Thursday, October 8, 2020

A bountiful harvest.......

for creating for sure!

We've had such glorious fall days here this week and I have managed to spend as many minutes of the day outside enjoying them.  The Greenhouse is tidied and organized with garden elements that will need shelter from the elements of winter.  Today I bundled some of the harvest and have it hanging in wait of a creative project.... a wreath or two, some swags and whatever comes to mind.  

Also have some wonderful bundles of Sweet Annie hanging in the garage and when you open a door to walk in the aroma is heavenly!  

It hasn't been all fun and games though, I've been finishing up a few windows in and out, mostly out so that has made it more bearable.  

When I can't be outside I've been spending time stitching Holiday items....

Some pears in all sizes and wool holly picks.... much more but for now a peek at these!

In our last post I mentioned that I will be utilizing this site more and FB less.  I have decided I will be making the blog private very soon.  Many of you have already asked to be included in the guest list and all you'll need to do is email us at with your first and last name and the email where you would like to receive the posts.  I will respond with any other instructions you might need.  I haven't had a private blog prior so I'm not sure what the format will look like to visitors until I have it set up.  We hope that you will join in and that when you visit you will feel the comforts of home, among friends and safe.  

Until next time......  harvest your bounty.  Create, inspire and be kind.

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