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Thursday, February 11, 2016

There's no place like HOME......

and a trip away just instills that deeper!

Just back from the Market in PA and although I enjoyed the time away, seeing and catching up with old friends, making new ones and seeing all the offerings for some possible upcoming sales.....
it's still oh so good to be home.  
Lots of laundry to catch up on and a few other things as well....one of them being catching up with all of you.  I so totally thought I had posted in February but obviously.....not!  
I'm not sure where my mind is sometimes, not with me I'm guessing.  

My bedcover design is almost finished.  The border has been added and now just a few embellishments and it will be ready to photograph for the pattern.  
I am still awaiting the wool so that I can start on getting the first block into kit form, hoping for it to arrive soon.  

I feel like I am in sort of a brain fog this morning.  Hoping it is just from all the travel and activities of the past week and not that I'm coming down with a bug.  Way to much on the "to do" list to be dealing with something like that.  I had planned to tell a bit of a story to all of you this morning but the words aren't coming to me, so.....
I will share a pic, wish you a great rest of the week and a promise to send another note along soon.

From the Lane.....

p.s. See the little red ware plate?  I was able to tuck a small bunch of those into my luggage and bring them home with me to offer up for sale!  Stay tuned.....

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