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Monday, August 21, 2017

Miracle Girl.....

That's what the Doc is calling our Sophie.  A bit of a miracle for sure, a miracle we think the result of good care at our Animal Hospital, endless love from her People and most important to us the support and caring from all of her Prayer Warriors!
Visit to the Doc today, blood work is unbelievably perfect.  I have the readout with the previous counts, given to me to see the comparison and how she went from near death from liver, pancreas and kidney failure to feeling pretty darn good, all things considered!  
She is eating well and the autoimmune issue seems to be in some sort of remission.  She is happy, loves to roam the Lane and Farm and always ready for a ride.  
They do think this all may have compromised her thyroid and that is being checked now at MSU and she is on a special anti inflammatory for her lameness also caused from all she's been through.  
To us, these are just mole hills compared to the mountains this sweet soul has climbed these past six weeks.  My heart sings with relief that we will most likely be given more time with our Girl and that she will be happy and content as well.
I can't put in to words how grateful we are for all of you and your support, concern, love and prayers through all of this.  
Powerful offerings from our Friends.  Thank you so very much.
We are blessed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Looking ahead here from the business standpoint.....
Busy readying some new classes, new offerings and even a fun day here on the Lane!
Our Cellar Stitchers 2 will be meeting here for their class on Wednesday and then a bit of a break until after the Labor Day holiday.  
I will continue to be very busy with stitching, creating, planning and more right on through the holiday and beyond.  I hope to have a schedule to share with you within the next week giving you a peek at the upcoming months at YellowDog Lane!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wishing you all a wonderful week.....closing in on those last days of August, take time to enjoy!

From the Lane,

Monday, July 24, 2017

Back from the Doc....

She gained back two lbs and although the blood work wasn't all where they would like to see it....
they all did a happy dance just to see her prancing through that door!  They truly thought they were sending her home for her last days as they had exhausted what they could do medically at that time.  
The labs show the pancreas to be back to almost normal levels but the liver counts are much more elevated and that is of course a concern but thinking if she conquered that "nastier than they've ever seen" pancreas then she will get over this hurdle as well.  
A few changes suggested to try with her diet and a supplement that will help the liver and if all goes well with no setbacks she goes back in a month for another check up.  
With the liver issue they are still advising that we don't reintroduce the meds for her autoimmune disease.... I will watch for issues or complications with that and we will take it as it comes.  

She is a content Girl now, happy and has comfort here at home.....for now I am so thankful for that.
Thank you once again....from the bottoms of our hearts for being our Prayer Warriors for Sophie!
We believe that's why she is home and happy!

Her sister Ivy now out weighs her by 24 lbs......she is a big boned Girl!  Actually she is just a big English Yellow with lots of muscle...and that's coming from the Doc!!

Life on the Lane has been chaotic to say the least these past couple of weeks....we're ready for some normalcy, I'm just not sure what that might be though with me and my crew!  

Scheduling classes and some other fun things for fall and winter and I will share all of that with you very soon.  The Cellar Stitchers 2 will be meeting on Wednesday here in the Studio to work on the
Folk Art Table Square project.....I am working on a myriad of things, ornaments, table mats, runners....wearables, yes, wearables and much more.
Stay tuned!

Take Good Care,

Friday, July 21, 2017

Oh This Girl of Ours......

and isn't this just about the sweetest face ever!!

Our Sweet Sophie is beating the odds according to the Doc.  They truly didn't think she would be with us still.....and here we are with her eating almost like normal, taking her walks and riding shotgun with Momma.  
She will visit the Doc come Monday and have blood work done to see how the pancreas, liver and kidneys are fairing and we'll go from there.  
We do realize with the auto immune disease that she has that she will most likely have complications of some sort in the future.  She will be starting back on some meds for that after blood test results are in and they feel it's time.  For now....
we are grateful that she is happy and enjoying life at home where she loves and is loved!

I am a believer and I just know that all of you who jumped in on our prayer chain for Sophie and her family have been am important part on making her our Miracle Girl!
If it's only for awhile longer we have her we will forever remember all the love sent our way that played a part in the extra time we were able to spend with her and she with us.

Love to All,
Big Pops, Sharon, Sophie, Ivy & Isabelle

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Home Again, Home Again.....

and jiggity jig doesn't even begin to express how happy we all are!
and I know she isn't exactly doing a jig right here but let me say that after five days and nights in a strange place without your people with tubes running into you, laying in a kennel with a cone on your head....I think I'd be looking much the same.  
She certainly had a spring in her step when she seen I was there and it got more springy as she realized we were headed for the door together and then when she seen her truck....oh my!

She is still a very sick Girl and is going to need pampering and you all know that of course she's in the right place now for that.  
We aren't sure how things will go but after talking with the Doc and the Doc seeing how she reacted to being with her Momma, it was decided that she needed to come Home.  

We have plans to walk in the woods and along the Lane....roam the Farm and the alfalfa field.  
Take some long rides and stop for ice cream.  
We will lay in the grass and do nothing and if she wants to sleep on the bed with us, I'm betting she's going to be right there snugged in.  

We are still praying for a miracle of sorts....that the pancreas might heal and things will turn around.  
We will keep our faith that whatever will be best for her is what will come.

We do know that if love plays a factor then she stands a chance.....
She is Home....
Home, where we Love
Where she knows she is loved and where she is happy and content.  

Sophie is Home.....quite possibly to spend her last days.
We will fill those days with the love she has known since we made her ours almost eight years ago.

Thank you everyone who has reached out to us in prayer, caring thoughts and your love.
This isn't easy but knowing we are wrapped in the arms of so many makes it much more bearable.

Continued prayers for healing and comfort welcome.

From the Lane.....
Big Pops, Sharon
Sophie, Ivy & Isabelle

Home, Where We Love is Home
Where Our Feet May Leave....
But Never Our Heart

Sunday, June 25, 2017

A few offerings.....

on the YellowDog Lane PictureTrail Page....

A bit of this and that....mostly Americana to celebrate the upcoming holiday!
Going through tubs and totes from the move and finding treasures I didn't know I had and also a few new stitchings from the Cellar Studio here on the Lane....
Take a peek if you have the time and the desire!

Feeling almost fall like here on the Lane....thinking it won't last long but almost a bit refreshing after those extremely hot days we were experiencing!  

Hoping all is well with you and yours and that you're able to take some time to enjoy the upcoming holiday, reflect on your blessings and offer gratitude to those who have sacrificed to make our freedom possible.

Cheers to the Red, White and Blue!!!

From the Lane,

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Oh this Girl......

I realize that most of the time I'm telling tales of this Girl and how mischievious she is, and that she is, but.... she is also so very smart, beautiful and oh the sweetness she possesses!
Today here in the Cellar Studio.....Stitchers, a day that the Girls (Sophie & Ivy) look forward to as much as the Stitchers and Me.  I just say, "the Girls are coming today" and really, I know some of you think I'm nuts, but they know....they really do, they wait at the bottom of the steps watching and listening for the door to open so they can run and greet.  
They also have come to know all....they know who treats them all the time, Bonnie.....who brings a bag of treats to leave, Maxine....who needs their feet warmed and who is good at keeping them in line like Mom, Sue.  But, this baby of mine today and Sophie too but she is older and we have come to know that she senses things that are out of round with someone, just like big Sis Grace always did.  I mean, Sweet Soph has spent a lot of time on Cellar Days tending to Doris as she battled her cancer, knowing that Doris needed that extra bit of love....and of course the fact that she senses my anxiety and knows when she needs to make body contact with me.  Today though, it was this big brute of a baby I have who intercepted our new Stitcher Chris, on her way down the steps.  They had never met until today....Ivy spent the first hour or more tending to Chris.  She kissed her and held her hand, laid her head in her lap and laid by her side.  It was amazing.....
You see, Chris just finished up her final  chemo treatment.  You can call me crazy if you will but this Ivy of mine has that same keen sense her big Sister's had/have and she knows when she needs to comfort and love and just be with someone who isn't feeling quite up to par.  She has shown it with me most recently but this today was by far the confirmation that she is yet another beautiful blonde caregiver...
How blessed am I! all know how much I love these YellowDogs of mine but I do want to share with all of you who follow for the Stitching, Wool, Creating part of my blog....
Geraniums&SaltGlaze was on the agenda today!
A sweet and simple project in wool that was very well received and a fun stitch for sure!
A few kits are available for pick up or shipping as are the paper patterns or instant downloads via email.  If you're interested shoot me an email

We have lots of wool projects in the works for the last half of this year as well as some Needle Felting, Punch Needle and Rug Hooking.  
A Summer Day on the Lane and HarvestTime at YellowDog Lane in the works as well.....
stay tuned for more info on all or email to be added to the list to receive it to your inbox.

Wishing you all a wonderful first weekend of Summer.....

From the Lane,

Thursday, May 25, 2017


sure, she appears sweet and innocent, but.....

My morning.  Let's start with the fact that I had been awake since around 1:45 and hadn't conquered the getting back to sleep task.  The Girls are usually ready to be fed around 6:30 and I'm ready for a cup of coffee by that time if not earlier.  We keep their food in large old crocks in the garage and since Sophie has had her issues I feed them in the house so I can see whether or not she's having trouble chewing.  Out to the garage I go to get their breakfast, and of course the accompany me, as always.  Well....Isabelle is in the garage, which is a normal thing, what isn't normal is that she is dragging a gravely injured rabbit that is about as big as she is, around the garage with her.  
Can you picture bedlam?  The Girls were chasing her, she was running frantically to keep her catch away from them and I was running interference and yelling for her to "drop the rabbit"!  
Laugh if you will, but believe me, at the time, this was no laughing matter.  
Finally I manage to herd the Girls back into the house and I get her to drop the rabbit, at which time I scoop up with the dustpan and dispose of.  She spends the next hour or so stalking the garage in search of her catch and howling like she was wounded, while the Girls barked from inside thinking something was amiss with the little Sister.

Fast forward about two hours.  The Girls are ready for one of our daily walks so we head out and me, wearing my slippers, kicked them off and put my ankle Mucks on and we take off on a short jaunt down the Lane and around the Farm and back to the house via the woods path.  
We get inside and I see Isabelle is still or maybe again, acting somewhat strange.  I think she's still feeling deprived after losing track of the rabbit.  Oh know, I should've been so lucky.
I kick my Mucks off and try, yes try, to put my slipper on....and of course I cram my foot in harder wondering what the heck is blocking my foot from going in.  So.....I pull my foot, pick up the slipper and get it about nose level when a mouse.....yes, a mouse, comes flying out.  I swear the little varmint had wings the way he sailed out of that slipper.  And yes, I screamed, I mean a flying mouse had just tried to kill me in my own garage, who wouldn't scream!  
This is when the mayhem began.  My scream, the Girls barking because they think something is after me and Isabelle looking somewhat content that she has a bead on her most recent prey.  It was a free for all for what seemed like ten minutes, but I'm thinking it was probably more like 45 seconds.  Me trying to keep the mouse from running down the basement stairs to the Studio, Isabelle trying to catch the mouse and keep me from stealing it and the Girls tearing around barking and trying to protect me from whatever the horrendous creature was that was trying to kill their Mom.  

The mouse made it to the basement.  I promptly set a trap.  Isabelle was even more promptly relegated to the out of doors for the rest of the day and the Girls were so worn out they came in and took a nap.  

Innocent you say....think again.
All in a day with life on the Lane.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend.  
A time to remember all those who have left us and remind ourselves of their sacrifices for all we are blessed with today.  And also to know that they are still with us if only in memory and in our hearts.

Take good care,