Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hip, Hip......

and not so much Hooray.  Really....I thought this new hip thing would be celebratory.
Not so much....yet.  
Many of you are aware of the total left hip replacement I went in for last week.  Others, it will be news to you.  I've known for over 2 years that I was going to need a new hip.  I put if off for as long as I could.  They told me that I couldn't hurt it any worse than it already was and to let them know when I thought it was time.  
I decided the new part was needed over the summer.....after the umpteenth time of having to crawl from the back woods garden to the house because I was unable to right myself up from all fours to my feet.  There were other instances like that as well, I was very careful not to try any stunts out by the mailbox though....can you imagine me crawling up the driveway from the full view of passers by, with two YellowDogs racing around me and licking my face?  I know, it conjures up quite the site doesn't it.  
After lots of appointments and many tests to be sure of what would be done, the "new part day" finally arrived....last week Thursday, so as you read this, I am a week past surgery.  After two nights in the hospital I was released to my "caretaker" Wayne....yes, Big Pops in charge, or at least I let him think he was.  He was pretty much on his own until late on Monday when my niece BillieJo arrived to step in to the caretaker position.  It's amazing how much differently men look at the job of caretaking as opposed to women.  I should know this....I grew up with brothers, no sisters....sons, no daughters.  Guess I never though about as I think about it, it makes me smile.  
"They" think if you have food and the TV remote it will be pretty much all good.  
Chad was here for our homecoming with his homemade chili and a special brewed should've seen the look on his face when I told him I couldn't have the beer, it was priceless.  Adam offered many times to go get me something to ear, "what sounds good to you Mom" answer was most often, "nothing really".....again a priceless look.  Pops was continually bringing food items in to "share" with would make me feel better.  Trevor's offerings were to "stop over and get the new TV set up", he brings "hot doritoes" to share.  See why thinking about it makes me smile.....
Now the Girls....there is a couple of full course meals waiting on the counter.....Cammy & Patty.  Kate and Mary stop by daily to visit and see what there is to do.  Emma pops in and offers her help if needed.....of course Billie is here to stay up until just a bit ago.  She cooked and kept things tidy, did the laundry and cared for the YellowDogs.  She did some decorating for me and made sure I took my meds on schedule.  The Girls put lotion on my legs and feet after my showers....Kate and I did some internet shopping, Emma got the nail polish out.  
It's true what they write,
"Men are from Mars ~ Women are from Venus"
One thing that puts them all together in my book....their hearts.  Their thoughts and ideas are different as night and day....but not their hearts.  The hearts are all big, and caring and full of love and concern.
So who cares where they're's the heart that matters.
These hearts have filled my heart to blessed I am to have so many wonderful people in my life.
Boy, Girl....Man, Woman...YellowDog, Gray Kitty
Filling my heart and life with so much love and I am thanking God for all of you.....for every gesture, big, small...spicy,, cold.  All gestures of kindness, friendship and love.

"Thank you God for this Good Life, and forgive me if I don't Love It  Enough"

Now, up and onward to healing.... will keep you posted as to how it's going and I hope to share some pictures of the Lane house decked out, rather simply for the upcoming holidays.  Thinking I will have a story or two to make you smile as well..... 

From the Lane,


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