Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What a beautiful day......

we were blessed with here on the Lane! 
The thermometer was very close to the 70 degree mark.....unusual for an early March day here in Michigan, but.....I embraced it.

For starters I located my tub of spring decor and pulled some things out that I think might work her at the Lane house.  This little tulip is perfect of the porch table but that about as far as I got with the decor as I got just a bit sidetracked with the outside work.  
Sophie and I picked up all the sticks.....she is really a good helper with that chore!  
Swept all the bricks off, the garage and then.....cleaned and tidied up the Herb Garden.  

A bit of a break in the midst of our day of chores to take a quick trip to our township hall to vote...well, actually we had already voted absentee but I will be working the upcoming polls and I wanted to go and get a feel of things and meet the ladies I'll be working alongside.  
Soph of course went along for the ride and as we pulled in I said to her, "gosh, I thought our driveway was a mud run but goodness this parking lot is even worse"!  We found a somewhat less soggy spot to park and I skipped here and there avoiding the worst on my way in.  Luckily I had my work boots on and they're hard to hurt.  Then.....the departure.
As I walked out to the Blazer there was a little car getting ready to leave.  I watched her drive out on what appeared to be higher ground.  Well, the ground here this time of year can be very deceiving.....and, was it ever.  Before long I was at the front of her car instructing her to come ahead a bit and then BACK, as I pushed.  On about the third try I could feel I almost had her out of the ruts she was in.....and that's when the tires started spinning and the mud started to fly.  Yes fly.  All over.  Mud on her pretty white car....mud up the front and side of me....a bit on my face and even some in my hair.  At this point a couple of voters coming in came to assist and we were able to get her free.  
I didn't know the lady....that didn't matter.  I just knew that I would want someone to help me if I were in that predicament.  Did I foresee the mud bath?  It did enter my mind but I really didn't give it a second thought as we still needed to get her out.  It was just mud, it will wash out.  She is unstuck and along on her day.  I have a good feeling because I could help her at least a bit.....
I hope she will smile when she thinks of me be plastered with the flying mud and know that it didn't matter.....I'll clean up good.  I have before.  

Now, I have mud on my face and in my hair...my boots are caked with it.  I also have dirt under my finger nails and a couple of small blisters.  My hip and my back hurt.  
Nothing a good scrubbing and a couple of Advil won't make better......
The best part is I feel joy in my heart for a day that was so blessed....
mud and all!

And, one more thing.....Sweet Sophie reached over and licked a bit of that mud off of my face when I got back to the car and crawled in.....that was the frosting on my cake today!

Hoping you day was as full as mine......
From the Lane,


  1. Sounds like our weather today, just beautiful! .. wishing I had a little more space to work with, would love an herb garden ... and a vegetable garden, and beautiful flower beds ... I will just have to find a way to suffice. The weather definitely woke up the dirt spirit in me. Sophie is such a great help, and I love to hear of your adventures!

    1. Our gardens here won't be as they were at Saltbox, much smaller and more manageable Ronda.....just as long as I've got some dirt to dig in. Just the Herb garden now but might add a small area for some Raspberry bushes. Happy to hear you like reading about our adventures.....seems we have a new one every day! Take good care!

  2. I am sure your selfless act made a bigger impact on her than you will ever know! What a way to welcome Spring a bit early! What a wonderful spirit and heart you have!

    1. Thank you Linda....I hope she thought of it later and it brought a smile. I'm so thankful I knew to push from the front and not the back....I would have been covered in mud instead of just the big spatters! Have a wonderful day....and thank you for visiting us here on the Lane :)

  3. It has been above average temps for us here as well but so nice to be able to be outside and enjoy the beautiful weather! I love gardening and so look forward to it every spring. Our Stella likes to help pick up sticks or more or less bring them to me then bark so I will throw it for her to fetch. Labs are such wonderful family members to have!
    Or you poor thing but what a wonderful thing you did for that lady and I am sure she'll never forget that helped her out and hopefully will pay that forward to someone else someday! A little mud never hurts anyways!!! Have a great day!

  4. I worked in spurts in my garden yesterday too. It is obvious I have partaken of the cookie jar too much this winter. Had to work 15 minutes and rest 15 minutes. BUT I will get it done. LOVE your mud narrative ! in fondest, Tilda


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