Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Memories sparked......

by a sight, a scent or a simple sound.  
Some bring smiles, others a breath of sadness but all are part of and make us who we are today.

I was blessed with many memories this past weekend while working at The Primitive Willow...
so many familiar faces....or a voice if I hadn't seen the face quite yet.
Mary, Donna, Sharon, Lois.....oh and Nancy, sweet Nancy who kept needing to hug me "just one more time"..... and so many more.
and then the baby, Michael Todd, named after his grandpa's.   His sweet Momma Lindsey was kind enough to let me snatch him out of her arms, a solid little bundle of love for sure.
Sparked a wonderful memory for me of many years ago, right after getting Saltbox Farm up and running.  A sweet Mom, her daughter and tiny little grandson came to shop.  Well, you can't shop with a baby in your arms, so of course I got the baby.  In case you didn't already know.....I love babies....and dogs, yes....those two the most...and most people!  I carried that little guy around the shop that day as Grandmom & Mom shopped, thinking maybe their first visit to the Farm, but most definitely not the last....no, just the first of oh so many.  As I write this and think of them one memory sparks another, and another and oh yet another.....I could write a little book of the memories these precious ones have given me....
Thank you MaMa Kay, Marney and Cael....who is for sure not a little guy any longer!

I snapped this picture a bit earlier today....with the sunlight coming in the breakfast nook window.
Another memory....the beautiful bird I named "Gert", after my Grandma, one of them.
I was a lucky Girl, as I had more Grandmom's than most.  Ah yes, a lucky Girl.

My most recent spark of a memory was just a few moments ago....while writing this note to you, the sound of AirMed thundering overhead the Lane.  I swear I never hear that sound that it doesn't bring the thought of my sweet, sweet Dad to mind....and tugs at my heart.  Twenty one years he's been gone but still that memory of him, all of us, waiting.....waiting for a call that there was a donor match for a new heart for him.  That call never came, AirMed never landed nearby to fetch him.  
The transplant coordinators comment "I don't think God could find a heart good enough for him".
I think she must've been right.
Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and wish he were here with us.....not one single day.

Wrap your heart around all those memories you have....happy or sad, they're you.
Make some new ones today in this beautiful day God has given us.....
be kind, show gratitude, be happy.

From the Lane,


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