Well, that was fun!  
First I want to apologize to any and all who were unable to access the Offering page the night of the sale.  I had gone through a trial run several times over.... worked perfectly, and then 7pm came and, well..... you know what happened then.  Nothing.  
Talk about being frustrated.  I have to say, I almost gave up.  Wanted to throw the laptop out the front door into a snowbank but BigPops wouldn't let me.  So, I kept trying and trying a then I tried again.  All the while saying a little prayer asking God to please let it work.  Lo and behold the page appeared and everything was there.  And then, just like magic my emails started ringing in.  Before I knew it I was sold out and jotting down orders for more.
My bedtime prayer, along with all my regular nightly pleases and thank you's was a very grateful thank you for all of you......

I have some items in the works and a few antique smalls coming soon.  
If you would like an email notification of the update, go to the Home page and sign up to receive notice to your inbox.  I know many don't do much with email anymore.  It's all about messenger.  
I guess with me it's kind of like sending notes, letters and cards.  Still hanging on to that and will continue to be old school and go with emails.  
Not to mention that it works best for me to keep things straight.  

Stay tuned.....

Thanks so much for your support and friendship!

~Sharon, BigPops & the Girls

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