Wednesday, October 28, 2020

O' Christmas Tree.....

 settle down..... I know it's not even Halloween and all of you who want nothing to do with Christmas prior to Thanksgiving, let alone Halloween, it's all good here.  

I'm not much of a Halloween type decorator, although I do love autumnal decor and always add touches in for Thanksgiving, a special time and day that in my mind just can't be overlooked!

I am an early Christmas decor person compared to some but I have always waited until at least the day after Thanksgiving to deck the halls in our home.  I also undeck it the day after Christmas.  Now I'm sure some of you are shaking your heads at both, but as they say, to each his own.  

Getting to the point of my O' Christmas Tree title.....  I got to thinking the other day when dark had come early evening, how nice it would look once the Christmas trees graced each room of our little Cape here on the Lane.  Then I thought some more about it but knew I would be breaking my own rule of "no Christmas before Thanksgiving"...... and then I thought just a bit more.  I said to myself, and well, to the Girls, because they're always ready to lend an ear to what I have to say, no matter how silly or far fetched it might be.... so, I say, "trees with tiny white lights all aglow aren't Christmas... they really aren't.  Or at least I don't think so, do you?"  Ivy tilted her sweet head and I knew she was saying, "No Mom, not at all" Lola continued snoring.  So anyway, the thinking continued and my thoughts told me how nice it would be to start enjoying the trees with the tiny white lights a little early this year..... being the year that it's been, a little added twinkle, a HeartSqueeze whenever the glow of each tree was viewed, little lights of hope.  Something simple to warm our hearts.  So guess what's happening at our house this week?  Let's just say there is an explosion of pine in our garage right now and that alone makes me happy each time I enter!  We are adding the trees to their designated spots, fluffing them and checking to see that their lights glow just right.....               

Come Saturday evening we will light each tree...... our Holiday Trees is what they'll be, little trees of hope of good things to come.  They will glow for as long as we see fit this year and beyond if it is called for.      We won't be forgetting Halloween, our bowl of candy is ready.  Definitely not skipping over Thanksgiving as the Turkey, Give Thanks, Be Grateful decor will be joining the Holiday Trees come Sunday.  What we will be doing is bringing a bit of joy to our hearts a little bit earlier than usual and for as long as that extra bit is needed.  

Think we're crazy if you must..... we're all entitled to our thoughts.  Come Saturday our thoughts will be lit with visions of joy and hope with our Holiday Trees.....

We promise to share them with all of you come the weekend!  Maybe some of you might be lighting your trees a bit early..... ??

Be well, be safe....

From the Lane ~ Sharon


  1. I think a little twinkle sounds wonderfully cozy! also as i read your convo with the girls i knew just the voice you spoke to them in! i could hear it in my head!

    1. That makes me smile Court! You of all people know just how I talk to the Girls.... I hope it made you smile ❤️

  2. a little twinkle sounds just fine

    1. I say what makes you HAPPY and Warms your heart.
      Looking forward to the pics

  3. This is the best idea I’ve heard all day! The lights always brighten my heart too. May have to break my own rul along with you Sharon!

    1. Some rules are meant to be broken in certain circumstances.... and I'm pretty sure 2020 is just that circumstance! Let's do it Sherry 🤗


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