Thursday, November 5, 2020

The Holiday Trees, continued......

white lights of hope

Our guest bath.... actually our only bathroom with a tub, a clawfoot that I love.  Our bathroom of small antique mirrors... and what better to mirror than the beauty of these sweet lights.

Another peek at this room... did I say that I love this tub!

The feather tree in our guest room.... it's difficult to light a feather tree and I usually don't but I thought it called for lighting this year.  Do you spy the candles in the windows?  

A candle in the window, God's perfect light.  A candle in the window and peace in your heart

We have more to share and it won't be so long in between this time.  I worked the polls as an election inspector on Tuesday.... and Wednesday also, I guess.  Nineteen + hours and I don't regret a moment of it.  It may take me a few days to get more towards my normal but I'll get there.  

One more thing to touch on before I bid you a good night..... 

Holiday Offering from the Lane are coming tomorrow night, Friday November 6 at 7 pm Eastern

Sydney, Stasha and so much more will be offered to feather your nest for the Holidays!

We hope you'll join us tomorrow at

The album is password protected right now as I add photos and content.  I plan to do something a bit different this time by opening up the Offerings Album at 6:45 pm for viewing but I won't accept any purchase requests until 7 pm.  The How to Purchase Album is open for your viewing anytime and tells you how to go about making a purchase if you choose.  

Wishing you all a good evening and day to come....  I thank you all for your friendship and we hope we bring at least a bit of a twinkle to your heart with our thoughts and posts.

Take Good Care,

Sharon, Wayne, Ivy, Lola & Isabelle


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