Thursday, May 7, 2015

And the move begins......

with the approvals of all inspections including the occupancy yesterday, we are on the move!
Still lots of activity at the work site but outside for the most part.  
The irrigation is going in today and the walks and patio as well.  Plants and shrubs next but that will be my department and I'm looking forward to getting my hands in the dirt!
Internet Provider will also be here this morning to see if we're going to be able to pick up a signal, keeping my fingers crossed on that as we don't have a lot of options out here!  
Anyway, lots of happening and lots of boxes and small stuff on the move.  The big items will move on Saturday with the help of the boys, Chaddy, Addy, Scott, Mike and of course Wayne.  Trevor would love to be here but he's working in TX right now.  
Anyway enough of the move....I will have updates when it's done with some pics to share!

I wanted to tell you all about a really good "Garage Sale" coming up next week....
Yes, I said garage sale, but believe me, it's not just any old garage sale because it's at.....
HighButton Shoe ~ Patricia Byers!
For all the info visit her site at
I can't wait to get there to see all she has!  
See you there :)

From the Farm.....
and moving down the Lane!


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