Sunday, February 2, 2020


my word for the past week.  
Had to wrap my head around this little five letter word several time during the week.  Several have asked, "start what".  I decided my answer was/is,
"just start", "start something....anything", "start something big....small, or in between"
"start a project, start to simplify.... a diet, a book, hugging more, complaining less"
"start to make it a priority to treat others with kindness, always"
Believe me, I wrapped my head around this little word so many times that I could write the first chapter of that book I want to start with just that word and how I've tried to bring meaning to it!
Just because my week is past and I'm on to a new word, doesn't mean I will leave this first word of 2020 behind.  In fact, my plan is to carry it with me, tucked in my watch pocket all the way to 2021!
I will journal along the way with more "starts" of the year and quite possibly share with you.... that is if you're interested.  And I guess if you aren't, you don't have to read.  Just pass on by or unfollow.
Start your year with what brings you and others in your life enjoyment, and if it's ditching my ramblings, so be it.  Although it will sadden me to see you go..... but START!

My new word.....
and yes, gonna have to wrap this old brain around this one too, but this quote I came across has given me many places to start :) my thoughts.  

We have family coming to watch the big game and that means our night will be filled with lots of fun and laughter.
We wish for your night to be the same.
Have you got a word for the year, month, week?  
Please share if you do.  I will be sharing some of your words along the way, but only with your permission.  Some have shared some great ones already!

Now, off to make some memories.....

From the Lane,


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