Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas on the Lane....

the halls are finally decked and I got a few minutes today to take some pics to share with all of you!
Please keep in mind that I am not a photographer.....
that these photos were simply snapped with my iPhone....
with no editing!


Merry, Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Almost ready.....

and it's almost time for
"Christmas at the Farm"
This week....
Friday November 20 ~ 10am-4pm & Saturday November 21 10am-2pm

We have the Barn filled with lots of great greens....faux and fresh.
Wreaths, Santa's, antiques, ornaments.....
and so much more that we're sure you're going to love!

Cindy is busy baking her famous molasses cookies and the coffee will be on!
Make plans to join us!

From the Farm....
and the Lane,

email us at with questions

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy November.....

where oh where has this year disappeared?
It seems like just a few weeks ago we were preparing for the move to the Lane and here we are, here nearly six months already!

Update on the "Snowy Gatherings" candle mat class here at YLD....
We have two daytime classes filled and have a night time one scheduled for December 1 at 6pm with two spots left.  Please let me know if you'd like to join us for this evening of fun!

I have been diligently working on getting the Barn at SBF in order for our
"Christmas at the Farm" 
November 20 & 21
Still lots to do but things are taking shape.  I had no idea what I might have hanging out in my inventory of trees but I've ordered some new ones and I've been busy making some great little feather trees in antique containers.  Stitching up some wool items, lots of handmade ornaments and plans next week to start putting fresh greens, berries and rose hips together....oh, and I found some awesome witch hazel that I'm hoping to cut and mix in as well!  
Coverlet stockings and cross stitched cupboards hangers are also on the list.  
I do mean "the list" if I didn't make "the list", my ADD would take over my OCD and it's no telling what you might be greeted with on the 20th!

I have two wonderful wing chairs, custom made from Country Manor Furniture that I ordered and purchased for the new house.  Well, I had forgotten how large this style of wing chair is...and although it lent itself well to the Farmhouse...not so much here in the little Lane house.  
I have tried them everywhere and they just don't work here in the Gathering room....or the bedroom, believe me I've tried. 
So, I am offering these very, very gently used chairs at my cost to anyone who might be interested.  
They are top grade fabric in a muted mustard solid coverlet pattern with antique stained wood legs.
They are wonderful but this house cries for something much smaller.

If you think you might be interested let me know.  The fabric is a bit more mustard than it shows here but still very neutral.  I love this fabric!  I wanted to let all of you know before I post them elsewhere.
I would be happy to send along more pics and you are also welcome to set up a time to come see them.

Wishing you all a fabulous week....looks like some great weather coming our way and I am hoping to wrap of the task of decking that Barn out!

From the Farm and the Lane,

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


there has been quite a bit of interest in an evening class as well as a one time day class, so....
I have decided to try and put one or both together in the month of November.  
Each class will be limited to 8, days and times can be flexible for the most part.

This is the project I've chosen....
It is an 11.5 x 11.5 candle mat of beautiful wools and homespun backing.  Designed by Lisa Bongean. Great for the holidays and all through the winter months.  Simple to stitch, great for beginners or the seasoned stitcher.
Class will be $30 and will include all supplies needed for the mat, refreshments and a light snack!

Please let me know asap if you might be interested in the class and also if you would prefer day or evening.  
Class is held here at YellowDog Lane in the Cellar Studio!
Ph 231.629.1385

From the Farm.....
and the Lane.....

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Busy, busy.....

or so it certainly seems these days.
Wayne has been on a 7 days a week work schedule now for over a month with many of those nights being spent out of town.  That does makes things busy for Sophie and I here on the Lane and with lots less help as we prepare for our
"Christmas at the Farm"!
Our holiday event is scheduled for 
Friday November 20 ~ 10am-4pm & Saturday November 21 ~ 10am-2pm
Jot these dates down and makes plans to join us.

A reminder to all, we have no regular hours in the Barn at Saltbox Farm and haven't since the Goodwill Sale of the business in April of 2014.  We have no plans to schedule any regular hours in the future at the Barn, but promise to keep you abreast of any special days open as plans are made.

We're excited about our Christmas opening.....
lots of great handmade Santa's, trees, ornaments, antiques, uniques and much more!
As usual we will try to have all your favorite Farm Staples and lots of one of a kind holiday pieces to give your home that special touch.  

If there is anything you'd like to see in the Barn for our November sale please don't hesitate to let us know.  

Hope you're all getting a chance to enjoy this beautiful fall weather we're having if you're here in Michigan....and if not, that you're being blessed with the same wherever you might be.  

off to harvest rose hips and grapevine!!

From the Farm....
and the Lane,

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Sunday, October 4, 2015


I think quite possible my favorite month of the year here in Michigan.
Fall is my most liked of the seasons for sure....
love the colors of the season and they're so fun to decorate with.  
I have the house graced with it's fall apparel and for the first time in awhile I am able to sit back and enjoy it a bit!
I took some photos and have them up in an album at
if you'd like to visit.

I've decided on a bit of an impromptu sale in the Barn at SBF....
having some fall florals, pumpkins, pillows etc that I would rather see have a new home than to be housed in a tub.  Not to mention the fact that now that the Barn really isn't my Barn any longer....I just don't have the room to store it all!  And.....we have decided, after being gently urged by many of you to have a Christmas Opening!  That gives us even more reason to clear things out.  
Come help us....
Friday October 9, 10am - 2pm
Everything will be sale priced, even antiques and everyday at 10% off!
Fall will be 20 - 50% off
Final chance for Fall from the Barn!

From the Lane....
and the Farm,

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The truck is filled......

and ready to make the trek to Blanchard for Saturday's 
at Best Friends Antiques and we're so excited to be a part of it all!
The show is scheduled for 10am - 4pm and the weather is promising to be beautiful.

Nancy and I will be womaning (unlike manning) our booth
"Mother Mae's"
a name we use in honor of our Mom's
Juanita Mae and Virginia Mae.
We have a mix of antique smalls (and a couple of "mediums"), some great handmades,
wonderful candles, sunflower heads, a new batch of bundled Sweet Annie and much more.

Lots of other great vendors will be joining in the fun as well.....
one of my Bestest, Tilda will be there with some great primitives.  Antiques on the Side with Anne....and I don't have the list in front of me so can't list any more right now.
Diane, shopkeeper at Best Friends will also have her shop filled with lots of wonderful as always as well as offering of cider and cookies.

Come join us all for a day of fall fun at
Best Friends!

From the Farm...
and the Lane,

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Almost ready....

for some Fall at the Farm!

Been working steady all week getting things ready....
we have pumpkins, mums, Sweet Annie, sunflower heads, fall florals, wreaths, antiques, handmades, home decor, candles and more!!

Friday and Saturday
10am-2pm both days
Make plans to stop in and say "hey" and see all we're offering!

From the Farm.....
and the Lane!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sad Days.....

very sad ones in my life. 
A best friend for over 40 years was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma a few months ago.  She fought a courageous battle, although very short and we said goodbye to her last week.  
She was at home, surrounded by those she loved and who loved her.  
Many of you who have visited the Farm over the years will know Mary.  She helped me often in the shop in the early years and always worked the Garden Shed at all of our Markets.  
You're sure to remember her big beautiful smile and ever willingness to help and assist.
It's hard for me to imagine my life without her....she was like another Mom to me, one of the infamous Friday Girls and the one who brought Wayne and I together.  We made so many wonderful  memories over the years and I am so thankful to have those.  My heart breaks for the loss but I am comforted to know she is pain free after many years of suffering and is now dancing with Angels. 
A friend like Mary comes along very seldom, how lucky am I to have been the one gifted with her friendship.  She loved me for who I am, never judged or tried to change me, was loyal to a fault and a barrel of fun to boot.  
Missing you everyday Mary but will move forward as you told us all to do....knowing you're right here with us and smiling down.

It's been a struggle to motivate myself but I know that's what Mary would want so I have busied myself these past few days trying to get things in order for the 
Fall on the Farm sale this Friday and Saturday.
Lots to do yet but I'll forge ahead and it will all be ready for all of you come Friday!
We'll have some antiques, lots of handmades, great fall florals and wreaths...
pumpkins, gourds and beautiful mums.....mums were Mary's favorite, as was fall.  
Come out and help us celebrate Mary and all the beauty she added to the world while she was here.

From the Farm.....
and the Lane,

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Tomato Pin Keep......

a well used old tomato pin keep was added to my collection of pin keeps a few weeks ago.
I have searched over the years for one like this but the ones found were always too new and rather chachi or they were sad, beat up and somewhat dirty.

After being gifted with this little gem I brought it home and prepared to add it to my collection of keeps....this one would have a special place, but before deciding just where I would display it I thought I should pull a few pins from it that appeared to be buried in the top, so.....
I first pulled three or four straight pins, all the while being poked with others from within the keep.  I then proceeded to squish and squeeze the keep ever so gently so as not to damage it so I could find the hidden treasures within.  I never imagined all I would find!
After several episodes of rolling and squeezing and pushing and pulling.....
the grand total of treasures came to seven straight pins and EIGHTY....yes 80 needles!!!
Not one of the needles was visible but they were easily felt....who would imagine that this little pin keep would be a hiding place for all those needles!!

The keep is special to me as it belonged to my Mother in law who passed away in May.  It was gifted to me by my Sister in law Barb along with one of Mom's thimbles.  
I know that each time I look at them I will think of her.....and of many times of the past 45 years.
I have some regrets that I wasn't always the best daughter in law and there were some times we didn't see eye to eye on things.  I am thankful though, that as I matured I realized that she would always be the Mom of my then husband....and as a Mom and Mom in law myself, I understood.
It's sad that some never reach that point of understanding....I thank God that I did and that I was able to appreciate her thoughts and I think she did mine.
She was a Mom to me for many years, she taught me many things that I didn't learn from my own Mom.....I am grateful for all of that and more.
She also loved me like a daughter and I loved her like a Mother......
and we both knew that in the end.

Thank you Mom Crystal for all you taught me through the years, for your love and understanding....and for a never ending supply of needles.  I miss you every day.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

I make no excuses.....

not because I don't have about a gazillion of them but I will not bore you with all of them.  
I will just say that most days over the past year or so it seems like I have been meeting myself coming and going.  I've been thinking about not staying in touch.....sending along my stories of life to you.
No more excuses.  I love to write and I have so many things to share, so.....
if I get on a roll here, you might get sick of me.  If that be the case, you always have the option of unsubscribing, but imagine what you just might miss!!

Seems as the summer here as gone by so quickly but I'm holding out hope for a beautiful fall and an Indian Summer to boot.  

We do have some happenings this fall at the Farm....well, actually only one scheduled right now and possibly a second one a bit later.  
Fall on the Farm will be September 18 & 19, 10am-2pm both days.
Lots of new fall handmades, great candle scents, antiques, uniques and all your
favorite country staples.  

Tomorrow the Saltbox Gals will be gathering here on the Lane for lunch and lots of catching up.
I am so excited for that and I'm thinking it could bring a story or two your way in the near future.

Hoping you're all enjoying the summer and looking forward towards a great fall!

From the Lane,

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


to tell you all something important!
If you are coming to the Barn Sale and plan to take the usual route off of Federal and east on Almy, that intersection is CLOSED.  Just follow the well marked detour route and it will bring you out onto Almy.  You'll then head east and to the Farm.  Any questions let me know, call if you have a problem

Sorry if it seems I'm flooding your inbox but wanted all to be aware of this little glitch!

Hope to see you this week!

From the Farm and the Lane,

Monday, July 20, 2015

Almost ready.....

for the big Barn Sale this week!

Lots of stuff, to say the least!

Still cleaning, tagging, sorting, displaying and the like....but, we're almost there.

Sale hours are
Thursday July 23 & Friday July 24 ~ 10am-4pm
Saturday July 25 ~ 10am-2pm

We will be accepting cash and check only and all sales will be final.

A great assortment of antiques & primitives with a mix of handmades and other country sundries.

Hope you will join us!

From the Farm via the Lane,

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It's time for the.....

Slowing but surely I'm getting it all gathered up and ready....
July 23 & 24 ~ 10am-4pm
July 25 ~ 10am-2pm

The sale will be held in the Barn at Saltbox Farm....just like the old days :)
We have so many great offerings and we can't wait for you to see it all.
I've actually been asking myself these past few months as I've sorted, packed, moved etc if I might be a borderline hoarder!  I told my plumbing and heating guys that today and they said, "no, all of your things are organized, in tubs and labeled".  My response was "well then, I'm and organized hoarder"!!

Many antiques offerings, including crocks, jugs, wooden bowls, buckets, linens and more....along with some great candles, country sundries and well, just lots of stuff!!

Will also be offering a class shortly after the sale.  We'll be doing a needle case with the English paper piecing technique using cottons and wools.  I have one class offered on July 29th but that is full and we are working on a second class now.  Day and time are flexible as of now.  If you might have an interest let me know, would love to get a second group under way!

Will post a few pics later in the week of some of the Barn Sale items.
Make plans to join us next week!

From the Lane,

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The House.....

on the Lane!

I look at this picture and am still amazed at the green grass we have!!  I know that probably sounds silly but we had so much sand and I really thought I'd fight that sand well into the fall.  
Thanks to our great landscape guy, Randy Heckman of Heckman and Son Landscaping and Lawn Care.....we have, green, GRASS!  Lots of rain and watering was a help as well and I am thankful for all.

Now that the building, moving etc is behind us, for the most part, I am in hopes of getting back to business and definitely staying in touch more with all of you.  
Lots of fun things in the planning for the coming months....
from the Lane and the Farm!

Take good care,

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Oh dear me....

here I am again finding myself apologizing for my lack of posting news and updates!
My excuses are much the same as the most recent ones.....building, moving, family, moving, unpacking, moving!!  I think I can finally say, that for the most part....we are moved!
My goodness what a process, so glad we didn't wait until we were any older!!
I do continue to unpack and get things in place with lots of decisions yet on where to put what etc.  I will get there though!

I am also spending time working on getting things together for our July sale at the Farm.  We have so many great antique smalls, primitives, new shipments of candles, tobacco curtains, hand forged lighting, florals.....and more!!  I will share pics and give updates as we make progress with getting it all together!

We held our first stitchers class here on the Lane today and what a great time we had.  I have our next projects in the works with a block of the month project coming in the new year.  We are looking at adding at least one more class a month as interest is growing.  Please let us know if you might be interested, we would love to have you join in the fun!

I will be off on Friday to work my good friend Tilda's Estate Sale....a sale not to be missed!
Visit for all info and pictures

I am off now to see if I can get my album together of some of the pictures of our journey to the Lanehouse and some sharing of the inside as well.  As soon as it's ready I will remove the password...hopefully in just a bit.

I will hear from me soon!
Don't hesitate to give a shout out to me at anytime either :)

From the Lane,

Thursday, May 7, 2015

And the move begins......

with the approvals of all inspections including the occupancy yesterday, we are on the move!
Still lots of activity at the work site but outside for the most part.  
The irrigation is going in today and the walks and patio as well.  Plants and shrubs next but that will be my department and I'm looking forward to getting my hands in the dirt!
Internet Provider will also be here this morning to see if we're going to be able to pick up a signal, keeping my fingers crossed on that as we don't have a lot of options out here!  
Anyway, lots of happening and lots of boxes and small stuff on the move.  The big items will move on Saturday with the help of the boys, Chaddy, Addy, Scott, Mike and of course Wayne.  Trevor would love to be here but he's working in TX right now.  
Anyway enough of the move....I will have updates when it's done with some pics to share!

I wanted to tell you all about a really good "Garage Sale" coming up next week....
Yes, I said garage sale, but believe me, it's not just any old garage sale because it's at.....
HighButton Shoe ~ Patricia Byers!
For all the info visit her site at
I can't wait to get there to see all she has!  
See you there :)

From the Farm.....
and moving down the Lane!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

A front door welcome.......

from the newest home here on the Farm!

We're almost there, lots of little jobs to take care of but in hopes of final inspections next week with the move happening on Saturday!
Once moved in I promise lots of pics so you can all see how things are turning out.....I know I have been promising pictures, and I do have many taken but just not organized and in an album yet.  I have spent countless hours at the Lane and it has left little time for anything other than the the things I have to do.  Like the hairstyling, school board, cooking, laundry...and I can't say cleaning with a straight face, if you could only see the Farmhouse, oh my goodness!!
We did get the first complete construction clean done at the Lane last weekend.  With the help of some great friends, Nancy, Terri, Elsa and Julie and of course my niece BillieJo, we were able to clean top to bottom with time for some fun to boot.  
Nancy came bearing a full course lunch, Terri with the music to clean by and Elsa and Julie with cleaning supplies....and all with smiles and energy! 
Billie came on Thursday and stayed through Tuesday and was such a huge help.
Nancy has helped more days than I can count....
Counting my blessings that I have such wonderful people in my life!

Also wanted to let you know that you'll most likely receive an update from the Lane as well.  I know I said I would be eliminating this site but there have been some changes so for the time being I will be continuing to post from the Farm as well as the Lane.  Some of the posts will be duplicates and some will not.  If you choose not to receive both or any you can do so by unsubscribing from this mailing.  Hoping you'll stay with us to see what's coming up!

Several sales/events in the planning for 2015.  The first one in July if we can be ready for it and the other dates aren't set yet.  We will have lots of great goods to share with you though....
that you can count on.  
Look for Fall from the Farm and Christmas too.....peaked your curiosity?

Stay tuned.....
From the Farm.....
and the Lane on the Farm :)

p.s. Both of our emails are also good to use or
Ph # is 231-629-1385

Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Break.....

and after looking at the date of my last post, I'm betting many of you thought I went off on break, never to return!
In my defense, I have been in "construction mode" for most of that time.  I have mastered (well, maybe I should say "learned") the skills of tiling and grouting.  I have also stained 1000 sq ft of wide plank pine, followed by three coats of poly....eleven doors, with stain and poly, pine cabinets painted, distressed and ready for stain.  Nanc helped me with the last two and Wayne was the muscle behind some of my grouting and both offered constant moral support as did my constant companion through it all, Sophie!
Seems I have dragged myself home every night the past month or more, wondering if I would make it to the shower and head to pillow on my own.  So far so good and the end of this mode is nearing.
Appliances will be delivered next Friday and lots of finishing will take place before then.
I have a PT album in the works with many pics to share of the construction adventure.  Will share the link with you when it's ready enough to show!

Speaking of "Spring Break".....I did have!  Yes, just a day....a day away form the paint, stain, poly, drywall dust and all that goes along with it.  A day filled with chatter, laughter, antiques, good food, more chatter and lots more laughter....and the best part Friends!
Nancy and I were off early this morning to "Best Friends Antiques" in Blanchard, where it's always a joy to meet up with shopkeeper Diane and to view all of her wonderful wares.  Today was extra special as it was like old home week.  Everyone that walked through the door we knew or knew of.
Claudia & Sharon, Mary & Amy, Anne, Jo and Shelly....and of course my bestest Tilda and Myra.
Off soon to the restaurant with the latter two for that good food and a good dose of the chatter and laughter.  It was a most perfect day....didn't really notice the cold winds and rain mixed with snow on this dreary day of April.....  I was on spring break, finding treasures and warming my heart with good friends.  That was well enough to push the bad weather right away.
I will have to say though my thoughts went many times to my sweet friend Kay, who was supposed to accompany us but was feeling under the weather.....she was missed and hope this finds her feeling much better.

Who needs a Spring Break where it's warm and sunny with white beaches and blue waters when you can have a day like I had today?  I choose today!

And a little teaser before I bid you ado.....
Are you ready for a the Farm.....Saltbox Farm?
Coming soon....stay tuned!!

From the Farm....heading for the Lane,

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A little Spring update......

Thursday March 5 ~ 7pm

Some handmades and a few other simple items to brighten your days into Spring!

This sweet little wool pillow will be amongst the offerings.....
hand stitched from a pattern by Primitive Gatherings!

Just a note to let you all know that I am working on getting all of you who requested to remain on our mailing list into a format so that I will be able to send from my email as well as from here on the site.  
I will let you know when I'm ready to start that and you will be given the opportunity to opt out of receiving either or both!  I know some of you might be receiving two of the same emails now as I also still send this from the Saltbox site.  I am in hope that by the next update I will have it all into one and it will all come from YellowDog.....possibly even the Lane!
We're getting closer ")

Check in and see what we have to offer tomorrow night @ 7pm

Almost from the Lane.....

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy March.....

but I'm still a bit baffled as to where February went!  
Our coldest February on record here in Michigan and I think the 4th coldest month ever recorded here in our area.....C O L D ! ! ! is Michigan, and it was February....and now it's Michigan and it's March.....
let's hope for it to be at least a bit warmer!

Truthfully I looked and couldn't believe it had been half a month since I touched base with you all is busy and my plate is a bit full is my excuse.

We are making steady progress towards our move to the Lane.  Walls are primed, ceilings are painted and the trim work will start going up this week with the painting of that to start next week.  Lights will be going up this week as well and the cupboards in the kitchen will be started.  
Hoping to start the flooring in the pantry, laundry and master bath as well.....lots happening!
I will share more pics with you all as soon as it looks like something worth sharing....right now it's all white!!

Wayne has been out of town/state working....Arizona, I fair is that??  Just didn't work into the schedule this year for me to go for a visit with all that's happening, maybe next year.
He is on his way home and I have a list ready and waiting for him.....Sophie and I have been holding down the Farm for the past 2+ weeks and we're ready for the Big Guys return!

For any of you interested in the Spring issue of A Primitive Place magazine....
I have a few extras.  Email me at if you might like one.

A reminder as well that I will be having a Barn Sale coming up....after the move of course but soon after is my hope.  BIG sale, lots of great items so stay tuned for that date as well as more to be added.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of us here at the Farm...soon to be Lane.
We appreciate knowing you have an interest in our world and all of the happenings here in the 
middle of the corn field!
We also love hearing from you so don't hesitate to post a comment or shoot us an email!

From the Farm,

Sunday, February 15, 2015


and that's about enough said on that subject!!

Just stopping in and saying "hey" to all and passing on a bit of news......
For those of you following us here on the Lane, and the Farm as well you are aware of the designs I created last year in wool
"Season's and SaltGlaze"
Well......a major international  company who offers home decor and table top items has picked up two of my Season's designs.  The FallGlaze and the WinterGlaze.
Let's just say I'm just a bit more than excited over this all, I keep asking Wayne to pinch me just to make sure I'm not imagining it all!  I must also say that I am very humbled and thankful for this opportunity.  Sending a shout out to my friends, Pru, Addie and Cherry for their encouragement throughout the process.  I can't honestly say, I wouldn't have submitted the designs if not for the push these three great women gave me.  

I hadn't planned a trip to PA this year but once I got the news of the designs a very last minute decision was made to make a trip out to see the items set up in the showroom.  It also gave me the opportunity to hook up with Cherry and Pru, unfortunately, and catch up on the past year.

I am busy now creating more designs for 2016 offerings and will keep my fingers crossed that they might like some of them enough to use.  I will be sure to keep you posted!  

Sharing the pictures of the items sent to me by Raghu.  These items will be for sale later this summer.  I will be listing places to purchase at a later date.  
The patterns for these designs as well as kits are available from 
YellowDog Lane, along with the SpringGlaze and SummerGlaze.
Contact us via email for more info.

Still at the Farm and getting closer to the Lane!

p.s.  They are busy drywalling the house on the Lane these days...painting and some fun stuff next!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Slowly, but surely.....

the progress goes.  We spent several full days last week and the entire weekend getting the insulating done.  The drywall sheets were dropped and stacked yesterday.....

This pic is taken standing in the Gathering Room, Sophie is in the kitchen area

....and this one is also taken from the same room just looking down the short hallway to the guest bath and bedroom on the right and the master bed, bath and walk in to the right.  The enclosed area to the right in the forefront is our focal point of this room, the fireplace.  I think I am most anxious to see this done and aglow!
Drywall hangers are scheduled for tomorrow or Thursday and then the finisher.  Still lots to do but it is starting to look like something.  

I feel like I have been neglecting sending out updates, but along with all the happenings at the new house I have had several other things on my plate.  Some very exciting news that I will share with you in a few days or so.
Lots of BOE meetings and of course it's Basketball season so as the Coaches Mom I spend a lot of time polishing those bleachers!  

I had hoped for a small offerings update on the PictureTrail before Valentines Day but I don't see that happening....Easter for sure, and sooner if God willing and the creek don't rise!

Hoping all is well with all of you.....I miss seeing so many of your smiling faces and hearing of all that is happening in your world.  Would love some updates if you have the time.
I must add a "thank you" to sweet Kay......who keeps me in the loop and checks on me often.

From the Farm.....
on our way to The Lane!


Monday, January 26, 2015

Our resident YellowDog.....

Here at the Farm/Lane turned 5 on Saturday!  We're a bit late in posting but things have been very busy with all we have going on here between packing up the Farm and working on the Lane, but.....
rest assured the Sophie Girl had a special day with lots of spoiling and new toys.  
She has turned in to somewhat of a "construction dog".....and a very pretty one at that!

Things are moving slow right now with the building.  The bitter cold weather we have continued to have is hindering some things.  I have no new pics to share with you right now....they would be of construction messes and 2 x 4s.   Oh, and lest I forget the rolls and batts and pieces of insulation!
I won't lie and say that is the most favorite job I've ever had, because I know you wouldn't believe me anyway.  It isn't the most difficult though!  At a halt now until inspections and then we'll finish that and move on to drywall.  Then we should see some progress.....I hope!!

That's all for today.....
Trying to get some things together to share with you in the next couple of days.
Coverlet hearts, Note cards, Goatsmilk Soap...... fun stuff!

Make it a great Monday!

Still from the Farm.....
Getting closer to the Lane,

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Our journey to the Lane.....

has began, and we are so happy that you've decided to join us as we work our way there!

What a better way to start out a new year than to move towards all things new....well, actually we are still lovers of "old", and although the house, address and all those things will be new, we will continue to share with you our love of all things old, early and country!

We will also be sharing our designs in wool, some handmades only from the Lane, a sale now and then and lots of classes.
Only a few are privy to this, but.....I will have a big studio/classroom/place to create room in the new house and I can't wait to start moving in to it and sharing!

This will be a busy few months to start out the new year but I do promise to post as much as I am able.  Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions at 
or follow us on our new FaceBook page at YellowDog Lane.
Most of those who know me are aware that I am not a true fan of FB, but.....I have many that follow me from there so I will maintain that presence, for now anyway, but always know you'll find everything you need to know by just following us here at

Much more to share soon.....
Until then,

Journeying to the Lane,
Wayne, Sharon, Sophie & Isabelle


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