Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Another Year......

almost in the books, with me, as I'm sure many of you, asking myself "where did the days go"?
It really does seem like it was just a few weeks ago that we were ringing in this year of 2016 and now here we are with 2017 staring us straight in the face!  
"The older you get the faster it goes"..... I remember my elders speaking this line many a time, and oh how right they were.

So now we'll be hearing of all the New Year resolutions everyone will be making....and then of course most likely breaking by about mid January.  Lose weight, exercise more, give up sugar, and all know the long list we see each year at this time.  
I don't do a resolution, I use to, but like most I'd already sent it down the drain barely before I got started with it.  My dear friend Tilda, or as some of you might know as Patricia Byers, suggested a few year back of adopting a word.....any word that might have meaning to you, and then build on that word through out the year.  I have been doing just that since....I love that idea, and somehow when you take your "word" and use it, you do make a difference.  Maybe in your life, or maybe of another.  
I haven't decided upon my word yet, but when I do, I will for sure share it with you.
I have however been reflecting back on this past year, and I ask myself, did I do good....I don't mean, did I have a good year but really, did I DO good.  Did I do good to others, or for others?  Good without asking or expecting anything in return.  Good to those even though they weren't so good to me.  Good with no expectation of being glorified or recognized.  I'm not sure, but I think I did.

This brings my thoughts to my Emma's words a couple of weeks ago when I asked her for something else to add to her Christmas list....her answer was, "all I need is your love, Gma"..... and then to the actions of my Adam and Hailey....they have no children, both work hard and have what they need and mostly what they want.  They know of a struggling Grandma who has her young grand daughter with her....Adam goes to the Grandma's place of work and asks her if they might get the little one some "extra" gifts to open on Christmas.  Of course the Grandma's pride makes her decline but Adam insists, he gets a list, Hailey takes the list and checks it off.  Needfuls, such as shoes, sweatshirts and leggings.  Adam delivers the gifts on Christmas Eve and tells the little one that he is delivering for Santa and she can't open until morning.  

Now I sit and think of these things and I know in my heart that somewhere along the way....
most likely not in this year of 2016, but in a year long ago when Adam was small.....and maybe at some time along the years with Em.....
I did good.  

Now....I will have to ponder some today on a word for 2017.  
Wondering what Tilda's word is.....and maybe if any of you will adopt a word for the New Year?

Enjoy these last few days of this old year....
and look forward to all the new days ahead of us to do good!

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