Monday, January 21, 2019

Ivy and Me......

and Lola make three!
Please welcome our newest family member,
Lola Lee Schwalbach
Sweet Lola was gifted to our family by Denise of Labradorable English Labs, 
same wonderful home our Ivy came from.  Lola came to Denise from Maple Creek Labs where Ivy's Dad Rocco resides!  The Girls aren't connected genetically but they are connected by a couple of wonderful top notch breeders of Yellow English Labs and we are over the moon happy to be given the opportunity to give another Girl from Ohio a home with us.  
It was a heart wrenching decision for Denise to make as she had never re homed one of her pups that she had chosen to keep.  She put much thought into it and she knew in her heart that it would be the best for Lola to be with us here on the Lane.  Not because she didn't love her immensely but because she loved her so much and wanted her to be where she got not only the love but all of the attention she deserved as well.  
She is a sweet, calm and obviously beautiful three year old, just three months older than Ivy....
I know, two three year olds in the house!!  What was I thinking?  
Thinking about how much fun I was gonna have, that's what!!
The Girls were fast friends right from the get go and Ivy is the happiest I've seen her since we said goodbye to our sweet Sophie!  Well, with the exception of a couple visits from Sister Rumor and her day with the Michigan Six.  
Seems to be there will be little adjustment with our new Girl as she's fitting in just fine already....even Isabelle has given her the nod.  

We are in hopes that many of you will get the chance to meet Lola in person and we know she would love that too.  She's sweet to the core, just like all our other Girls and we know you'll love her too!

Poor Big Pop's.....four Girls to one!  
Two blondes, a redhead and the unpredictable tortie....
He's one lucky guy!!

From the Lane,
Ivy, Lola, Isabelle
& Big Pops


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