Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sunny Saturday.....

here on the Lane.  Albeit a bit chilly for May I am happy for the sun.  As are the Girls as it means for sure they get their walks in!  
This is along the woods path....I'm sure some of you would remember if you were able to take the walk.  See the water in the background?  If "Ivy" was you first thought.....yup, she ended up dead center in that while I was working on the photos.  She's a wild one alright and she is my water dog, no doubt about that.....but she makes me smile way more than she could ever make me frown.  She's a keeper for sure!!

Does this look familiar.....
taken from the Barn at SBF on our walk this morning as well.  It amazes me how the trees I planted as starters have grown so tall.  The Trevor/Gma tree makes me smile each time I see it...planted when he was four, he's now 24.  It was no taller than he it's taller than the Saltbox....and he is definitely taller than Gma.  So blessed that I am able to still wander those grounds that I loved so much.  It's been seventeen years ago that we were readying to open the shop at many of you remember......I surely do.....and everything in between!

Busy this morning working on the calendar, scheduling the upcoming summer class schedule and even a couple of fall.  I will send emails out to all who have responded with interest in specific classes with dates and times for you to sign up.  If you are interested in joining us for any or all, please be sure to email me of your interest.
If you respond to this post I don't receive as this is sent from the server and not my mail.  

I will be adding some Offerings from YDL to the new page I've added here on the site very soon.
Mostly handmades from the Lane or from close friends who make exclusively for me and a few others.  My patterns that are available can be found my using the "Etsy" link on the main page here and there will be several new ones added very soon!  

I haven't been working at The Primitive Willow as time, my hip and my Sophie haven't allowed.
I miss it, and hope to get a day in now and then if I'm needed.  
I do know shopkeeper Kim has been ordering up new inventory though and for sure some nice handmades.  She also has some Family Heirloom Weavers in stock and of course your favorite 
1803 Candles.....along with lots of other great offerings for feathering you nest.  
Schedule a day to stop in and see all she has!
Most of my patterns are available there as well as a variety of wool cuts and Moire Wool Threads!
Give me a shout and if I"m close to the Studio you can stop in and see me as well.  

Wishing you all a glorious Saturday and rest of the weekend.....
Get out there and make some memories!

From the Lane,


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