Tuesday, January 28, 2020

My word......

Need to start somewhere every day....every single day!

Where will you start?

Sunday, January 26, 2020


I am only hoping none of you have been holding your breath in anticipation of my revealing my 
"word" for the year.  Or for that matter for a post from me at all.  
I am embarrassed to say that I checked back on my 2019 posts and sadly there were only five,
and two of those were in January.  
Time, circumstance.....life, I guess is all I can offer as an excuse, along with the lack of much to inspire me enough to find the words to write.  
I seem to be having the same problem with choosing my "word" for 2020.
Thought I had it and then it just kind of fizzled on me.  I'm not sure why, but it did.  
I tossed around many over the past few weeks, more forced than fun, in desperation of choosing.
I even went so far as it close my eyes, open the dictionary, put my finger on a page and.....
well, believe me, it just wasn't a word that I even want to share!
So.....getting to the point, I don't have a "word".  
Too many choices, too much indecision.  I just couldn't settle on a "word"
I have solved the dilemma.  I'm not going to choose a word.  Nope.  
Not just one anyway.....I'm going to choose a new word each week!  
So many words with so much meaning and I don't want to choose just one.  
I'm in charge here so a word each week it will be!

This sweet little black board is where I write my special word.  Seeing it each morning as I prepare for my day it makes me pause to ponder.
As you can see, the board is blank.  I have given myself a 7pm deadline each Sunday for my new word choice.  I have awhile yet......
stay tuned!

My hope is that 2020 has started out in a good way for all of you and that it will continue in an even better way.  We have had sad happenings for our start and take each day as it comes with faith that 
good things will be on the agenda from here on out.  
Tossing around some ideas for a bit later in the year and will keep you in the loop 
as they come to realization.  

Thank you all for your friendship and continued interest in our life,
here on the Lane.  

Did you pick a "word".....please do share!



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