Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Stitching time......

Stitchers will be gathering here at the Lane tomorrow night, Wednesday...and of course the regular groups gathering in the month of April and beyond so I thought it appropriate to share this now as an important FYI for them and all of you who stitch.

Now, I am always working on the "mental preparation", I mean we're always thinking about what we're going to sew, stitch, punch or hook next....aren't we?  Never ever would we think of a 
lackadaisically approach to something so important....right?
For sure my dishes will be done and it goes without being said about making the beds, I mean, you know....to stitch and not have the threat of a fire and the fire department arriving to find an unmade bed!  Not gonna happen here.  My mind will be free.

Making myself attractive could require a bit more work but I do always try....I have those dresses out on the line right now and will bringing them in shortly to iron them up for the classes.  
The chalk is at hand and I have pockets in all my sewing dresses so I can just tuck that tube of lipstick and my powder right in.....just in case you know.  How horrid would it be to have a visitor or heaven forbid my husband to come home unannounced and find me in an uplipsticked, unpowdered, wearing a dirty dress mess!  
Not gonna happen :)

Gosh, I feel so much better having shared all of this with you.  Please feel free to share with any of your friends who don't happen to read my page....you just never know when....

We will be starting an "Open Stitch" here on the Lane on the first Wednesday of each month, 
10am-2pm.  Gather up a project you're working on or if you don't have one I'm sure I have a kit or two here that you'd like to get started on.  Lots of wools and threads to choose from and sewing novelties as well.  
An RSVP is required to attend so I will know how many to plan for.  
Coffee with all the fixings, water and a munchie of sorts to enjoy as well.
Cost to attend will be $5.oo and include all of the above as well as a coupon towards future purchase!

Call 231.629.1385 or email yellowdoglane@gmail.com 
to RSVP.  Come join the fun here on the Lane.
You might like it so much you'll want to join a Cellar Group!
I bet this makes you even more happy that I shared all the Sewing Prep info with you :)

Make it a great day.....
From the Lane,


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