Saturday, December 14, 2019

Night out.......

and no, not on the town.
On the town really isn't our thing quite frankly.  
You might say our idea of "on the town" would likely be traveling the dirt roads, checking out the countryside, looking for deer....and this time of year, checking out the lights the country folk put up.  

Now I don't want to brag or anything but...... we did head to the bit bigger town/city to the north of us, heck they even have a University.  We didn't go to the University, although the FSU Bulldogs were playing the NCAA semi final game at the home field and would've been something down our alley had we thought ahead.  But, we didn't.  

We waltzed our way right on through town to the Dollar Tree......I know right, talk about hob knobbin' and we had the most fun!  First off I headed right for the Holiday Headband section.  I mean the Girls and me have to have our holiday bling.  I tried my best to get Big Pops to pick one out but he just grinned and said, "nah, I'll pass"  I told him he'd be sorry later when he seen how cute ours looked.  He grinned some more.  
I needed some cheater glasses, we needed some cards.  We found all we went after and left the DT as happy campers and off to dinner we went.  
Now.....I use the term "dinner" very loosely.  We didn't go where you go in and sit down and be waited on.  We didn't even go where you go in, place your order at a counter and then sit down and eat.  Nope, not us.  Not tonight anyway.....we went to McDonald's and went through the drive thru!!  
Big Pops has seen the limited time sandwich they were offering, 
the Bacon BBQ Double Meat Burger.  Only like 950 calories each....and a large order of fries to boot.
I will gain 5 lbs from the measly little cheeseburger I ate and he will lose 5 because of the energy it took to eat the monstrosity he had.  Go figure that.
We were very happy at the window though......

We found an empty spot in the lot and back in so we could people watch.....another favorite of ours!
You just never know what you might see, it really can be an adventure.  

Our next destination was the wonderful light show we had heard about not to far from us at 
The Castle in the Canadian Lakes district.  Of course we hit all the back roads to reach our destination and seen so many beautiful light displays along the way.  
We weren't quite sure what to expect when we reached The Castle but we were pleasantly surprised by the beauty of what greeted us......

We were able to park and take a stroll around the complex and it was beautiful!  
The show can be viewed on Friday & Saturday evening through I believe the first weekend in January

We finished our stroll, loaded back up in the Silverado and made our way over the river and down the back roads to YellowDog Lane..... filled with the joy of seeing the lights of Christmas and the contentment of a night together, out on the town.  
May you all be as blessed.

From the Lane,
Sharon and Big Pops

p.s.  I did try to get BP to join me in a bit of a two step in the Dollar Tree and he turned so red I thought he might burst into flames so I told him we could wait until we got to The Castle.  
You might just hear about it...... :) 

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Heart Squeeze.....

you all have them, I just know you do.  You might not call them by the same name but
no matter on that....they happen to all of us.

It's that feeling you get in your chest, right there in your a squeeze.
Sometimes it's so intense it brings you to tears.  Happy tears or tears of sadness, depends on what caused the squeeze.  
Other times it's more fluttery, like a squeeze that's just passing through.  Usually brought on by a memory.  The flutter squeeze can lift you up or it can bring you down....again, depends on what brought it on.  
Then there are those that last for days on end and you either wish they would never end or go away and never return.....depends on the cause.
I have lots of squeezes, some welcome, some not so much but I do try to embrace them all as they are a part of me....a memory of a loved one, thoughts of an experience, sadness, joy, anxiety.....
all bring on a squeeze of sorts.   Some present tense and in the moment, others past tense and 
a memory revisited.  All of them a piece of who we are, who we're going to be .....
where we've been, where we're going.  

Over the past year or so I've had daily ones brought on just by the thought of people who are special to me.  Too many of those intense ones bringing sad tears.  When these come I have to tell myself how blessed I am to have a love for someone that brings me these feelings.
Then there's the heart bursting squeeze you get when your two adult sons meet up after a few weeks separation and put a huge bear hug on each other.....kind of like a pride squeeze knowing I did something right.  
A squeeze when I see the Girls and the bond they share and another one when I have thoughts of the special ones no longer here to bond.  
When I realize I've inspired someone...squeeze.  Disappointed another....squeeze.
Got something right, squeeze....wrong, squeeze.
Stories I'm told, stories I tell.  Yup, squeezes
I just had a, bring a big smile and a happy heart squeeze, when Big Pops walked through the door after being at the cabin for a few days.

I could go on and on telling you about all of my HeartSqueeze moments but that would most likely bring you a not so good squeeze before much longer, so.....
I will wish you a new week filled with many a HeartSqueeze from blessings
 and few to none from strife.  If you get a chance to throw a squeeze on someone, 
make it a blessing.

If you have a heart, you've had a squeeze, and well, quite frankly if you don't, then you have a totally different issue.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Sophie Lee.....

One year has passed since we said goodbye to this beautiful Girl.  We still see her sweet face, feel her gentle nudges and her need to calm and comfort.  
Our year has been one of loss and gain, sadness and joy, changes and constant.
The losses felt harder, the sadness more deep, the changes not easy.
The gains felt less, the joy not as full, the constant less steady.....
without you by our sides
We love and miss you every day Sophie Lee.  Every single day.
In our hearts and memories you remain.  

Monday, January 21, 2019

Ivy and Me......

and Lola make three!
Please welcome our newest family member,
Lola Lee Schwalbach
Sweet Lola was gifted to our family by Denise of Labradorable English Labs, 
same wonderful home our Ivy came from.  Lola came to Denise from Maple Creek Labs where Ivy's Dad Rocco resides!  The Girls aren't connected genetically but they are connected by a couple of wonderful top notch breeders of Yellow English Labs and we are over the moon happy to be given the opportunity to give another Girl from Ohio a home with us.  
It was a heart wrenching decision for Denise to make as she had never re homed one of her pups that she had chosen to keep.  She put much thought into it and she knew in her heart that it would be the best for Lola to be with us here on the Lane.  Not because she didn't love her immensely but because she loved her so much and wanted her to be where she got not only the love but all of the attention she deserved as well.  
She is a sweet, calm and obviously beautiful three year old, just three months older than Ivy....
I know, two three year olds in the house!!  What was I thinking?  
Thinking about how much fun I was gonna have, that's what!!
The Girls were fast friends right from the get go and Ivy is the happiest I've seen her since we said goodbye to our sweet Sophie!  Well, with the exception of a couple visits from Sister Rumor and her day with the Michigan Six.  
Seems to be there will be little adjustment with our new Girl as she's fitting in just fine already....even Isabelle has given her the nod.  

We are in hopes that many of you will get the chance to meet Lola in person and we know she would love that too.  She's sweet to the core, just like all our other Girls and we know you'll love her too!

Poor Big Pop's.....four Girls to one!  
Two blondes, a redhead and the unpredictable tortie....
He's one lucky guy!!

From the Lane,
Ivy, Lola, Isabelle
& Big Pops

Wednesday, January 2, 2019


my word for 2019
albeit a bit late to be sharing it with all of you, BELIEVE it is.

I have been very absent from my writings here this past year of 2018
Mostly I think, as often times my heart could only find sad things to write,
and as the year dragged on, I lost words to put on paper, try as I might.  

It was a year of loss.  Our last parent, Mom Ione.  A final goodbye to our dear sweet Sophie.
A devastating diagnosis for my 23 year old nephew.  Kind, sweet, loving.
Talented, intelligent and with oh so much to offer this world.  
And those are just a few of the life changing days dealt us in 2018.  

We also had joy filled days as well.  Family gatherings filled with laughter.  Meetings with friends that warmed the heart.  My trip to Disney World with my brother and family....a celebration of life for my sweet nephew.  
Gatherings with friends who have become family and so much more.

We take Happy with Sad.  Laughter with Tears.
Joys with Sorrows.
We believe in Life and Love 
Family and Friends
God and Miracles
We believe that good things will happen in this New Year
We believe that our prayers will be answered for miracles of healing,
mending of fences and broken hearts
and we believe in all things good.....
believe along with us 
And if you might....send a prayer for a miracle sent our way

Happy New Year
Thank you for your support of my little dream here on the Lane....
a dream I would throw to the wind if it would bring us the miracle we pray for.

May it be your best year yet.....
From the Lane,


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