Sunday, December 31, 2017

Ending another year.....

to begin a new one.
Packing all the "COURAGE" I was able to gain from the old year right inside me to take along the new and un walked paths of 2018.
Walking those paths with a "PURPOSE"
Purpose, "my word" for the New Year.

Have you chosen your word?  Or do you think it's silly so don't even give it a thought?
It's amazing how powerful just one word can be.  How it makes you rethink an action, undertake and action, calm you, encourage or maybe even put you in your place.  

Purpose.  I find sometimes I wake up and think I've lost or misplaced mine.  I lay in bed at night and wonder what it really is....usually after a bad day.  Is my purpose here so friends might use me for their joke it to cook and clean, do book work, pay bills.  
Is my purpose so some will have a subject for the rumor mill, to blame or accuse.  
I've given this last paragraph much thought.  
Not my purpose any longer, or I will surely work hard at not allowing it to be.
I will be packing all of this and more into a big ole box today, locking it up and throwing away the key.  We can't change the past, nor others actions, thoughts and deeds.
We can change how we look at each new day and live with a 
A purpose to do good things and pass those along to others.
In 2018 I will work on living a life of Purpose
Purpose I choose
Thinking that bag of Courage I have packed up to take along is going to make finding and keeping my Purpose a whole lot easier.

One simple word might change your outlook on a whole lot of things
Have you got your word for 2018?

Wishing you all a safe and happy New Years Eve......
From the Lane,


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