Thursday, May 25, 2017


sure, she appears sweet and innocent, but.....

My morning.  Let's start with the fact that I had been awake since around 1:45 and hadn't conquered the getting back to sleep task.  The Girls are usually ready to be fed around 6:30 and I'm ready for a cup of coffee by that time if not earlier.  We keep their food in large old crocks in the garage and since Sophie has had her issues I feed them in the house so I can see whether or not she's having trouble chewing.  Out to the garage I go to get their breakfast, and of course the accompany me, as always.  Well....Isabelle is in the garage, which is a normal thing, what isn't normal is that she is dragging a gravely injured rabbit that is about as big as she is, around the garage with her.  
Can you picture bedlam?  The Girls were chasing her, she was running frantically to keep her catch away from them and I was running interference and yelling for her to "drop the rabbit"!  
Laugh if you will, but believe me, at the time, this was no laughing matter.  
Finally I manage to herd the Girls back into the house and I get her to drop the rabbit, at which time I scoop up with the dustpan and dispose of.  She spends the next hour or so stalking the garage in search of her catch and howling like she was wounded, while the Girls barked from inside thinking something was amiss with the little Sister.

Fast forward about two hours.  The Girls are ready for one of our daily walks so we head out and me, wearing my slippers, kicked them off and put my ankle Mucks on and we take off on a short jaunt down the Lane and around the Farm and back to the house via the woods path.  
We get inside and I see Isabelle is still or maybe again, acting somewhat strange.  I think she's still feeling deprived after losing track of the rabbit.  Oh know, I should've been so lucky.
I kick my Mucks off and try, yes try, to put my slipper on....and of course I cram my foot in harder wondering what the heck is blocking my foot from going in.  So.....I pull my foot, pick up the slipper and get it about nose level when a mouse.....yes, a mouse, comes flying out.  I swear the little varmint had wings the way he sailed out of that slipper.  And yes, I screamed, I mean a flying mouse had just tried to kill me in my own garage, who wouldn't scream!  
This is when the mayhem began.  My scream, the Girls barking because they think something is after me and Isabelle looking somewhat content that she has a bead on her most recent prey.  It was a free for all for what seemed like ten minutes, but I'm thinking it was probably more like 45 seconds.  Me trying to keep the mouse from running down the basement stairs to the Studio, Isabelle trying to catch the mouse and keep me from stealing it and the Girls tearing around barking and trying to protect me from whatever the horrendous creature was that was trying to kill their Mom.  

The mouse made it to the basement.  I promptly set a trap.  Isabelle was even more promptly relegated to the out of doors for the rest of the day and the Girls were so worn out they came in and took a nap.  

Innocent you say....think again.
All in a day with life on the Lane.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend.  
A time to remember all those who have left us and remind ourselves of their sacrifices for all we are blessed with today.  And also to know that they are still with us if only in memory and in our hearts.

Take good care,


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