Wednesday, January 13, 2016


it's cold and snowy outside, and warm and cozy inside.
I'd say, life is good!

Been busy here stitching on the wool bedcover I designed for one of the Cellar Stitcher groups....
and it's almost done!  A big WooHoo! on that one.  I should add that I'm almost finished with the design, as well as stitching it all and putting the blocks together.  I do, however, still need to draw up all of the pattern pages, figure the wool and fabric requirements, order the wool, get the patterns printed....then measure, cut, fold and kit the blocks up!  I am excited to share the design with you soon.  It will be available as a Block of the Month with 7 blocks and a Border Kit that will make 8 total.  I'm not positive on cost yet as I need to finish figuring the wool/fabric requirements before I can cost it out.....stay tuned if you might be interested!

Some other exciting news to share!  Several of my designs have been picked up by
Home Collections by Raghu
and will be reproduced by them on several of their table top items.
This is one of the everyday designs, their adaptation of it.

This will be available as a pattern and/or kit from YDL very soon.
We use all hand over dyed wools from Blackberry Primitives and it does give the project a more aged, handmade look.  
 There will be a few more everyday designs as well as a few Holiday ones!  
I will be ordering these in soon, excited to see how they look in person.  

Won't take up any more of your time, just thought I would pop in with a bit of the latest news from here on the Lane.
Hope things are well with All.....



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