Sunday, February 15, 2015


and that's about enough said on that subject!!

Just stopping in and saying "hey" to all and passing on a bit of news......
For those of you following us here on the Lane, and the Farm as well you are aware of the designs I created last year in wool
"Season's and SaltGlaze"
Well......a major international  company who offers home decor and table top items has picked up two of my Season's designs.  The FallGlaze and the WinterGlaze.
Let's just say I'm just a bit more than excited over this all, I keep asking Wayne to pinch me just to make sure I'm not imagining it all!  I must also say that I am very humbled and thankful for this opportunity.  Sending a shout out to my friends, Pru, Addie and Cherry for their encouragement throughout the process.  I can't honestly say, I wouldn't have submitted the designs if not for the push these three great women gave me.  

I hadn't planned a trip to PA this year but once I got the news of the designs a very last minute decision was made to make a trip out to see the items set up in the showroom.  It also gave me the opportunity to hook up with Cherry and Pru, unfortunately, and catch up on the past year.

I am busy now creating more designs for 2016 offerings and will keep my fingers crossed that they might like some of them enough to use.  I will be sure to keep you posted!  

Sharing the pictures of the items sent to me by Raghu.  These items will be for sale later this summer.  I will be listing places to purchase at a later date.  
The patterns for these designs as well as kits are available from 
YellowDog Lane, along with the SpringGlaze and SummerGlaze.
Contact us via email for more info.

Still at the Farm and getting closer to the Lane!

p.s.  They are busy drywalling the house on the Lane these days...painting and some fun stuff next!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Slowly, but surely.....

the progress goes.  We spent several full days last week and the entire weekend getting the insulating done.  The drywall sheets were dropped and stacked yesterday.....

This pic is taken standing in the Gathering Room, Sophie is in the kitchen area

....and this one is also taken from the same room just looking down the short hallway to the guest bath and bedroom on the right and the master bed, bath and walk in to the right.  The enclosed area to the right in the forefront is our focal point of this room, the fireplace.  I think I am most anxious to see this done and aglow!
Drywall hangers are scheduled for tomorrow or Thursday and then the finisher.  Still lots to do but it is starting to look like something.  

I feel like I have been neglecting sending out updates, but along with all the happenings at the new house I have had several other things on my plate.  Some very exciting news that I will share with you in a few days or so.
Lots of BOE meetings and of course it's Basketball season so as the Coaches Mom I spend a lot of time polishing those bleachers!  

I had hoped for a small offerings update on the PictureTrail before Valentines Day but I don't see that happening....Easter for sure, and sooner if God willing and the creek don't rise!

Hoping all is well with all of you.....I miss seeing so many of your smiling faces and hearing of all that is happening in your world.  Would love some updates if you have the time.
I must add a "thank you" to sweet Kay......who keeps me in the loop and checks on me often.

From the Farm.....
on our way to The Lane!



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