Sunday, September 25, 2016

Big City Adventure, Part Two.....

ah yes....the saga continues
Another trip to the Big City to see the Spine Surgeon....but this time, I'm driving and Big Pop is riding Shotgun and thinking, in his mind anyway, that he is the navigator.  
I have news for him, he is no way the navigator in the Big City.  He may be able to navigate the deep woods of the North but when it come to the Big City....that's where we draw the line.  

We start out going down the East Beltline....that's the stretch of highway that when you want to make a left turn to go East that you need to continue South, make a u turn to go North to go East.  
I know right....I just go with it, Big Pops, not so really, really annoys him.  
So we're heading south and I know where I'm going, really I do....we need to make a right turn on East Fulton to get to where we're going, I know this....really I do.  As we approach the intersection where we need to turn right, West, on East Fulton, Pops starts to exclaim that I'm going West on Fulton not East.  I try to tell him it's East Fulton but we need to go West...he continues to insist that it's West Fulton and we need to go East.  Now keep in mind that I know which way I need to go but what do I do.....I go through the intersection because Pops is navigating and thinks he knows where he is going.  
He doesn', I go through the light and then I need to make a u turn and head north to make yet another u turn to head south so I can turn West on East I wanted to do in the first place.  As this point he decides it would serve him best to keep his navigational ideas to himself.  
He managed that quite well until we arrived at our destination and we needed to park....
yes, another parking ramp.  This time he says we need to go here.....HERE, so I enter....the bar won't go up, so I press a "call button" at which time I realize that we are trying to enter the Physicians parking area and of course we aren't allowed, so.....I have to back up, yes....back up out of the entrance to the area where we aren't allowed and continue on to the visitors parking area.  
We're parked, we struggle trying to decide which entrance we should take....I decide to follow "The Navigator".  We end up inside the building and have no idea where to go from here.  We go up two floors and I finally decide that I'll go into an office area and ask.  
I do, say I need 1900....the receptionist says "you're in 1900, which suite do you need?", suite?  we're not from the Big City, we didn't know we needed to know which suite.  She was very kind and helped us find our way by asking us which Dr we were there to see.  After a bit of searching and the help of a kind security guard we found our way, seen the surgeon, and were on our way shortly.  
It is now that we realize that our car is parked directly outside the entrance to the area where the surgeons office is....the door I wanted to enter at...the door "The Navigator" said wasn't the one.  
I know, right.  
We get into the car, I tell "The Navigator" that his directional services are no longer needed so just "shut up and ride".  I manage to find my way out of the ramp and along to drive to access the street I need to head home.  I am stopped at the street waiting to proceed and looking left for traffic when "The Navigator" loudly proclaims "JEEP".  I look to the left at this point and see a Jeep Cherokee ready to pass.....I look at "The Navigator" and calming ask him, "as opposed to what, a Buick".  
He decides to shut up and ride.  
We actually manage to make it, without incident back to the expressway and headed north towards home.....all without him shouting out, "FORD", "JAG" or any other vehicle make for that matter.
I know, right.  
At this point it wasn't noon wasn't in order according to the time of day or I truthfully may have stopped along the way for one.  
"The Navigator" has an MRI scheduled for this week.  Fortunate for all it's in Big Rapids...not a Big City, and one he is more familiar with.  It's a good bet he will be the driver and the navigator as well.  I have a feeling there will be more Big City Adventures for us in the near future.  I choose to take a break from this one.  I can send him out on his own.  Something I don't dare to do on a Big City one....Lord only knows what would become of it all if he were on his the Big City....
Big Pops, the Yooper.....let's just say, it wouldn't be pretty.  
Stay tuned for the ongoing saga of the Up North Rednecks on their Big City Adventure.
Cheap entertainment at it's best.  
Oh....and please say a little prayer for us.  

Until next time....
From the Lane,
and The Navigator


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