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Monday, May 22, 2017

Six years past.....

yet at times it seems like just yesterday, and other times so much longer.  
The end of a dream.  A dream that we built in the middle of a corn field on a dirt road next to no many of you have heard me say.  
A dream that many doubted would ever see the end of the first full year.  So much for the doubters.

As I look back on that day six years back a lump forms in my throat and tears slip down my cheeks.  
Sad for all that was lost.  A building that held much sentimental value and had my heart as I know now the heart of many others.  I thought for a time that my purpose was lost with the building and it's contents.  It actually took me several years to realize that it wasn't, my purpose is just different today.

I also look back on that day now and smile.  Smile at all the wonderful memories made at
Saltbox Farm.  The many days spent there with customers who became much more, they became friends.  Many of them more like family.  
I smile as I'm thankful that all that was lost was material.  Grateful that my family, friends and the fire fighters all remained safe.  Gratitude for the outpouring of love and help from so many on that dreadful Sunday in May.  

Tears for the loss yet, yes.  Much bigger joy that the loss was really material and for the most part after the healing, replaceable.  
The most important things remain intact and strong in my heart and mind.  
My family, my friends....
the family and friends of Saltbox Farm.

Thank you for the wonderful memories.  Thank you for your continued support as I grow another little dream here on the Lane.  Much smaller than the one of many years ago but a dream just the same.  In to our second year here at YellowDog Lane, and lets just say....
the fun is just beginning!
Come follow along on our little adventure!

Won't you share a memory of Saltbox Farm with me?  
I won't promise a tear won't be shed but I do promise with each share my heart will fill.

This picture was found following the broken, paper intact with this message.

From the Lane,

Friday, May 12, 2017

Me, the Girls, cuppa Joe.....

and some country roads.
Thinking that might be all I need to say to have you know what a great Friday morning I had.....
okay, I'll tell you more!

Up at 5 and after enjoying my coffee on the Farmer's Porch, a sweet chat with each of two of my very favorite women, the Girls and I piled in the truck and hit the road.
With my Shotgun Rider by my side.....
and my favorite Backseat Babe we were on our way!

We did some antiquing and junking and a bit of garden shop hopping.  Gathered a few treasures along the way.....
I'll have to say the old sprinkler being my favorite, not that the mustard firkin and tin patched carrier don't rank right up there.  A few more things still stashed in the Carriage House but they need to be spruced up a bit before debuting!

We got to say "hello" to Diane at Best Friends Antiques and of course to the shop kitty BK....
and browse the shop as well.  Such a welcoming place to visit.  Best Friends is located in Blanchard in case you aren't familiar...take a drive and check them out.

So many of my favorite sites along the country roads.  Things are greening up, the sun shining brightly, the aroma of fresh cut grass and freshly spread cow mud.....
turtles covering the logs in the waters we pass, freshly plowed fields and a sign of my favorite veggie found right here in the neighborhood.  

We don't have the malls and the fast food, nor the big box or fancy fare....
but we have something that in my minds eye is priceless.

Give me all this and more of the same every day, for the rest of my life and I will die a happy Girl.

Wishing you all a great Mom's Day weekend.  May it be filled with all the things you love but most importantly with those who love you.

Thank You God for this good life, and forgive me if I don't love it enough.....

From the Lane,

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sunny Saturday.....

here on the Lane.  Albeit a bit chilly for May I am happy for the sun.  As are the Girls as it means for sure they get their walks in!  
This is along the woods path....I'm sure some of you would remember if you were able to take the walk.  See the water in the background?  If "Ivy" was you first thought.....yup, she ended up dead center in that while I was working on the photos.  She's a wild one alright and she is my water dog, no doubt about that.....but she makes me smile way more than she could ever make me frown.  She's a keeper for sure!!

Does this look familiar.....
taken from the Barn at SBF on our walk this morning as well.  It amazes me how the trees I planted as starters have grown so tall.  The Trevor/Gma tree makes me smile each time I see it...planted when he was four, he's now 24.  It was no taller than he it's taller than the Saltbox....and he is definitely taller than Gma.  So blessed that I am able to still wander those grounds that I loved so much.  It's been seventeen years ago that we were readying to open the shop at many of you remember......I surely do.....and everything in between!

Busy this morning working on the calendar, scheduling the upcoming summer class schedule and even a couple of fall.  I will send emails out to all who have responded with interest in specific classes with dates and times for you to sign up.  If you are interested in joining us for any or all, please be sure to email me of your interest.
If you respond to this post I don't receive as this is sent from the server and not my mail.  

I will be adding some Offerings from YDL to the new page I've added here on the site very soon.
Mostly handmades from the Lane or from close friends who make exclusively for me and a few others.  My patterns that are available can be found my using the "Etsy" link on the main page here and there will be several new ones added very soon!  

I haven't been working at The Primitive Willow as time, my hip and my Sophie haven't allowed.
I miss it, and hope to get a day in now and then if I'm needed.  
I do know shopkeeper Kim has been ordering up new inventory though and for sure some nice handmades.  She also has some Family Heirloom Weavers in stock and of course your favorite 
1803 Candles.....along with lots of other great offerings for feathering you nest.  
Schedule a day to stop in and see all she has!
Most of my patterns are available there as well as a variety of wool cuts and Moire Wool Threads!
Give me a shout and if I"m close to the Studio you can stop in and see me as well.  

Wishing you all a glorious Saturday and rest of the weekend.....
Get out there and make some memories!

From the Lane,

Monday, May 1, 2017

Morning May......

how are you?
This first morning of May here on the Lane is a very wet one.  Lots of rain overnight and some rumbling from the skies as well, but....
everything looks so green and clean and fresh and....wonderful!  

My hostas are flourishing along the woods edge and I've popped a few in to the landscaping and thinking I might add a few more.  We've been working on changing the landscape of the front of the house....I just wasn't happy with what I started with so out it all came and in went the new this past weekend.  I do think the outdoor scape is much like the indoor....when it's new to you it takes a bit of getting to know it all before you start to dress it!  Bit by bit getting there inside and out.

As I'm sure you noticed I also did a bit of changing up on the look of the blog...and if you click on my Etsy page link you'll see it matches...and the PictureTrail does as well.  Hopefully a button here soon that you can click and go directly to the PT page as well...and quite possibly a page here with some offerings from the Lane!

Lots of classes in the works for the next months being worked into the calendar....
Punch Needle, Needle Felting, Wool Applique, English Paper Piecing, Rug Hooking and even a morning of planting a container herb garden!  
Also planning to add another monthly class as our Cellar Stitchers 1 & 2 groups are full and overflowing at times!  
So....if any, or all of this sounds interesting to you and you haven't already put your name on the list, please do so soon ~ 
All day workshops and a possible "retreat" in the future months as well!

I know this type of post is oh so boring but I do have to pop these in here and there so you'll all know of the happenings here on the Lane!

Hoping you all like the new look here.....compliments of 
Amy at
She is talented and sweet and a pleasure to work with...thank you Miss Amy!

Wishing you all a marvelous Monday, first day of May!

From the Lane,

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ranger Ride.....

and so much more.
Last Saturday afternoon, we loaded the Girls into the truck, threw a couple of shovels in and grabbed a cold pop for the ride.  Taking the back roads, well, I guess that's about all there are is back roads from the Lane to MaMa Kay and Bernard's Forty.  We love back roads.
At one time the Forty was blessed with a home.  We can tell by the remnants of the foundation that remains.  We wonder, MaMa Kay and Me anyway, what might have happened that the house no longer stands.  We also think about the lady of this former home and how myrtle must've been her choice for planting.  Maybe just a couple foundation plantings.  Many years ago for sure.  
Myrtle multiplies.  I'm sure the lady never dreamed a couple little plants would now be acres of myrtle surrounding the foundation of her former home.
MaMa Kay came driving the Ranger, loaded with empty pans.....pan of every size, style and color, even a blue swirl granite one.  Bernard was already digging clumps of the beautiful green cover and filling the pans.  Wayne joined in the did I, for a minute. 

 Then MaMa says, "get the Girls and we'll go for a ride".....and oh my what a wonderful ride it was!
Over the trails and through the woods.  Past the many beautiful ponds, a little culvert stream and oh my the wonderful big rock piles!  This was a Ranger full of very happy Girls for sure!

Following a week of some very sad days dealing with our Sophie, she's next to MaMa, and her newly diagnosed illness, this was an afternoon of joy.  For Sophie I know as she was so happy as she ran the wooded trails and splashed in the waters edge.  For Ivy just because she loves any adventure, most especially when it includes water she can plunge into.  
The joy most especially filled my heart as I watched Sophie enjoy this beautiful day....and I know it filled MaMa's heart as well.
I smile each time I think of MaMa Kay clutching the Ranger wheel around the curves and through the little valleys......while exclaiming "makin' some memories, makin' some memories".

The Boys dug myrtle and talked hunting....
The Girls walked, talked, ran, splashed....laughed and I did dig, a little.
Memories, wonderful memories were made by All.  

Thank you MaMa Kay and Pops Bernard....for the big truck load of myrtle and the help with the digging and loading.
For the walks, talks, rides and laughter.
Thanks for makin' some memories oh so dear to our hearts.
And thanks Lady of the House for planting the myrtle.

From the Lane,

Thursday, April 6, 2017

She didn't think she could.......

but oh my, can she!
always a Stitcher but mostly with machine as she has Rheumatoid Arthritis that has ravaged the joints in her hands.  Discovering YDL via my FB page she and friend Pat made a stop in to The Primitive Willow to check out the wool they had seen was offered.  I happened to be in the shop helping out that day and we were chatting about the different wools, colors etc.  Sherry shared that she had been doing her appliqué with the machine, of course I told her she just had to try doing the hand stitching with the wools.  Wools are so easy to stitch on, I always say they're "butter like" and they're so forgiving.  Encouraging her to take a class from was then that the light came on and they both exclaimed, "you're YellowDog Lane"!  My response, "Yes, I am"!!....and that was just the beginning of two new friendships!  
Sherry and Pat are both official Cellar Stitchers, Primitive Willow Junkies, Lovers of my YellowDogs.....and most importantly in our wonderful circle of friends.  

I don't know about all of you, but I have those days when I get up in the morning and get ready to face a new day.....or sometimes when I get ready to turn in after a busy day.....and even at times when I lay awake unable to sleep fitfully.  Those times when I question if anything I do is of purpose....days when I wonder if I made someone smile.....was kind to all......or inspired someone.  
I always said it made me most content at the end of a day at Saltbox Farm if I knew that I had inspired someone to collect an antique, redecorate a room or simply love a new candle they had purchased.  Not ever so much what was in the cash drawer at the days end.....but that I had inspired some small way.  
Yesterday was a very good day for me.....I smile now as I share this with you, just as I smiled at my reflection in the mirror last night as I readied myself for bed.  I'm not sure who's smile was bigger....
Sherry's as she told me how excited she was that she really could hand appliqué, loved it and thanked me for inspiring her.....or mine, at the thought that I had inspired her to do something that she loves.

I think both Pat and Sherry would agree that their visit to The Primitive Willow held so much more than they ever expected.  They left with wonderful goodes from the shop, got to know Shopkeeper Kim, her Helpers and even a few of the other great customers.  They have a wonderful new shop to haunt, stitching on the Lane, classes at the Willow....not to mention a whole new circle of friends.
All of this over a search for a piece of wool.....

Did I ever tell you that wool is forgiving.....kind of butter like to work with.....oh and yes, it even forms friendships!  

And yes, Sherry can!

From the Lane,

Monday, April 3, 2017

April, Sweet Sophie, Heilda's Heart.......

giving me lots to share with you today so a simple intro didn't do the trick!

Happy April for starters...although here we are at the third day already.  We had a wonderful weekend here in Michigan and were able to get much done outdoors in preparation for the warmer months.
Although they are predicting snow for us here mid week we shall not let that turn our smiles into frowns as it is April and it can't stay around too long!

Our Sweet Sophie is feeling not at all herself these days.  She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, Masticatory Muscle Myositis.  It affects the muscles of her temporal area and the jaws and is treated rather aggressively with steroids.  The side effects of the meds scare me more than just a bit but it is the only treatment option available for this disease so we decided we needed to go with it.  Please say a prayer for our sweet Girl for healing and good health.

A new punch needle design is ready from YellowDog Lane and will be available in pattern form very soon.  This was designed for my Grandma Heilda, born in 1881, initials at birth H C 
I only wish I had been blessed with more time with her.....

Open Stitch here on the Lane this Wednesday as I'll be in the Studio working on putting kits together for future classes and offerings and hopefully a bit of slow stitching of my own!  
I am in hopes of getting things in order to offer up a few things for purchase from my PT site
on Wednesday evening as well.  More on that a bit later tonight or tomorrow......

Thank you for your interest in our happenings here on the Lane.....
We enjoy sharing with you and we also love hearing back from you!

Take good care,