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Monday, August 22, 2016

Busy times.....

here on the Lane!
Stitching, Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Weekends, Birthdays,Punching, Haircuts, Sketching.....
well, you get the idea....and I didn't mention the upcoming Wedding!

My niece Kate is getting married in baby brothers daughter.  Having so much fun with all the events leading up to the wedding.  Yesterday was the shower I hosted for her at a wonderful venue just down the way from here....The Edgar Farm.  An 1800's farmstead that has been converted by the original owners heiress....but really left mostly untouched and only enhanced with some updates to the kitchen and bath.  Beautiful brick home with huge porch....
and an equally lovely interior....
Lots of preparation but so enjoyable!

And then there was the Bachelorette Weekend....three days in Traverse City....with Mom of the Bride Mary, who let's just say is much younger than me....and six ladies ages 22-26.....and me!
Yes, I survived it all.....the bike trolley around the town...the Nauti Cat cruise around the Bay and so much more.  Yup, I guess I've still got it...well maybe not so much but I survived and I had a blast!

My birthday was mixed in there somewhere along the line, and my sweet Stitchers made it a day to remember....

All of this and more in the past couple of weeks!  Some of the "more" is the upcoming opening of 
"The Primitive Willow" here in our little town.  I've been helping shopkeepers Kim and Shane by "mentoring" and pitching in with as much physical labor that this old body allows!  It has been so much fun and exciting as well.  Just a few more weeks and they'll be swinging open the doors for their Grand Opening ~ September 14-17
I will share more info and pics on all of that with you as the day nears...mark the date and plan to stop in and see all the wonderful goods they'll be offering!  You will be delighted!

Several new punch needle and wool appliqué designs are in the works as well and will be unveiled soon with patterns and some finished goods as well.  

That's my newsy update for now....
Take some time to enjoy these dog days of summer....
The wonderful season of Autumn is just around the corner.....
filled with good news and surprises!

Until next time....
From the Lane,

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A good Wednesday morn.....

and a peek down the woods path.....

My day yesterday was consumed by over 14 hours working at the polls.  
As I sit here this morning with my coffee, this view and all the beauty I'm surrounded with I thank God for the wonderful life I have.  I guess I need to get out into the "real" world now and again to make me realize and appreciate how blessed I am.  

The weather people are promising us another hot, hot day here in Michigan.  Plans here are to work on a few more designs as I wait for the new Valdani thread colors to arrive so the others designs can be punched.  A good day to be in where it's a bit cooler.
Open Stitch here tomorrow night, 5-9pm....come join us!

One more bit of news....I opened up an Etsy shop this week, go take a peek
AtYellowDogLane is the name.  I'm sure I can link it but I haven't gotten that far yet....soon!

Enjoy this beautiful Wednesday.....take a minute or two and look around you and take note at all you have to be grateful for!

From the Lane,

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


seems to be giving us Michigander's all that we want with heat.  
I, for one, am not complaining the snow will be flying well soon enough!
The flowers are loving the heat it seems.....

Coneflowers, marigold....basil and orange mint

Tansy and Rosemary, and....

Two little mischief makers under my feet while I try to water, deadhead and gather a bouquet!
They keep my life here on the Lane busy and interesting to say the least.

Busy this afternoon with some sketching of some new designs....wool appliqué and punch needle.
My take on Heart in Hand, a lumpy pumpkin and a sweet Angel among them.  
A studio full of busy, happy Stitchers today inspired me to get busy on these and what better place to be on a hot afternoon than in the air conditioned comfort of the Cellar Studio~
Will share the new designs soon.....
If you've a hankering to come stitch with us we have open stitch the first Wednesday of each month, 10am-2pm, and first Thursday evening, 5-9pm.  
Just shoot me an email or ring me up to let me know you'll be here, we'd love to have you join in the fun.  Bring along a project you're working on or we'll help you choose one here to get started on.  

Now....back to the drawing board,
and remember....
take time to stop and smell the flowers!

From the Lane,

Monday, July 18, 2016


here I am again, coming in to write a note to you and thinking I need to apologize for my absence.
I couldn't believe it when I looked at the date of my last post and seen it had been a month since I visited with you all.....
Not to make excuses most of you know I was busy readying things for the 
SummerTime on the Lane gathering that was this past Saturday and in the midst of that process the July 4th holiday fell and we made just a bit of time to steal away to the North Country.  
Anyway....I'm sorry for such a long absence, but as!

I struggled the latter part of last week at keeping my thoughts to the job at hand.  Found my mind wandering here and there and wondering....wondering why sad things happen to good people.
I received news early Tuesday morning that friends of mine tragically lost their son in a car accident.
He was alone in his car, the other driver was injured but not seriously.  
He was twenty eight....28 years young.
I have known his parents forever, graduated and friends with his Dad through out school.  His Mom was a few years behind us but also a friend.
They were all hair clients of mine, Mom Lorie, Dad Rick, brother Danny, sister Amy, Grandma Theda, Grandma Judi (my step sister)....and Kyle.
Kyle the sweetest kid with the white blond head of curls and the biggest blue sparkling eyes....
and always the biggest smile you could want.  
I was unable to wrap my mind around it all...and even more so after leaving the funeral home and seeing the grief in the faces of all his family and friends.  
My heart aches for all.
Twenty eight years....and his Dad said to me,
 "we can't ask why, we can only be thankful for the years we had him".
Next time you hug your babes, squeeze them a bit tighter and thank God that you can.

We did have a wonderful day here on the Lane Saturday for our SummerTime gathering.
Such a wonderful group of ladies...and ah yes, a few great men!  It was so good to see everyone and I need to thank you all again for making the day such a success.  As always, it wouldn't happen
without you!

The Girls are getting along famously and Miss Ivy is growing like a weed in the summer!
I have gone back to this pic often in the past makes me smile!

Stitchers on the Lane this week Wednesday and twice next week.  Busy day tomorrow getting ready for the group....and I so look forward to seeing them.  Some of the best therapy a gal could ask for, a group of friends gathered together to stitch, share stories, eat, laugh....well you get the picture.

Until next time.....
which I know will be sooner....

From the Lane,

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Girls are bonding......

and it makes for one happy Momma here!  I had began to worry a bit about Sophie and her accepting Ivy into our pack, but.....that good heart of hers won out and now they are becoming best pals....
This picture tugs at my so reminds me of the days with Grace and baby Sophie.  I am counting myself once again blessed!

Wanted to let all of you who requested an invite to our SummerTime Sale that I sent them out on Friday, I think it was.  If for some reason you didn't get yours and you requested please let me know and I will send it individually.  
I apologize to all if yours came through and it showed all recipients.  I cannot for the life of me figure out why it's doing that.  I have it checked to send as the "group", showing no single addresses and I also BCCd it.....still they all come up in my email.  Makes me so frustrated.  I need to get my bestie Terri to take a peek and see if she can figure it out.  Between her and her hubs Keith, who both taught computer classes, I'm thinking they might be able to help! sorry for that, I did try!  If yours didn't come through, let me know and I will resend it!

Wishing all of you and the Dad's in your life a Happy Fathers Day.....
For those of you who are lucky enough to still have your Dad in your lives, feel blessed....
For those who aren't as fortunate, feel blessed with the memories you hold in your heart of your Dad....
For all of you who had a wonderful Father figure in your life, whether it be your biological Dad, Step Dad, Father in Law or someone who was Like a Dad to you....feel blessed for that as well, there are many who never had the luxury of any of these.

I was blessed many times over and although none are with me now, the memories make me smile mostly.....some make me stronger and some a little sad, but still....
I feel blessed.

From the Lane,

Monday, June 13, 2016

Please give a big welcome to......

Miss Ivy Lee!
our newest and I must say very sweet addition to YellowDog Lane!
She is adjusting well....wishing I could say the same for Sophie.  They say that with a large number of adult dogs it takes some time for them to welcome a puppy to their home, so....we are being patient and waiting for her to come to terms with Ivy in her own time.  We are also praying that it will be soon.  Ivy is trying so, so hard to be accepted and I'm sure that soon.....

We are all headed out to the Carriage House now to work on some items for the sale coming in July.  I have lots of blue swirl granite that I've decided to part with and will be cleaning and pricing it today....and organizing.  I have quite the mess out there in the upstairs right now!  
A good day for such a job though as it's rainy and dreary here and even a bit cool.  They're promising some much warmer weather a bit later in the week though so will take advantage of the good work day today.  

Invites for the sale will go out the end of the week.  Watch your email for them.  If you haven't requested an invite and would still like to, please do so asap.  Send to  
Some have said their emails have been sent back to them, not sure what is up with that but if you try and that happens or has happened you are also welcome to call with your request
You will most likely get voice mail but leave me a message with your name and email address and I will be sure to add you in. to work we go,
Sharon, Sophie and Ivy

Friday, June 10, 2016

Happy Friday......

and a very warm one here on the Lane!  After a couple of morning with the woolies on the heat is on compliments of Mother Nature.  No complaints, let it be warm when it should be and cold and snowy when it's time.  Pure Michigan!

Last call for requests for invites to our sale here at YellowDog Lane coming up in July.  It will be by invitation only.  For your invite please email me your request at
I will be sending out invites sometime within the next week with all the info you'll need to make plans to join us.  This sale will not be advertised or announced other than by invite.
Something know me, out of the box!

Also wanted to tell you that you can now see my punch needle patterns featured on
Available as instant downloads or as mailed paper pattern.  

I will be adding the the Seasons & SaltGlaze Wool Appliqué patterns as well, very soon.
Of course, if any of you are interested they are available directly through me here on the Lane!
Think about joining us for one of the Open Stitching sessions or join us for a group class....
we have a great time and would love to have you.

Now....I am off to pack a bag for a short trip I'll be making tonight and then I hope to get out and enjoy a little of this good ole' summertime weather!

Have a great weekend....
Do something fun...
Make someone smile :)

From the Lane,