Monday, November 2, 2020

The Holiday Trees.....


not yet Christmas trees....  Holiday Trees, our Trees of Hope for 2020

This sweet tree is situated in our Keeping Room here in the Little Cape on the Lane.....

Simple and sweet it is.  No matter how simple the sweetness of it brings us joy.... joy at a time when it is so needed.  

The Pantry Tree is what you see.....  it is wee but mighty, don't you agree?

Just one more for now, with more to come....  

This little beauty shines so bright and sits in the breakfast room and it seems so right!

Now I know I could share them with you all at once but don't you think it will be more fun to share them  more like one by one?  

It might be a day or two before the rest you see.....  they're all in place and twinkling bright but we think we'll wait till the time is just right!

And now you can all chuckle along with me as I think I'm a poet and didn't know it!!  Sort of!

I have a very long day ahead of me tomorrow.  I will be working the polls here in Michigan as an Election Inspector.  It will be a very early morning and most likely a very late night.  I will plan to pop in on Wednesday at some point to share some more joy with you.....
The Holiday Trees, for you to see ❤️

Be safe, Be well....


  1. Your trees are so sweet! Be safe tomorrow!

    1. Thank you! It was a long day, over 19 hours but everyone worked together and voters were respectful, considerate and grateful. It made the day much easier!

  2. As always everything looks magical and beautiful!

    1. Thanks Addie! Those little lights sure lift the spirits here ❤️


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