Monday, May 22, 2017

Six years past.....

yet at times it seems like just yesterday, and other times so much longer.  
The end of a dream.  A dream that we built in the middle of a corn field on a dirt road next to no many of you have heard me say.  
A dream that many doubted would ever see the end of the first full year.  So much for the doubters.

As I look back on that day six years back a lump forms in my throat and tears slip down my cheeks.  
Sad for all that was lost.  A building that held much sentimental value and had my heart as I know now the heart of many others.  I thought for a time that my purpose was lost with the building and it's contents.  It actually took me several years to realize that it wasn't, my purpose is just different today.

I also look back on that day now and smile.  Smile at all the wonderful memories made at
Saltbox Farm.  The many days spent there with customers who became much more, they became friends.  Many of them more like family.  
I smile as I'm thankful that all that was lost was material.  Grateful that my family, friends and the fire fighters all remained safe.  Gratitude for the outpouring of love and help from so many on that dreadful Sunday in May.  

Tears for the loss yet, yes.  Much bigger joy that the loss was really material and for the most part after the healing, replaceable.  
The most important things remain intact and strong in my heart and mind.  
My family, my friends....
the family and friends of Saltbox Farm.

Thank you for the wonderful memories.  Thank you for your continued support as I grow another little dream here on the Lane.  Much smaller than the one of many years ago but a dream just the same.  In to our second year here at YellowDog Lane, and lets just say....
the fun is just beginning!
Come follow along on our little adventure!

Won't you share a memory of Saltbox Farm with me?  
I won't promise a tear won't be shed but I do promise with each share my heart will fill.

This picture was found following the broken, paper intact with this message.

From the Lane,


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