone and I need to thank you all again for making the day such a success.  As always, it wouldn't happen
without you!

The Girls are getting along famously and Miss Ivy is growing like a weed in the summer!
I have gone back to this pic often in the past makes me smile!

Stitchers on the Lane this week Wednesday and twice next week.  Busy day tomorrow getting ready for the group....and I so look forward to seeing them.  Some of the best therapy a gal could ask for, a group of friends gathered together to stitch, share stories, eat, laugh....well you get the picture.

Until next time.....
which I know will be sooner....

From the Lane,

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Girls are bonding......

and it makes for one happy Momma here!  I had began to worry a bit about Sophie and her accepting Ivy into our pack, but.....that good heart of hers won out and now they are becoming best pals....
This picture tugs at my so reminds me of the days with Grace and baby Sophie.  I am counting myself once again blessed!

Wanted to let all of you who requested an invite to our SummerTime Sale that I sent them out on Friday, I think it was.  If for some reason you didn't get yours and you requested please let me know and I will send it individually.  
I apologize to all if yours came through and it showed all recipients.  I cannot for the life of me figure out why it's doing that.  I have it checked to send as the "group", showing no single addresses and I also BCCd it.....still they all come up in my email.  Makes me so frustrated.  I need to get my bestie Terri to take a peek and see if she can figure it out.  Between her and her hubs Keith, who both taught computer classes, I'm thinking they might be able to help! sorry for that, I did try!  If yours didn't come through, let me know and I will resend it!

Wishing all of you and the Dad's in your life a Happy Fathers Day.....
For those of you who are lucky enough to still have your Dad in your lives, feel blessed....
For those who aren't as fortunate, feel blessed with the memories you hold in your heart of your Dad....
For all of you who had a wonderful Father figure in your life, whether it be your biological Dad, Step Dad, Father in Law or someone who was Like a Dad to you....feel blessed for that as well, there are many who never had the luxury of any of these.

I was blessed many times over and although none are with me now, the memories make me smile mostly.....some make me stronger and some a little sad, but still....
I feel blessed.

From the Lane,

Monday, June 13, 2016

Please give a big welcome to......

Miss Ivy Lee!
our newest and I must say very sweet addition to YellowDog Lane!
She is adjusting well....wishing I could say the same for Sophie.  They say that with a large number of adult dogs it takes some time for them to welcome a puppy to their home, so....we are being patient and waiting for her to come to terms with Ivy in her own time.  We are also praying that it will be soon.  Ivy is trying so, so hard to be accepted and I'm sure that soon.....

We are all headed out to the Carriage House now to work on some items for the sale coming in July.  I have lots of blue swirl granite that I've decided to part with and will be cleaning and pricing it today....and organizing.  I have quite the mess out there in the upstairs right now!  
A good day for such a job though as it's rainy and dreary here and even a bit cool.  They're promising some much warmer weather a bit later in the week though so will take advantage of the good work day today.  

Invites for the sale will go out the end of the week.  Watch your email for them.  If you haven't requested an invite and would still like to, please do so asap.  Send to  
Some have said their emails have been sent back to them, not sure what is up with that but if you try and that happens or has happened you are also welcome to call with your request
You will most likely get voice mail but leave me a message with your name and email address and I will be sure to add you in. to work we go,
Sharon, Sophie and Ivy

Friday, June 10, 2016

Happy Friday......

and a very warm one here on the Lane!  After a couple of morning with the woolies on the heat is on compliments of Mother Nature.  No complaints, let it be warm when it should be and cold and snowy when it's time.  Pure Michigan!

Last call for requests for invites to our sale here at YellowDog Lane coming up in July.  It will be by invitation only.  For your invite please email me your request at
I will be sending out invites sometime within the next week with all the info you'll need to make plans to join us.  This sale will not be advertised or announced other than by invite.
Something know me, out of the box!

Also wanted to tell you that you can now see my punch needle patterns featured on
Available as instant downloads or as mailed paper pattern.  

I will be adding the the Seasons & SaltGlaze Wool Appliqué patterns as well, very soon.
Of course, if any of you are interested they are available directly through me here on the Lane!
Think about joining us for one of the Open Stitching sessions or join us for a group class....
we have a great time and would love to have you.

Now....I am off to pack a bag for a short trip I'll be making tonight and then I hope to get out and enjoy a little of this good ole' summertime weather!

Have a great weekend....
Do something fun...
Make someone smile :)

From the Lane,

Friday, June 3, 2016

Oh for gosh sakes.....

I have absolutely no idea why you all received, or I am assuming all, a post from September 24....
of 2015??  No idea.  Thanks MaMa Kay for the heads up on that!

I spent time yesterday putting together a really cool slideshow of pictures from all around the homestead....all three houses, the gardens areas mostly, along the Lane....just lots of pretty shots, in my opinion, that I wanted to share with you.  
Well.....putting it all together was a cinch, getting the thing to post was nothing short of a nightmare.  
It posted finally but it wasn't a good quality so I took it down and tried another way.  I finally got a slideshow of the same pics to upload but it wasn't the same neat format....I didn't really like it so I deleted.  Next thing I know a post from September comes through.  Good Lord, what next!?

I would really like to share the cool formatted slideshow and I am not giving up yet on getting it sent, so.....if you get some random post from April of August 2014, you'll know I'm working on it I guess!

A bit of a peek at what I had going.....

I will keep at it.  Keep your fingers crossed that I figure it out, but please don't hold your breath.....
that could be a dangerous choice for your health!
The not so neat formatted one is up on FB for those of you who like my page there but I really want you to see the cool one, so....try, try again!

Enjoy this beautiful day,
From the Lane....

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Off the Grid....

to use a catch the Cabin, UP North....two curves past the last power pole....
that means no electric, which means no internet, no television....thinking it's kinda like heaven!!
Truthfully though, we do have a generator so that gives us the power we need for all that we want while there.  I can get a text and send one as well....if the timing is good.  The phone rings but most times can't answer it.  Make a phone call out?  Yes, if the booster is on and you're in just the right spot on the sofa!  Emails and internet....nope.   So of course I think of a million and one things I'd like to pop on here and share with you all, and I have the time.....then I get home and I forget most everything and have no time!  Still so good to be home.....

In my last email I mentioned the notion of a sale here on the Lane, sometime in June is what I shared and asked you to email me if you would like an invite.  Thank you to all who responded, I have added you all to the "invite" list and I will be sending those soon.....just one minor change, I'm thinking the sale will be in July instead of June.  The date will be shared with you on your invite and I will be sure to give you plenty of notice so you can RSVP....I just don't feel I can pull it all together like I want to by mid June and through encouragement of some wise friends will do it in July!  
If you haven't emailed me with an invite request and you'd like to join in the sale, there's still time.
Email me at with your request and I will add you to the group.  

Lots going on here at the Lane right now and busy times these next few weeks.  
Open Stitch here in the Cellar Studio tomorrow and  Evening Stitchers on Thursday.  New punch needle and wool applique designs, too.  
If you would like more info on Open Stitch and/or our classes here on the Lane, just give a shout.....
we'd love to have you join us.

Hope you're all enjoying this beautiful day....
Till next time!

From the Lane,

Thursday, May 26, 2016

And they bloom......

The wild on the Lane.  For over twenty five years I have admired the waves of blue lavender blooms waving across the fields here on our homestead.  First as we build the barn back in the 1980's, then as we built the Saltbox in the 90's and through the 20+ years of living there.  As we started construction here on the Lane we tried to be careful to not disturb these beauties any more than necessary......and I wondered.  No more to wonder....they are here, they are blooming and they are as beautiful as ever!  
One very special memory that makes these sweet wild flowers so dear to my heart is this.....
taken by their Mom, Tammy.  Makes my heart smile each time I look at it!  Where do the years go?
Seems like just a short time ago these two were strolling across the Lane to the Farm they drive to see Gma at the Lane House.  Still making memories.....I am blessed!

One little note of business....we are planning a bit of a sale here on the Lane in June.  It will be an unadvertised sale and I will be sending out email invites with all info to any of you who would like to attend.  Please email me at to let me know you'd like to come and I will add you to the group.  I will be sending out all invites the first part of June!  
Something a bit different.....think it will be fun!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend.  Hope it is filled with family, friends and fun!
Take a few minutes to wander through some wonderful flowers if you are able....
come wander through the Lupines on the Lane if you like.  Carry a memory with you of someone you have loved and lost.....reflect and remember.

From the Lane,

Sunday, April 24, 2016

This Little Tree......

and such a strong little tree at that.  How strong, you ask?  Well lets just say that five years ago this little gem stood guard of a very special place to many in fact.  
This sweet weeping cherry stood guard at the front porch of Saltbox stood day and night, through sun and snow, rain and shine.... for about five years after being gifted to me in remembrance of my Mom after her passing.  It was placed by the shop for all to enjoy....and I think to eventually teach us.
You see, this tree not only stood those years at guard but it remained standing after a fierce fight with a fire from which we lost most everything.  
At that time I truly thought "everything" was five years later, yes it has been five years come May 22....I realize that all wasn't lost.  Lots of tangible goods were destroyed, many irreplaceable items charred beyond saving, gifts cherished by some who aren't here to regift.  
My beloved Saltbox Farm Home....not the house we lived in but the place that made the Farm what it was.  Not just a building but walls and a roof, a stairway, doors and windows all filled full of wonderful memories where friendships were formed and much more.  
I also lost my purpose for awhile but I muddled my way through the repurpose of the pole barn, just not the same.  But nothing is ever the same, I'd tell myself, change is good right?
We moved this little tree from it's home by the shop and relocated it out in the gardens near the "new" shop.  Each year I have waited for it to bloom to no avail.  The first year it barely leafed but seemed to get a bit better each spring.....and then, while walking to the Barn the other day I looked up to see this sweet little tree smiling back at me just full of blossoms.  
I stopped, I stared, I smiled.... and then I shed a tear or two.  
I think my little cherry has been waiting all this time for me to move on and past the loss, 
waiting for me to find my purpose and find the joy that the Farm gave me.  Waiting for me to realize that it was out there, I just had to look.   
I had a thought today of moving her to the new house here on the Lane....but on second thought, figured that from the looks of her she is pretty happy where she is.  She can watch over the Lane, the Farmhouse and even see the top of the house by the Road.
How blessed are we to have such a strong presence to make sure all is well here at our Homesteads!

Thank you all for the wonderful memories of past years.....and for all the new ones to be made as we embrace the changes put in our paths and refuse to let the challenges of the past, present or future define us.

Have a wonderful week!
From the Lane,

Sunday, April 3, 2016

April Snow Showers.....

are just plain ridiculous. 
And now on to more pleasant subjects.

Season's and SaltGlaze....
in punch needle!  Ronda has finished the models of all season's and the patterns are in the works!
Visit Ronda at
simplethymeprims and see her offerings!

I am having a bit of a love/hate relationship with if that's anything new.  I would truly like to just close it up and do all of my news and updates from here but I'm afraid I would be leaving out many who might want the news of what's happening here on the Lane, so.....
I will continue with it, for now anyway and see if they will address my Page issues!
It would help me to know how many of you are actually receiving this update to your inbox....if you could just send a quick reply or leave a comment it would be appreciated, and help me decide what direction to take.

I do have the plans in the works for a Spring/Summer Sale.....haven't decided on a date for sure but thinking mid May.  Lots of antique smalls, some great primitive furniture pieces, 
handmades, wool, candles, soaps.....and well, some of all the wonderful offerings you remember from the Farm!  We will be using the Barn at Saltbox too.  It's a perk to know the new caretaker so well!

I think that's it for tonight....I feel like I've bounced you all over in this post.  Hope none of you took a bad bounce!  
I'll leave you with a picture of one of the wonderful hand wrapped willow wreaths we'll have to offer.
....from teeny tiny cuties, to big bold and beautiful ones!  Great for indoors or out.  

Wishing you all a wonderful week.....
Open Stitch here on Wednesday....10am-2pm.  Just RSVP to join in the fun!

From the Lane,


  Hello All ~ I hope this finds you all as smiley as this little Jack is!   We are having a beautiful autumn day here in Michigan, albeit a ...