Sunday, March 20, 2016

Robins and Redwings, Songbirds and.......

Yup, this ones for you Miss Tilda....I'll know you've read in when I hear the scream :)

We've been out and about cleaning up things around the yard, making new brush piles and burning old ones.  Seems this big fella might have had a home in the big old brush pile that Wayne set afire.  He made his way out in to the driveway and I think he may have been "heated" out of hibernation as he was more than a bit lethargic for a snake.  Sophie didn't know quite what to make of him, nor him of her.  I tried my best to shoo him into the grasses but he just couldn't seem to get his motor running.  Sad to say that Wayne found him later in the day, more than a bit squashed.....I apparently took him out with the Blazer.  So this will be the last you'll see of Spark....although I'm sure there are siblings lurking somewhere amongst the leaves and grasses.
I gauged him to be all of 4+ feet.  A big boy at that!

Now that I've most likely caused many of you to eek and possibly even leave the page I'll offer you this pretty pic taken out the breakfast nook window.....
It's a beautiful Sunday first day of Spring morning here on the Lane.  So nice to hear the birds chirping, the peepers singing and oh that green grass popping!
A full week on the calendar here, with two groups of Stitchers on the schedule, two days of haircuts, a dentist appointment and a BOE Workshop.  I shan't be idle enough to find much trouble, but....that certainly doesn't mean I won't.  Trouble seems to find me all on it's own!
Oh gosh, one more thing that's coming this week as well....I'll be heading off to the Breckenridge 
Promise of Spring show on Saturday....can't wait for that!

Also finding time this week to get a few things scheduled in to the future dates spaces.  
I have decided to have an "Open Stitch Day", that's what I'll call it for now anyway....
thinking it will be the first Wednesday of each month here in the Cellar Studio.
Thinking of setting a date for a late Spring/early Summer sale as well.  I have some great pieces that need new homes and I also have managed to stitch up some things and I even ordered in a bit, so.....
check back in for more info on these and more.

Take time to listen to the song of the birds.....
From the Lane,


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