Saturday, August 3, 2019

Heart Squeeze.....

you all have them, I just know you do.  You might not call them by the same name but
no matter on that....they happen to all of us.

It's that feeling you get in your chest, right there in your a squeeze.
Sometimes it's so intense it brings you to tears.  Happy tears or tears of sadness, depends on what caused the squeeze.  
Other times it's more fluttery, like a squeeze that's just passing through.  Usually brought on by a memory.  The flutter squeeze can lift you up or it can bring you down....again, depends on what brought it on.  
Then there are those that last for days on end and you either wish they would never end or go away and never return.....depends on the cause.
I have lots of squeezes, some welcome, some not so much but I do try to embrace them all as they are a part of me....a memory of a loved one, thoughts of an experience, sadness, joy, anxiety.....
all bring on a squeeze of sorts.   Some present tense and in the moment, others past tense and 
a memory revisited.  All of them a piece of who we are, who we're going to be .....
where we've been, where we're going.  

Over the past year or so I've had daily ones brought on just by the thought of people who are special to me.  Too many of those intense ones bringing sad tears.  When these come I have to tell myself how blessed I am to have a love for someone that brings me these feelings.
Then there's the heart bursting squeeze you get when your two adult sons meet up after a few weeks separation and put a huge bear hug on each other.....kind of like a pride squeeze knowing I did something right.  
A squeeze when I see the Girls and the bond they share and another one when I have thoughts of the special ones no longer here to bond.  
When I realize I've inspired someone...squeeze.  Disappointed another....squeeze.
Got something right, squeeze....wrong, squeeze.
Stories I'm told, stories I tell.  Yup, squeezes
I just had a, bring a big smile and a happy heart squeeze, when Big Pops walked through the door after being at the cabin for a few days.

I could go on and on telling you about all of my HeartSqueeze moments but that would most likely bring you a not so good squeeze before much longer, so.....
I will wish you a new week filled with many a HeartSqueeze from blessings
 and few to none from strife.  If you get a chance to throw a squeeze on someone, 
make it a blessing.

If you have a heart, you've had a squeeze, and well, quite frankly if you don't, then you have a totally different issue.  


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