Thursday, April 30, 2015

A front door welcome.......

from the newest home here on the Farm!

We're almost there, lots of little jobs to take care of but in hopes of final inspections next week with the move happening on Saturday!
Once moved in I promise lots of pics so you can all see how things are turning out.....I know I have been promising pictures, and I do have many taken but just not organized and in an album yet.  I have spent countless hours at the Lane and it has left little time for anything other than the the things I have to do.  Like the hairstyling, school board, cooking, laundry...and I can't say cleaning with a straight face, if you could only see the Farmhouse, oh my goodness!!
We did get the first complete construction clean done at the Lane last weekend.  With the help of some great friends, Nancy, Terri, Elsa and Julie and of course my niece BillieJo, we were able to clean top to bottom with time for some fun to boot.  
Nancy came bearing a full course lunch, Terri with the music to clean by and Elsa and Julie with cleaning supplies....and all with smiles and energy! 
Billie came on Thursday and stayed through Tuesday and was such a huge help.
Nancy has helped more days than I can count....
Counting my blessings that I have such wonderful people in my life!

Also wanted to let you know that you'll most likely receive an update from the Lane as well.  I know I said I would be eliminating this site but there have been some changes so for the time being I will be continuing to post from the Farm as well as the Lane.  Some of the posts will be duplicates and some will not.  If you choose not to receive both or any you can do so by unsubscribing from this mailing.  Hoping you'll stay with us to see what's coming up!

Several sales/events in the planning for 2015.  The first one in July if we can be ready for it and the other dates aren't set yet.  We will have lots of great goods to share with you though....
that you can count on.  
Look for Fall from the Farm and Christmas too.....peaked your curiosity?

Stay tuned.....
From the Farm.....
and the Lane on the Farm :)

p.s. Both of our emails are also good to use or
Ph # is 231-629-1385

Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Break.....

and after looking at the date of my last post, I'm betting many of you thought I went off on break, never to return!
In my defense, I have been in "construction mode" for most of that time.  I have mastered (well, maybe I should say "learned") the skills of tiling and grouting.  I have also stained 1000 sq ft of wide plank pine, followed by three coats of poly....eleven doors, with stain and poly, pine cabinets painted, distressed and ready for stain.  Nanc helped me with the last two and Wayne was the muscle behind some of my grouting and both offered constant moral support as did my constant companion through it all, Sophie!
Seems I have dragged myself home every night the past month or more, wondering if I would make it to the shower and head to pillow on my own.  So far so good and the end of this mode is nearing.
Appliances will be delivered next Friday and lots of finishing will take place before then.
I have a PT album in the works with many pics to share of the construction adventure.  Will share the link with you when it's ready enough to show!

Speaking of "Spring Break".....I did have!  Yes, just a day....a day away form the paint, stain, poly, drywall dust and all that goes along with it.  A day filled with chatter, laughter, antiques, good food, more chatter and lots more laughter....and the best part Friends!
Nancy and I were off early this morning to "Best Friends Antiques" in Blanchard, where it's always a joy to meet up with shopkeeper Diane and to view all of her wonderful wares.  Today was extra special as it was like old home week.  Everyone that walked through the door we knew or knew of.
Claudia & Sharon, Mary & Amy, Anne, Jo and Shelly....and of course my bestest Tilda and Myra.
Off soon to the restaurant with the latter two for that good food and a good dose of the chatter and laughter.  It was a most perfect day....didn't really notice the cold winds and rain mixed with snow on this dreary day of April.....  I was on spring break, finding treasures and warming my heart with good friends.  That was well enough to push the bad weather right away.
I will have to say though my thoughts went many times to my sweet friend Kay, who was supposed to accompany us but was feeling under the weather.....she was missed and hope this finds her feeling much better.

Who needs a Spring Break where it's warm and sunny with white beaches and blue waters when you can have a day like I had today?  I choose today!

And a little teaser before I bid you ado.....
Are you ready for a the Farm.....Saltbox Farm?
Coming soon....stay tuned!!

From the Farm....heading for the Lane,


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