Monday, April 3, 2017

April, Sweet Sophie, Heilda's Heart.......

giving me lots to share with you today so a simple intro didn't do the trick!

Happy April for starters...although here we are at the third day already.  We had a wonderful weekend here in Michigan and were able to get much done outdoors in preparation for the warmer months.
Although they are predicting snow for us here mid week we shall not let that turn our smiles into frowns as it is April and it can't stay around too long!

Our Sweet Sophie is feeling not at all herself these days.  She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, Masticatory Muscle Myositis.  It affects the muscles of her temporal area and the jaws and is treated rather aggressively with steroids.  The side effects of the meds scare me more than just a bit but it is the only treatment option available for this disease so we decided we needed to go with it.  Please say a prayer for our sweet Girl for healing and good health.

A new punch needle design is ready from YellowDog Lane and will be available in pattern form very soon.  This was designed for my Grandma Heilda, born in 1881, initials at birth H C 
I only wish I had been blessed with more time with her.....

Open Stitch here on the Lane this Wednesday as I'll be in the Studio working on putting kits together for future classes and offerings and hopefully a bit of slow stitching of my own!  
I am in hopes of getting things in order to offer up a few things for purchase from my PT site
on Wednesday evening as well.  More on that a bit later tonight or tomorrow......

Thank you for your interest in our happenings here on the Lane.....
We enjoy sharing with you and we also love hearing back from you!

Take good care,


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