Sunday, April 24, 2016

This Little Tree......

and such a strong little tree at that.  How strong, you ask?  Well lets just say that five years ago this little gem stood guard of a very special place to many in fact.  
This sweet weeping cherry stood guard at the front porch of Saltbox stood day and night, through sun and snow, rain and shine.... for about five years after being gifted to me in remembrance of my Mom after her passing.  It was placed by the shop for all to enjoy....and I think to eventually teach us.
You see, this tree not only stood those years at guard but it remained standing after a fierce fight with a fire from which we lost most everything.  
At that time I truly thought "everything" was five years later, yes it has been five years come May 22....I realize that all wasn't lost.  Lots of tangible goods were destroyed, many irreplaceable items charred beyond saving, gifts cherished by some who aren't here to regift.  
My beloved Saltbox Farm Home....not the house we lived in but the place that made the Farm what it was.  Not just a building but walls and a roof, a stairway, doors and windows all filled full of wonderful memories where friendships were formed and much more.  
I also lost my purpose for awhile but I muddled my way through the repurpose of the pole barn, just not the same.  But nothing is ever the same, I'd tell myself, change is good right?
We moved this little tree from it's home by the shop and relocated it out in the gardens near the "new" shop.  Each year I have waited for it to bloom to no avail.  The first year it barely leafed but seemed to get a bit better each spring.....and then, while walking to the Barn the other day I looked up to see this sweet little tree smiling back at me just full of blossoms.  
I stopped, I stared, I smiled.... and then I shed a tear or two.  
I think my little cherry has been waiting all this time for me to move on and past the loss, 
waiting for me to find my purpose and find the joy that the Farm gave me.  Waiting for me to realize that it was out there, I just had to look.   
I had a thought today of moving her to the new house here on the Lane....but on second thought, figured that from the looks of her she is pretty happy where she is.  She can watch over the Lane, the Farmhouse and even see the top of the house by the Road.
How blessed are we to have such a strong presence to make sure all is well here at our Homesteads!

Thank you all for the wonderful memories of past years.....and for all the new ones to be made as we embrace the changes put in our paths and refuse to let the challenges of the past, present or future define us.

Have a wonderful week!
From the Lane,


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