Friday, May 12, 2017

Me, the Girls, cuppa Joe.....

and some country roads.
Thinking that might be all I need to say to have you know what a great Friday morning I had.....
okay, I'll tell you more!

Up at 5 and after enjoying my coffee on the Farmer's Porch, a sweet chat with each of two of my very favorite women, the Girls and I piled in the truck and hit the road.
With my Shotgun Rider by my side.....
and my favorite Backseat Babe we were on our way!

We did some antiquing and junking and a bit of garden shop hopping.  Gathered a few treasures along the way.....
I'll have to say the old sprinkler being my favorite, not that the mustard firkin and tin patched carrier don't rank right up there.  A few more things still stashed in the Carriage House but they need to be spruced up a bit before debuting!

We got to say "hello" to Diane at Best Friends Antiques and of course to the shop kitty BK....
and browse the shop as well.  Such a welcoming place to visit.  Best Friends is located in Blanchard in case you aren't familiar...take a drive and check them out.

So many of my favorite sites along the country roads.  Things are greening up, the sun shining brightly, the aroma of fresh cut grass and freshly spread cow mud.....
turtles covering the logs in the waters we pass, freshly plowed fields and a sign of my favorite veggie found right here in the neighborhood.  

We don't have the malls and the fast food, nor the big box or fancy fare....
but we have something that in my minds eye is priceless.

Give me all this and more of the same every day, for the rest of my life and I will die a happy Girl.

Wishing you all a great Mom's Day weekend.  May it be filled with all the things you love but most importantly with those who love you.

Thank You God for this good life, and forgive me if I don't love it enough.....

From the Lane,


  1. It is good to recognize the simple joy offered to us every day! Lovely post.

    1. Simple joys Linda are most often the best :) Thank you for always reading my writing and for your heartfelt comments. Happy Mother's Day to You!

  2. Sharon, thanks for including us in your May morning country drive with the girls. They are absolutely beautiful! And so well behaved. Patient Sophie and eager, but polite younger sister Ivy, are great road trip friends. BK feels like a celebrity, what with his picture on your post and all. It was great fun to see you. 😊

    1. A wonderful morning for us Diane...much thanks to you for your sweet hospitality.....and don't tell BK, but I'm thinking he is a celebrity! What a sweet boy he is...fits right in with what Best Friends is all about!


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