Thursday, February 27, 2020

Forgot, not really.....

just busy finding,

Okay, so I have missed a few or two weeks of a word and I'm late on it this week but it's here and I may keep it for a bit.  Do you realize how hard it is to find your balance, keep your balance, share your balance?  And I don't mean the staying upright on your feet kind of balance.....
although that's pretty important too, and sometimes a thing I have trouble with!
Then there's the balance you find in the check book or accounting and all that kind of mind boggling stuff.  That's really not what I'm working on either now that my taxes are done.  
I'm really just talking about keeping things going smoothly, on an even keel and free 
from drama.  Now that might just make you stop and think about how hard it is to find that type of balance, right?  Well believe me, it is...for me anyway.  

I've found it to be a bit easier if I get up, stay in my pj's and don't leave the drive way.  I also realize that this method isn't very realistic for too many days in a row.  I can only send Big Pops to the grocery so many times on his own before all we have in the house to eat are Little Debbie's, Sour Cream and Onion Chips, Honey Nut Cheerio's, PBJ and Captain Morgan and A&W Root beer.  The latter, mixed together, making me lose a different kind of balance.

I think finding the kind of balance I desire is to start by choosing your battles.  Make a list of them and cross off the ones that really aren't worth it and then go with the worthy ones.
Finding balance with my time is a struggle but worth the battle so that's where I'm at first.
Unfortunately some of that time has to be spent going to the grocery so we can have real food in the house to actually cook and eat.  To balance the unpleasantness of this task I try to 
dance down at least one full aisle, or two if possible.  
I smile at people, help them find items.....sometimes their cars in the parking lot.  
Find a good magazine I can look forward to looking at when I'm home and most importantly, buying enough stuff so that I can relish in the thought on my ride home that I won't have to do this for 
at least another couple of weeks!

It's really eyeopening at how much meaning each little word I look to choose has and how different each of these meanings can be.  
Heck, I bet I might even be smarter by the time I'm done with all this word stuff.....
and better yet, I might be able to balance on one foot while putting my sock on with one hand behind my back.  Talk about balance!

Watch for a Spring Offerings update coming next week.....
we've been busy with more than just finding balance here on the Lane.

Remember, if you can be anything....
Be kind.


Sunday, February 9, 2020


make your impact on others and all around you, good, not bad
positive instead of negative.  Kind, no meanness.  
It won't only make life better for everyone you contact with but it will make your life a whole 
lot happier and full, too!  Make your impact count in a good way.

My word coming up.....
don't have one!
Don't worry, I have many more for the year....and that might make some worry, so remember the rule,
you don't have to read my ramblings, just never know what you might miss!

I've been busy this past week gathering tax info and it seems that mostly brought the bad 
words to mind.  I vowed not to share swears so it kinda ruled all those tax words out.  
Today I almost wrote "migraine" on by board and then decided that wouldn't be a very fun word 
to explore and it would most likely cause most of you to suffer one yourself, so.....
no word it is.  

Big Pops will be taking Adam to the airport in the big city to the south one morning this week.  I'm toying with going along for the ride as I'm sure it will provide good fodder for a funny life story.
Remember BP and the big city.  The fact that they'll be leaving at 3 am or so is holding me back
on deciding to go....we shall see.  

Working on spring and Easter offerings that I hope to be sharing with you soon.
Will give you a heads up as to when that will be.

How are you all doing on your "word(s)" for the year, month, week, day?
Share if you care to!

From the Lane,

Sunday, February 2, 2020


my word for the past week.  
Had to wrap my head around this little five letter word several time during the week.  Several have asked, "start what".  I decided my answer was/is,
"just start", "start something....anything", "start something big....small, or in between"
"start a project, start to simplify.... a diet, a book, hugging more, complaining less"
"start to make it a priority to treat others with kindness, always"
Believe me, I wrapped my head around this little word so many times that I could write the first chapter of that book I want to start with just that word and how I've tried to bring meaning to it!
Just because my week is past and I'm on to a new word, doesn't mean I will leave this first word of 2020 behind.  In fact, my plan is to carry it with me, tucked in my watch pocket all the way to 2021!
I will journal along the way with more "starts" of the year and quite possibly share with you.... that is if you're interested.  And I guess if you aren't, you don't have to read.  Just pass on by or unfollow.
Start your year with what brings you and others in your life enjoyment, and if it's ditching my ramblings, so be it.  Although it will sadden me to see you go..... but START!

My new word.....
and yes, gonna have to wrap this old brain around this one too, but this quote I came across has given me many places to start :) my thoughts.  

We have family coming to watch the big game and that means our night will be filled with lots of fun and laughter.
We wish for your night to be the same.
Have you got a word for the year, month, week?  
Please share if you do.  I will be sharing some of your words along the way, but only with your permission.  Some have shared some great ones already!

Now, off to make some memories.....

From the Lane,


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