Monday, June 13, 2016

Please give a big welcome to......

Miss Ivy Lee!
our newest and I must say very sweet addition to YellowDog Lane!
She is adjusting well....wishing I could say the same for Sophie.  They say that with a large number of adult dogs it takes some time for them to welcome a puppy to their home, so....we are being patient and waiting for her to come to terms with Ivy in her own time.  We are also praying that it will be soon.  Ivy is trying so, so hard to be accepted and I'm sure that soon.....

We are all headed out to the Carriage House now to work on some items for the sale coming in July.  I have lots of blue swirl granite that I've decided to part with and will be cleaning and pricing it today....and organizing.  I have quite the mess out there in the upstairs right now!  
A good day for such a job though as it's rainy and dreary here and even a bit cool.  They're promising some much warmer weather a bit later in the week though so will take advantage of the good work day today.  

Invites for the sale will go out the end of the week.  Watch your email for them.  If you haven't requested an invite and would still like to, please do so asap.  Send to  
Some have said their emails have been sent back to them, not sure what is up with that but if you try and that happens or has happened you are also welcome to call with your request
You will most likely get voice mail but leave me a message with your name and email address and I will be sure to add you in. to work we go,
Sharon, Sophie and Ivy


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