Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Dirt Road Diva's......

I know, a "Diva" is actually "a distinguished female singer, Prima Donna", according to the dictionary that is.  Well, I needed a title....and a tag of sorts as it seems like Ivy and Me do a lot of tracking on the dirt roads, making adventures.  They aren't all dirt roads mind you, but back roads, country roads.  A good friend uses the tag "backroads" so obviously it would be a "copy" if I used that, and all I could come up with for the country was Country Road Cruisers.  Lame.  
So, Dirt Road Diva's are we!  What we aren't is distinguished female singers.  We are female and we do sing.  Well, I sing, and I do believe that Ivy taps her paw and hums along.  

We've been in a bit of a funk since we said goodbye to our sweet Sophie.  I haven't had words to write that wouldn't make me, and most of you come to tears.  I haven't been able to find much of a song either and like I just said, I sing.  I love to sing, I'm told by my boys and Big Pops that I can make a song out of anything.  I didn't say I was a good songstress but I always have some sort of song or another to sing.  Those songs have been missing here the past couple of months.  I guess I just couldn't pull the joy out that I needed to find my song, and then....Ivy and I went for a long ride in Ranger Reba the other night.  She is now my Shotgun Rider and right now we don't have a Miss Daisy to fill the back seat.  Just the two of us.  The rides have been lonely for us, that is until this ride.  
I'm not sure about Ivy, but I think I can speak for both of us and say that we had an Angel in the back seat.  Really we did.  Or the feeling and presence of someone we love.  Ever get that feeling?  

It all started as we flew by these freshly baled hay and straw fields

and then as we continued down the familiar dirt road.  One I traveled as a child and beyond.  Over the bridge where the creek flows.  The creek that we fished when I was young.  The same one I waded in accompanied by an earlier faithful companion.
The dirt road that has the old boards peeking through that were laid eons ago to cross the wetland area before they used gravel.  Past the corn fields....
across the dirt road from where I lived as I grew up
We pulled in to the drive of the old farm house....the house no longer stands, lost to a fire a few years back.  Barely a remnant of the old beauty but in my mind I can see it all, every last detail and that's when I felt the song in my heart begin to build.
The old barn and the silo where I hung from the bottom ladder rung whenever I had the chance.
The chicken coop and the rabbit hutch that I played hours on end in

The apple and pear trees I picked the fruits of.

Old and wonderful memories.  A new Shotgun Rider by my side and the presence of the past one riding back seat.  I think she may have had someone by her side back there too.  My Dad always said, "if you've got a song, sing it", and so we did.  All the way back to the Lane I let the sorrow go and I sang a joyful song.  Ivy hummed along and tapped her paw and I do believe there was a paw and a foot tappin' coming from the back seat keeping tempo with those tunes.
Old memories revisited.  New memories made.  Some of the sorrow released and replaced with the new found joy of today and what tomorrow will bring.

Life is short, don't forget to sing your song.  Often.

From the Lane,


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