Tuesday, November 24, 2020

..... and the final Holiday Tree!


It's a tiny one but the note board next to it holds a mighty message.....  don't you agree?

We do have a couple more trees and I will be sure to share those before years end.... they're simple like the others but still we love them.... for now, the garage looks as if a Christmas blimp of greens somehow got in and imploded, and well..... I'm up to my bum in greens.  Not to mention preparing for the big Thanksgiving celebration!  Ours this year will be very small, just me and BP, and the Girls of course.  The kids all work out of the home, like most, and they feel it best not to bring to us what they may bring home from work.  They have all had the need to be tested once or more and thankfully they have been negative. It will be a different day than past Thanksgivings, we won't give thanks for the extras gathered around our table.  We will count our blessing that they are kind enough, smart enough and care enough about us not to take a chance at passing along to us that which has caused so, so many such suffering and heartbreak... and then we will give great thanks for all of them even though we can't see and hug them.  

We took a short break this morning to make a special delivery to some dear friends.... I almost say family with these two as they treat us as such and the thought of them is a HeartSqueeze each time!  A basket of goodies we carried in and after a cup of Joe, some fresh fruit and white cheddar cheese its, off we went with an armload of goodies headed back home.    

Now I'm sure some of you are thinking.... no Thanksgiving with your family but you're out visiting others.  Well, not that I need to explain, but I'm going to.....  MaMa K and PopsB are retired, they have followed the directions of keeping themselves and others safe to a t..... a t!  BigPops is retired and well, me.....  I'm just temporarily out of work, sorta!!  We follow the direction as well, and have little to no exposure to anyone other than us and if and when we do we are extremely cautious.  We decided we needed to see each other and deemed it safe.  We wore our masks the entire time, except when sipping and munching and we kept the distance then.  Their was laughter, good conversation and a bit of food....  most importantly their was the love of friends..... or might I say family

The two Pops.... sharing deer stories.  And much needed fellowship

If I don't get a chance to pop in before the big day, all of us here on the Lane want to wish you the best Thanksgiving you imagine.....

Count your Blessings!

BigPops, Sharon, Ivy, Lola & Isabelle

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Holiday Offerings ~ Part 2......

Tomorrow night, Friday November 13, 7pm eastern

The album will open at 6:30ish with no password needed.  Request to purchase will not be accepted until 7pm.  The early opening is to give you time to browse.  We have lots of great stuff!!

Be sure to read the "How to Purchase" so you don't miss out on what you want.  Many items are one of a kind or in limited quantities.  

We look forward to having you stop in..... just to browse or maybe to buy....


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Holiday Trees continued......

and a bit more!  


Our sweet tree in the Master Bedroom.  I love how the lights reflect in the window at night and on dark days.....

Another from the Keeping Room.....

Can't forget the garage area!

Just a couple more to share on another day, I would include them now so as not to draw it out so long but I haven't taken time to snap photos of them.  I will do that today and wrap it up soon!

I've been busy getting things finished up for our 
Holiday Offerings Part Two, coming up very soon.  I'm not positive of the date yet but working towards late this week or early next at the latest.  
Lots of Christmas.... unique little trees in antique containers, sweet small wreaths, antique smalls for the holidays and all through the year.  Tinware items priced right to clear out and some other things in this department as well!  

Leaving you with this photo of the Olde St Nick that will be in the offerings as well....
He's definitely one of a kind.  His face is hand sculpted and painted, coat, hood, pants and scarves created from old fabrics of wool and cotton.  The sheep his hand made needle felt.  Just the greens and the tree and snowshoes in his backpack are purchased premade.  
He was a joy to create from top to toe...... we hope you'll love him, too.

Watch for another post soon with all info needed to shop our Holiday Offerings Part 2!

Until then, enjoy your days....

Stay safe and healthy....

From the Lane ~ Sharon

Thursday, November 5, 2020

The Holiday Trees, continued......

white lights of hope

Our guest bath.... actually our only bathroom with a tub, a clawfoot that I love.  Our bathroom of small antique mirrors... and what better to mirror than the beauty of these sweet lights.

Another peek at this room... did I say that I love this tub!

The feather tree in our guest room.... it's difficult to light a feather tree and I usually don't but I thought it called for lighting this year.  Do you spy the candles in the windows?  

A candle in the window, God's perfect light.  A candle in the window and peace in your heart

We have more to share and it won't be so long in between this time.  I worked the polls as an election inspector on Tuesday.... and Wednesday also, I guess.  Nineteen + hours and I don't regret a moment of it.  It may take me a few days to get more towards my normal but I'll get there.  

One more thing to touch on before I bid you a good night..... 

Holiday Offering from the Lane are coming tomorrow night, Friday November 6 at 7 pm Eastern

Sydney, Stasha and so much more will be offered to feather your nest for the Holidays!

We hope you'll join us tomorrow at


The album is password protected right now as I add photos and content.  I plan to do something a bit different this time by opening up the Offerings Album at 6:45 pm for viewing but I won't accept any purchase requests until 7 pm.  The How to Purchase Album is open for your viewing anytime and tells you how to go about making a purchase if you choose.  

Wishing you all a good evening and day to come....  I thank you all for your friendship and we hope we bring at least a bit of a twinkle to your heart with our thoughts and posts.

Take Good Care,

Sharon, Wayne, Ivy, Lola & Isabelle

Monday, November 2, 2020

The Holiday Trees.....


not yet Christmas trees....  Holiday Trees, our Trees of Hope for 2020

This sweet tree is situated in our Keeping Room here in the Little Cape on the Lane.....

Simple and sweet it is.  No matter how simple the sweetness of it brings us joy.... joy at a time when it is so needed.  

The Pantry Tree is what you see.....  it is wee but mighty, don't you agree?

Just one more for now, with more to come....  

This little beauty shines so bright and sits in the breakfast room and it seems so right!

Now I know I could share them with you all at once but don't you think it will be more fun to share them  more like one by one?  

It might be a day or two before the rest you see.....  they're all in place and twinkling bright but we think we'll wait till the time is just right!

And now you can all chuckle along with me as I think I'm a poet and didn't know it!!  Sort of!

I have a very long day ahead of me tomorrow.  I will be working the polls here in Michigan as an Election Inspector.  It will be a very early morning and most likely a very late night.  I will plan to pop in on Wednesday at some point to share some more joy with you.....
The Holiday Trees, for you to see ❤️

Be safe, Be well....


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