Monday, December 12, 2016

It's Christmastime.....

here on the Lane! don't be shaking your heads and getting a lecture ready....I didn't do this decorating after my hip replacement!  Most of it was done with the old hip and a bit of it was completed by my sweet niece BillieJo when she came to stay with me a few days when I first got home.  

I kept if fairly simple this year, and not much outside at all....and it's all okay.  In fact, I'm rather liking it!  Best thing about it right now is actually having the time to sit down, relax and enjoy looking at it all.  I usually never been afforded that...or should say I've just never taken the time...and I'm kind of liking that part of it too!

I did take the photos I'll share with you, as well as put them in to the album.  There is no semblance of order to them as you will see, nor is there much as far as captions go....but they're all together in one album for you to view and all you have to do is ask if you want to know what something fact I encourage your questions and comments.  They'll give me something to do while I am sitting back, relaxing and taking all the holiday cheer in!!

If you would like to step in and see 
Christmastime on the Lane ~ 2016
you can to to 
and click on the album justly titled.

I hope you'll enjoy the tour and I'll look forward to reading your questions and comments :)

Take good care.....
From the Lane,


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