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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Oh this Girl......

I realize that most of the time I'm telling tales of this Girl and how mischievious she is, and that she is, but.... she is also so very smart, beautiful and oh the sweetness she possesses!
Today here in the Cellar Studio.....Stitchers, a day that the Girls (Sophie & Ivy) look forward to as much as the Stitchers and Me.  I just say, "the Girls are coming today" and really, I know some of you think I'm nuts, but they know....they really do, they wait at the bottom of the steps watching and listening for the door to open so they can run and greet.  
They also have come to know all....they know who treats them all the time, Bonnie.....who brings a bag of treats to leave, Maxine....who needs their feet warmed and who is good at keeping them in line like Mom, Sue.  But, this baby of mine today and Sophie too but she is older and we have come to know that she senses things that are out of round with someone, just like big Sis Grace always did.  I mean, Sweet Soph has spent a lot of time on Cellar Days tending to Doris as she battled her cancer, knowing that Doris needed that extra bit of love....and of course the fact that she senses my anxiety and knows when she needs to make body contact with me.  Today though, it was this big brute of a baby I have who intercepted our new Stitcher Chris, on her way down the steps.  They had never met until today....Ivy spent the first hour or more tending to Chris.  She kissed her and held her hand, laid her head in her lap and laid by her side.  It was amazing.....
You see, Chris just finished up her final  chemo treatment.  You can call me crazy if you will but this Ivy of mine has that same keen sense her big Sister's had/have and she knows when she needs to comfort and love and just be with someone who isn't feeling quite up to par.  She has shown it with me most recently but this today was by far the confirmation that she is yet another beautiful blonde caregiver...
How blessed am I!

Now....you all know how much I love these YellowDogs of mine but I do want to share with all of you who follow for the Stitching, Wool, Creating part of my blog....
Geraniums&SaltGlaze was on the agenda today!
A sweet and simple project in wool that was very well received and a fun stitch for sure!
A few kits are available for pick up or shipping as are the paper patterns or instant downloads via email.  If you're interested shoot me an email 

We have lots of wool projects in the works for the last half of this year as well as some Needle Felting, Punch Needle and Rug Hooking.  
A Summer Day on the Lane and HarvestTime at YellowDog Lane in the works as well.....
stay tuned for more info on all or email to be added to the list to receive it to your inbox.

Wishing you all a wonderful first weekend of Summer.....

From the Lane,

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