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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunlight and Shadows and the Joy of Sharing......

A phrase my friend Tilda uses often when she is speaking of her love of photography.....
when I spied this reflection of the window from the morning sun shining through I literally ran for my phone/camera, all the while giddily saying, "oh my gosh, oh my gosh, wait till Tilda sees this"!
I thought it was beautiful and I knew if no one else thought it was much of anything that Tilda would.
I haven't personally shared it with her yet....but she will see it here and I know she'll smile, as I hope many of you will.  

It also made me think of the joy it can bring when you're able to share something with someone, knowing they'll get the same joy out of it as you do.  
It might be a thought, an action, a memory, a photo.  
Your thought could be a compliment to someone telling them you like their sweater......
Your action, the simple opening of a door for someone to enter before you.
A memory, an eventful antiquing trip and the great finds.
A photo of a great old crock.....or a photo of sunlight and shadows.  

What little effort and time it would take from our days to make a point of sharing a little joy with someone.....
Someone we know, or someone we don't.  It doesn't matter where or who it comes from....
it's always nice to have a little joy in your day!

We have an extra day in February this year.....
Hoping I've filled this 29th day of February with thoughts of joy.....
and better yet, thoughts of who you can share of bit of joy with.

From the Lane.....


  1. Love these reflections, Sharon. In many cases, I feel that an event or experience doesn't really happen until it is shared. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us. Great reminder.

  2. Thank you Diane for letting me know you have read this writing. It brought me joy :) It's always nice to know that others read what I share and enjoy the words.....

  3. It's beautiful and what a great reminder to share the joy with others. This was a timely photo that brightened my day!

  4. Sharon , What a beautiful picture. You captured it wonderfully and your words inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Cherry