Sunday, December 31, 2017

Ending another year.....

to begin a new one.
Packing all the "COURAGE" I was able to gain from the old year right inside me to take along the new and un walked paths of 2018.
Walking those paths with a "PURPOSE"
Purpose, "my word" for the New Year.

Have you chosen your word?  Or do you think it's silly so don't even give it a thought?
It's amazing how powerful just one word can be.  How it makes you rethink an action, undertake and action, calm you, encourage or maybe even put you in your place.  

Purpose.  I find sometimes I wake up and think I've lost or misplaced mine.  I lay in bed at night and wonder what it really is....usually after a bad day.  Is my purpose here so friends might use me for their joke it to cook and clean, do book work, pay bills.  
Is my purpose so some will have a subject for the rumor mill, to blame or accuse.  
I've given this last paragraph much thought.  
Not my purpose any longer, or I will surely work hard at not allowing it to be.
I will be packing all of this and more into a big ole box today, locking it up and throwing away the key.  We can't change the past, nor others actions, thoughts and deeds.
We can change how we look at each new day and live with a 
A purpose to do good things and pass those along to others.
In 2018 I will work on living a life of Purpose
Purpose I choose
Thinking that bag of Courage I have packed up to take along is going to make finding and keeping my Purpose a whole lot easier.

One simple word might change your outlook on a whole lot of things
Have you got your word for 2018?

Wishing you all a safe and happy New Years Eve......
From the Lane,

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Most of All......

on Christmas Eve most folks are busy scurrying around taking care of last minute shopping,
baking and all that comes with this biggest of holidays.
Many of us along with all of the above, are remembering those who aren't with us to share 
the time with family and friends.  

Done with all my scurrying, I sit here with a cup of coffee.
Taking a short break before I get myself ready for my clan to arrive.
Thoughts go to those who won't be with us, the list is too long, and my mind goes to the one I miss...
Most of All.

The one who always decked the house out to the hilt, inside and out.  The bigger the tree the better, even if more lights were needed than last year or it had to be "wired" to the window sill to keep it upright and sturdy.   Like the one we had to tie to the top of the old Pontiac Tempest Station Wagon that year to get it home because it wouldn't fit inside and leave room for my brother and me.
And outside....oh my.  The kids use to kid about following the glow in the sky to get to the house.
The one who loved everything about Christmas, no matter how much more work it involved, who waited for that last paycheck to be able to run out and be sure that the kids got new snow saucers or whatever he felt might bring a smile to the faces of all.  
The one who loved to have everyone gather together, even if it meant twenty plus family members stuffed in every nook and cranny of the brand new single wide home moved into after selling the big farmhouse.  The one who said it made it like home.  
He was right, as he most always was.  We have photos of us that year, taking naps after dinner.
We look like a bunch of sausages all laid out on that living room floor.
Didn't matter, we were together.

So many memories I could continue to share.  Happy mostly, mixed in with a few sad.
The one who said what made him the maddest about being sick was seeing how it hurt us.
The one who drove through blinding lake snow to fetch a grand daughter home for Christmas.  
The one who could play Rummicube for hours on end, who loved to go to the Grocery, eat, cook and would drop everything at a moments notice if help was needed.
The glue of our somewhat patched together family.  Just goes to show that sometimes patched is better than like new....or at least that's how I look at it.

The one who gifted me with this sweet antique Santa that makes me smile and warms my heart each time I see it.  
I also get a little heartache each time at the thought of a life gone too soon at 62
The one who taught us the love of Christmas
Miss you Dad...
Most of All

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas Home Tour.....

Just a quick note to share the link that I totally forgot to include in my last post.
Many have asked for a peek at the Lane House decked out for the Holidays.....
A simple, country, colonial style is what I've tried to achieve.
I hope you'll stop by for a visit and also that you'll feel right at home.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

I Believe in the Magic......

of Christmas and Kindness....
Children and Dogs

of Miracles and Prayers....
Good Deeds and Caring

of Faith and Courage....
Family and Friends

I Believe in the Magic of
All Things Good

My Christmas wish is for All to Believe in the Magic....
The Magic of All Things Good
Imagine the Possibilities

May Your Christmas be Merry and Bright......
From the Lane,
Wayne, Sharon, Sophie, Ivy & Isabelle


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