Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Tomato Pin Keep......

a well used old tomato pin keep was added to my collection of pin keeps a few weeks ago.
I have searched over the years for one like this but the ones found were always too new and rather chachi or they were sad, beat up and somewhat dirty.

After being gifted with this little gem I brought it home and prepared to add it to my collection of keeps....this one would have a special place, but before deciding just where I would display it I thought I should pull a few pins from it that appeared to be buried in the top, so.....
I first pulled three or four straight pins, all the while being poked with others from within the keep.  I then proceeded to squish and squeeze the keep ever so gently so as not to damage it so I could find the hidden treasures within.  I never imagined all I would find!
After several episodes of rolling and squeezing and pushing and pulling.....
the grand total of treasures came to seven straight pins and EIGHTY....yes 80 needles!!!
Not one of the needles was visible but they were easily felt....who would imagine that this little pin keep would be a hiding place for all those needles!!

The keep is special to me as it belonged to my Mother in law who passed away in May.  It was gifted to me by my Sister in law Barb along with one of Mom's thimbles.  
I know that each time I look at them I will think of her.....and of many times of the past 45 years.
I have some regrets that I wasn't always the best daughter in law and there were some times we didn't see eye to eye on things.  I am thankful though, that as I matured I realized that she would always be the Mom of my then husband....and as a Mom and Mom in law myself, I understood.
It's sad that some never reach that point of understanding....I thank God that I did and that I was able to appreciate her thoughts and I think she did mine.
She was a Mom to me for many years, she taught me many things that I didn't learn from my own Mom.....I am grateful for all of that and more.
She also loved me like a daughter and I loved her like a Mother......
and we both knew that in the end.

Thank you Mom Crystal for all you taught me through the years, for your love and understanding....and for a never ending supply of needles.  I miss you every day.


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