Friday, February 19, 2016

WillowTreeHill Sampler.....

all of you are seeing it here first!

It isn't the best photo but if you had seen the effort I put in to getting this shot you would appreciate.  
Should I just say.....bedcover displayed on our bed, with me standing on top of the rolled coverlet, that's on top of the apothecary that's on top of the blanket chest that's at the end of our bed.....hanging on to the pencil post of the bed on one corner while reaching out with the camera hand and stretching out to try and get it all in the shot.  While remaining upright of course!  

There are a few embellishments that I intend to add for myself but will hang it on a wall later today for the photo for the pattern front.  
The Girls at Blackberry Primitives are working on the big wool order sent along to them and as soon as it arrives here at the Lane, me along with a couple of my helpers, will be measuring, cutting, folding and kitting the first block up for everyone!  
I'm so excited about this project!
I have two full classes that will be working on their blocks here in the Cellar Studio once a month until finished.  If there is enough interest I would love to add an additional class.  
I will also be packing and shipping these off to those not close enough to attend the classes.
A confirmed order last night from California....thank you Jul!!

If you would like more info on the bedcover, classes, etc.....
please email me at or phone at 231.629.1385

Enjoy this bit of spring we're being blessed with in February!

From the Lane,


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