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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 22, 1933.....

a joyous day eighty three years ago.  The day a beautiful baby boy came into this world....the seventh sibling in a brood that would eventually be 16.  All supported by one income which left them absent of many material things but that absence was filled with love.  The love that became evident as this baby grew into a young man.  Joining the US Air Force at the age of 17 and faithfully sending his extra military pay home to help with family needs.  
Love that was evident when he met a young woman with two small children....she stole his heart.  So did the children.  The love was mutual.  An instant family was born and several years later he was blessed with a biological son.  
Never, not once, did he ever give more love to the last child than he did to the two he "got with the package".  Those words were my Mom's.....  A package we were, and one he accepted willingly, never begrudging the choice.  
He raised the children equally...teaching them to be kind, not to judge.....good manners and how to treat others.  Teaching gratefulness, equality, fairness and most importantly love.
The most kind and loving, most understanding and upstanding, most fair and loyal.....
the most wonderful man I would ever know.  
The man I called "Dad".
He is missed ever so much, most especially on this day every year but his absence is felt almost daily.
He left us with so many wonderful memories that we are so thankful to have.....
He was a Giver in every sense of the word.....never a Taker.  He instilled so many good qualities in us by example.  My wish today is that he looks down on me and smiles with some pride in what he sees.

With love Dad.....
Happy Heavenly 83rd.....
Dance one of your famous quick steps with Angels.....

Your Daughter....


  1. So beautiful, Sharon! I'm sure your dad is very proud of his daughter. Hugs, Lori

    1. Thank you Lori...he was loved by many and so deserving of that love! Happy Thanksgiving dear friend!