Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunlight and Shadows and the Joy of Sharing......

A phrase my friend Tilda uses often when she is speaking of her love of photography.....
when I spied this reflection of the window from the morning sun shining through I literally ran for my phone/camera, all the while giddily saying, "oh my gosh, oh my gosh, wait till Tilda sees this"!
I thought it was beautiful and I knew if no one else thought it was much of anything that Tilda would.
I haven't personally shared it with her yet....but she will see it here and I know she'll smile, as I hope many of you will.  

It also made me think of the joy it can bring when you're able to share something with someone, knowing they'll get the same joy out of it as you do.  
It might be a thought, an action, a memory, a photo.  
Your thought could be a compliment to someone telling them you like their sweater......
Your action, the simple opening of a door for someone to enter before you.
A memory, an eventful antiquing trip and the great finds.
A photo of a great old crock.....or a photo of sunlight and shadows.  

What little effort and time it would take from our days to make a point of sharing a little joy with someone.....
Someone we know, or someone we don't.  It doesn't matter where or who it comes from....
it's always nice to have a little joy in your day!

We have an extra day in February this year.....
Hoping I've filled this 29th day of February with thoughts of joy.....
and better yet, thoughts of who you can share of bit of joy with.

From the Lane.....

Friday, February 19, 2016

WillowTreeHill Sampler.....

all of you are seeing it here first!

It isn't the best photo but if you had seen the effort I put in to getting this shot you would appreciate.  
Should I just say.....bedcover displayed on our bed, with me standing on top of the rolled coverlet, that's on top of the apothecary that's on top of the blanket chest that's at the end of our bed.....hanging on to the pencil post of the bed on one corner while reaching out with the camera hand and stretching out to try and get it all in the shot.  While remaining upright of course!  

There are a few embellishments that I intend to add for myself but will hang it on a wall later today for the photo for the pattern front.  
The Girls at Blackberry Primitives are working on the big wool order sent along to them and as soon as it arrives here at the Lane, me along with a couple of my helpers, will be measuring, cutting, folding and kitting the first block up for everyone!  
I'm so excited about this project!
I have two full classes that will be working on their blocks here in the Cellar Studio once a month until finished.  If there is enough interest I would love to add an additional class.  
I will also be packing and shipping these off to those not close enough to attend the classes.
A confirmed order last night from California....thank you Jul!!

If you would like more info on the bedcover, classes, etc.....
please email me at or phone at 231.629.1385

Enjoy this bit of spring we're being blessed with in February!

From the Lane,

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Penny Candle Wrap.....

our project for Wool School this week with the Cellar Stitchers.
Easy, simple, useful and pretty to boot!
Kit's available for pick up or to ship.  Space available in upcoming class as well....
we'd love to have you come join us here on the lane.
For more info or questions, just email me @

Five new needle punch designs coming soon as well!

Hope you're all having a fabulous week.....

From the Lane,

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day.....

not just a day to celebrate your true love, but a day to celebrate
true friends.  
Good true friends seem hard to come by at times in today's world.
With all the social media, internet and the like there are times when you think everyone in the world
 wants to be your "friend" ~
I Googled the word "friend", see there you go....internet,
as I was going to pick out the simple definition and share it here with all of you, but....
I guess I didn't realize that there are actually dozens of different definitions for the word "friend".
Well of course this made me ponder the word just a bit more and you know, there are lots of types of friends.....
There are best friends, pretend friends....big friends, little friends and just right friends,
red and yellow, black and white friends.
Old friends and new friends....and the list could go on but if I had to choose the best type it would be the
Tried and True type.
And with that said I would like to share with you part of a note that my friend Tilda sent along to a group she refers to as "The Ralph's".

I got my Simple Life magazine today. I have only read Lizzie's story and looked at all the pictures, and will pay more attention to it tonight. But in Jill's opening letter, on friendships, she had a paragraph that jumped straight out at me.
If I ever get my book written, there will be a chapter on my friendship with BrunieMae. We have history.
Some of it could never be captured in print. Most of it borders on marginal hysterical. We laugh a lot.
We can finish each others sentences. We know what the other is thinking simply by looking at each other. And often, it is not good. It is just eyes meeting, knowing what the other is thinking. No. Not always good, as our insides are erupting in laughter.
Jill wrote: Those (friends) are the kind you like to go on road trips with. And laugh until your stomach hurts. And junk food until your teeth fall out. And you end up driving 20 miles out of your way because
you were talking and missed the turn.
Roads trips with Brunie? Oh, we have had many. We have talked for days on end with no stop. How can you talk so long to someone you already know so well? What do you talk about for 3 days?? Junk food?
We are always armed with red licorice. Many bags of it. Or tootsie rolls. Wrong turns? WRONG TURNS??? We make the SAME wrong exit every time when going into Indiana. We KNOW it, and we still make the wrong exit. Every time.
We turn into the wrong driveways. And no matter what she says, it is NOT always my fault !!!
We have butter mishaps. And bad hair days. And problems at toll booths with coins on a hot hand day.
And we repack trucks. And repack again, and again yet.
We laugh.
When I read Jill's words, I thought of all these things. We have SO much more. We have a common word. Nothing else needs to be spoken. Just the common word.
We have secrets no one else knows. And never will.
This is a friend.

I will just say that these words Tilda wrote and shared with everyone, warmed my heart....
made me smile and reaffirmed what I know...
She loves me as a friend for who I am, not because I'm exactly what she wants me to be, but because I am me.  Sometimes I'm good and sometimes I'm bad.  I make mistakes and try to make up for mistakes.  I'm human, I'm not perfect.....
and Tilda loves me just the way I am.

Tilda ~ A Tried and True Friend

Wishing all of you, my friends, a wonderful Valentine's Day.....
send along a note to one of your tried and true friends, it just might make their day!

In true friendship.....
From the Lane,

Thursday, February 11, 2016

There's no place like HOME......

and a trip away just instills that deeper!

Just back from the Market in PA and although I enjoyed the time away, seeing and catching up with old friends, making new ones and seeing all the offerings for some possible upcoming sales.....
it's still oh so good to be home.  
Lots of laundry to catch up on and a few other things as of them being catching up with all of you.  I so totally thought I had posted in February but obviously.....not!  
I'm not sure where my mind is sometimes, not with me I'm guessing.  

My bedcover design is almost finished.  The border has been added and now just a few embellishments and it will be ready to photograph for the pattern.  
I am still awaiting the wool so that I can start on getting the first block into kit form, hoping for it to arrive soon.  

I feel like I am in sort of a brain fog this morning.  Hoping it is just from all the travel and activities of the past week and not that I'm coming down with a bug.  Way to much on the "to do" list to be dealing with something like that.  I had planned to tell a bit of a story to all of you this morning but the words aren't coming to me, so.....
I will share a pic, wish you a great rest of the week and a promise to send another note along soon.

From the Lane.....

p.s. See the little red ware plate?  I was able to tuck a small bunch of those into my luggage and bring them home with me to offer up for sale!  Stay tuned.....


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