Thursday, January 7, 2016

Two Girls and a Blazer.....

that would be myself and Sophie, best little Shotgun Rider around!

We decided to venture out today to check out some antiques.  It was a nice day weather wise, even a bit of sunshine, and the best day promised for the next few, we went!

 We talk and sing along the way....well, actually I do all the talking and singing but she smiles all the while.  Not so much at the conversation and song but because she's just so happy to be along for the ride.  We get a lot of second glances, and smiles and even some quizzical stares, but it's all good.  I know I'm not crazy, well, for the most part and Sophie really doesn't care, she loves me just the way I am.....crazy or not so much!
For those of you who know me well, you know that I deal with some anxiety issues....and now for those of you who don't know me so well, there you have it!  
As silly as it might sound to some of you, having Sophie with me eases some of the anxiety that I might confront and actually gives me the courage to venture out when I otherwise wouldn't.  
So...we donned our red scarves and off we went!

We had a fun few hours and these are a few of the great things we found!

The number 4 churn crock with great blue markings and you can't really see the stack in this pic but there are three nice old rimmed bowls.  Also an old metal sewing display (not pictured) that I'll use in the Studio and several other smalls not pictured.  We couldn't take the truck today as it's laid up in the garage awaiting a new window to arrive for the topper.  We can pack a pretty good lot in the Blazer though.  Tilda can confirm how good a packer I really am.....she can also confirm the anxiety and that I really am not crazy.  Right Tilda?

Well....enough of my "craziness" shared with you today.  I have promised myself that I will be better at posting our happenings here on the Lane this New Year....
We hope you'll all enjoy a peek now and again in to our daily lives here at
YellowDog Lane.  

Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend to All!



  1. Are you keeping your new #4 ? You have a nice gathering there Sharon. Good pickings.

    1. I think I just might keep the #4 Cherry! I will have to give up another though.....a new rule, of course, rules are made to be broken, right?

  2. I hear ya on the car companion. My Bean came to the farm many times to help ease my driving anxiety. Never sure how sweet Grace and Sophie might feel about the furry guest hanging in my arm. But the only other choice was stay home. So glad I was never scolded for bringing my anti-anxiety side-kick. Nice to have someone to talk to and, of course, he understands every word I say. LOVE that crock!

    1. Grace and Sophie most always welcomed those furry guests Mary....just happy to know you felt comfortable enough to bring Bean along. And yes...of course they understand every word!! Isn't the crock great?

  3. You found some great stuff there BrunieMae! And I of course know all about the anxiety!!!

    1. Thanks Addie...we did! And like I've said before...."we make a pair, for sure"!

  4. I surely can attest to the fact that BrunieMae IS the best packer ever. We often had to redo the whole back end of the truck, but she can always pack more in. IF you don't suffer from anxiety/panic attacks you can never know how dreadful AND REAL they are. A lab riding shotgun does a lot to relieve that !!

  5. so. You are probably wondering what kind of friend never leaves a comment, especially when mentioned???? I never got notification of this...I don't think I did the 'do it', right. Big surprise on that, right???


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