Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Off the Grid....

to use a catch phrase....at the Cabin, UP North....two curves past the last power pole....
that means no electric, which means no internet, no television....thinking it's kinda like heaven!!
Truthfully though, we do have a generator so that gives us the power we need for all that we want while there.  I can get a text and send one as well....if the timing is good.  The phone rings but most times can't answer it.  Make a phone call out?  Yes, if the booster is on and you're in just the right spot on the sofa!  Emails and internet....nope.   So of course I think of a million and one things I'd like to pop on here and share with you all, and I have the time.....then I get home and I forget most everything and have no time!  Still so good to be home.....

In my last email I mentioned the notion of a sale here on the Lane, sometime in June is what I shared and asked you to email me if you would like an invite.  Thank you to all who responded, I have added you all to the "invite" list and I will be sending those soon.....just one minor change, I'm thinking the sale will be in July instead of June.  The date will be shared with you on your invite and I will be sure to give you plenty of notice so you can RSVP....I just don't feel I can pull it all together like I want to by mid June and through encouragement of some wise friends will do it in July!  
If you haven't emailed me with an invite request and you'd like to join in the sale, there's still time.
Email me at yellowdoglane@gmail.com with your request and I will add you to the group.  

Lots going on here at the Lane right now and busy times these next few weeks.  
Open Stitch here in the Cellar Studio tomorrow and  Evening Stitchers on Thursday.  New punch needle and wool applique designs, too.  
If you would like more info on Open Stitch and/or our classes here on the Lane, just give a shout.....
we'd love to have you join us.

Hope you're all enjoying this beautiful day....
Till next time!

From the Lane,

Thursday, May 26, 2016

And they bloom......

The wild Lupines....here on the Lane.  For over twenty five years I have admired the waves of blue lavender blooms waving across the fields here on our homestead.  First as we build the barn back in the 1980's, then as we built the Saltbox in the 90's and through the 20+ years of living there.  As we started construction here on the Lane we tried to be careful to not disturb these beauties any more than necessary......and I wondered.  No more to wonder....they are here, they are blooming and they are as beautiful as ever!  
One very special memory that makes these sweet wild flowers so dear to my heart is this.....
taken by their Mom, Tammy.  Makes my heart smile each time I look at it!  Where do the years go?
Seems like just a short time ago these two were strolling across the Lane to the Farm House....now they drive to see Gma at the Lane House.  Still making memories.....I am blessed!

One little note of business....we are planning a bit of a sale here on the Lane in June.  It will be an unadvertised sale and I will be sending out email invites with all info to any of you who would like to attend.  Please email me at yellowdoglane@gmail.com to let me know you'd like to come and I will add you to the group.  I will be sending out all invites the first part of June!  
Something a bit different.....think it will be fun!

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend.  Hope it is filled with family, friends and fun!
Take a few minutes to wander through some wonderful flowers if you are able....
come wander through the Lupines on the Lane if you like.  Carry a memory with you of someone you have loved and lost.....reflect and remember.

From the Lane,


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