Wednesday, January 2, 2019


my word for 2019
albeit a bit late to be sharing it with all of you, BELIEVE it is.

I have been very absent from my writings here this past year of 2018
Mostly I think, as often times my heart could only find sad things to write,
and as the year dragged on, I lost words to put on paper, try as I might.  

It was a year of loss.  Our last parent, Mom Ione.  A final goodbye to our dear sweet Sophie.
A devastating diagnosis for my 23 year old nephew.  Kind, sweet, loving.
Talented, intelligent and with oh so much to offer this world.  
And those are just a few of the life changing days dealt us in 2018.  

We also had joy filled days as well.  Family gatherings filled with laughter.  Meetings with friends that warmed the heart.  My trip to Disney World with my brother and family....a celebration of life for my sweet nephew.  
Gatherings with friends who have become family and so much more.

We take Happy with Sad.  Laughter with Tears.
Joys with Sorrows.
We believe in Life and Love 
Family and Friends
God and Miracles
We believe that good things will happen in this New Year
We believe that our prayers will be answered for miracles of healing,
mending of fences and broken hearts
and we believe in all things good.....
believe along with us 
And if you might....send a prayer for a miracle sent our way

Happy New Year
Thank you for your support of my little dream here on the Lane....
a dream I would throw to the wind if it would bring us the miracle we pray for.

May it be your best year yet.....
From the Lane,


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