Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy March.....

but I'm still a bit baffled as to where February went!  
Our coldest February on record here in Michigan and I think the 4th coldest month ever recorded here in our area.....C O L D ! ! ! is Michigan, and it was February....and now it's Michigan and it's March.....
let's hope for it to be at least a bit warmer!

Truthfully I looked and couldn't believe it had been half a month since I touched base with you all is busy and my plate is a bit full is my excuse.

We are making steady progress towards our move to the Lane.  Walls are primed, ceilings are painted and the trim work will start going up this week with the painting of that to start next week.  Lights will be going up this week as well and the cupboards in the kitchen will be started.  
Hoping to start the flooring in the pantry, laundry and master bath as well.....lots happening!
I will share more pics with you all as soon as it looks like something worth sharing....right now it's all white!!

Wayne has been out of town/state working....Arizona, I fair is that??  Just didn't work into the schedule this year for me to go for a visit with all that's happening, maybe next year.
He is on his way home and I have a list ready and waiting for him.....Sophie and I have been holding down the Farm for the past 2+ weeks and we're ready for the Big Guys return!

For any of you interested in the Spring issue of A Primitive Place magazine....
I have a few extras.  Email me at if you might like one.

A reminder as well that I will be having a Barn Sale coming up....after the move of course but soon after is my hope.  BIG sale, lots of great items so stay tuned for that date as well as more to be added.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of us here at the Farm...soon to be Lane.
We appreciate knowing you have an interest in our world and all of the happenings here in the 
middle of the corn field!
We also love hearing from you so don't hesitate to post a comment or shoot us an email!

From the Farm,


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