Saturday, January 9, 2021

Well here we are.....

 over a week out since my last post and I had vowed to myself to post more often!

Rest assured, I haven't been just sitting on my duff.... really I haven't.  I've  been cleaning, sorting, purging and selling!!  It's been kind of fun really.... and I've even got Big Pops into helping me!  I shouldn't make that sound like it's such a big deal because truly, he's alway at the ready when I need him to  help out.  I do have to admit though it's kinda cute when I get that big ole guy to give me his ideas on rearranging the  Keeping Room and whether or not I should sell something or maybe keep it!!  He's a former super athlete in any sport he played pretty much and here he is telling me if he thinks that cute little chair will look good in the corner, or not so much.  He is a keeper for sure ❤️  He did tell me today though that he thought I had a problem with books.  Hardcover home decor, primitive, country and the like..... books.  He estimates he piled over a hundred of them on the table that I will sort and decide which ones to part with.  Problem???  Whatever!!  I love him that's all that matters!

This is just the start of my purging..... I added much more after this photo and I have more to go, and oh yes, I nearly forgot the books that I have a problem with!!

I found that with all the happenings in our world this past week that if I didn't keep myself busy I may just dig a hole and crawl into it.  So..... I decided to bring calm and comfort to my own little world here on the Lane, that I would simplify and weed things out that have been packed away or crammed in to where they needn't be and get them along to a new home where they could be enjoyed.  Lord only knows why I kept all of this after I closed Saltbox Farm.  Just in case I guess.  I've decided if "just in case" comes along, I will improvise and make it happen, just like always.  

I'm also working on another blog/website??? Not really sure myself.  I just know that PictureTrail will be no longer at the end of February and I either need to curl up and die or find another outlet for my offerings and other nonsense, so.....  stay tuned my friends, foes and followers, I will keep you posted on the progress right here!  

I wish you all peace in your heart and not the hatred I see in so many.  A post I seen read, "don't let some people that you don't know and don't know you, fracture a friendship",  we all have our opinions and our political views but really, are they worth the loss of a friend?  I think not.  

Wishing you all a good week to come and better things beyond.  

From the Lane.....



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