Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hairy the Woodpecker, Isabelle, Me......

and of course the Girls in the mix.
The start of our day appeared as it was going to be normal.  Up and out to the garage to feed all the Girls, me back in for coffee while they eat, a quick walk down the Lane and around the Farm....
and so on.  
Let's see, the normal stopped halfway into filling the Girls bowls with a ruckus of some sort at the bottom of the Cellar steps.  Isabelle shoots like a lightning bolt down the steps, my first notion that the "normal" was shifting, not sure how much of a shift just yet but sure I would find out soon.
That's when Hairy came flying out of the stairwell, dipping and diving around the garage with Isabelle in hot pursuit.  After their initial shock the Girls realize there is something after their Mom.  It may have been because their Mom was ducking and dodging Hairy as he franticly tried to escape Isabelle the Murderous B.  Yes, the B stands for what you are most likely thinking.  She was lovingly given that name years ago by April....and a deserved name indeed.  Anyway....  The Girls are running around the garage in search of what the cause of all this commotion is and what must be an enormous threat to the life of their person.  They are protective.
Hairy finally finds a safe perch on Mondo, one of Big Pops whitetail mounts.  My first thought is he will start feeling too much at home and try to peck bugs from Mondo's hide.  There are none there but you know, instinct.  Mondo is Big Pops pride and joy and I know I can't let this happen so I get the broom and shoo him away from his perch.  More dipping, diving, ducking and dodging to follow...Isabelle in pursuit and the Girls barking in their efforts to save me from Hairy.  
I manage to get both big garage doors, and people doors open to the outdoors.  I catch Isabelle and secure her in the Carriage House, the Girls in the house.  I decide I need to get dressed before I attempt the capture and release.  I surely wouldn't want UPS Tommy or the FedEx truck to pull in and find the red-haired, pajama clad, muck boot wearing, broom bearing lady of the Lane frantically swooping through the garage.....on Halloween no less.  Or heaven forbid my Emma to arrive and witness it all and feel it her duty to call her Dad to tell him that maybe, just maybe there might be a crack in her Gma's mental state, so.....
Dressed with broom in hand if needed, I peek into the garage. Hairy is perched on the garage door tracks.  He seems to be fine, minus more than a few feathers and probably still scared to bits, but physically okay I think.  
I really don't want to use the broom to nudge him and scare him more so I open a new packet of suet and sit it on the top of my Blazer which is just beneath him.  I quietly go back into the house in hopes he will be attracted by the suet and once down to it will see he can just fly free.  
It worked.  I checked about a half hour later and Hairy had left the garage.  Mondo was intact.
The Girls saved me from harm.  Isabelle?  Isabelle is naughty.  

The first hour of my day spent corralling a woodpecker in my garage.  
What would life be without such an adventure every now and then.  I know it wouldn't be
Life on the Lane, so I wouldn't want it any other way!

Wishing you all a wonderful adventure for your day....
a Happy Halloween and a great rest of your week!

Working on the schedule for classes here in the Cellar Studio for next year.  If you have an interest in joining a regular group, a single class or an Open Studio Day, shoot me an email to be added to the list of those I send info to.  We would love to have you join us.
Just never know what kind of adventure might be in store for you here at YDL!

Take good care,


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